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I’m writing this short post to announce that I’ll be doing a ’30 days, 30 posts’ challenge which starts today. This means that I’ll write one interesting investing article every day for the next 30 days. The blog posts will be published between 10 AM to 11 AM (IST) daily.

I’ve made a small list of topics that I’ll cover in this challenge. Nevertheless, I would love to hear your suggestions, and I will do my best to include as many of the topics you propose in a blog post or maybe even a short video.  I may not be able to get to all of them, but I’ll do my best.

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Dolly Khanna Success Story

Invest Like a Legend: Dolly Khanna Success Story [Portfolio, Bio & More…]

Dolly Khanna Success Story:

Every market produces players- those who churn one multi-baggers after another. Dolly Khanna, although the name may not be quite well known as of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, but she is doing quite well off.  Her portfolio was quite a mystery for a long time! She has not been interviewed or known before until she bought 1% stake in a company and Indian law makes it compulsory to disclose it to the exchange. Her stake is more than 1% of 14 listed companies now.

Dolly Khanna, the name we hear along with Rajiv Khanna. The couple is based on Chennai. Rajiv Khanna has graduated as a chemical engineer from prestigious IIT Madras. During their initial days, they raised capital from the sale of family business named ‘Kwality Milk foods’ to Hindustan Unilever in 1995. Since then the golden couple has not looked back. She is into the stock market since 1996 and her portfolio is managed by her husband Rajiv Khanna. Rajiv Khanna is widely known as a brain behind Dolly Khanna’s holdings in the equity market. Her holdings range from the plastic company to the pressure cooker manufacturer.

What makes it interesting is that her stock picks perpetually becomes mega multi-baggers. The couple is quite accurate and expert in picking small potential businesses. Khanna’s are named among the top individual players of the Dalal Street. In 2014, she picked up Nilkamal (India’s top manufacturer of Home and office furniture), the stock which surprisingly has gone up 900% (from Rs 197.30 on March’14 to Rs 1966 as of March’17) in past 3 years, nearly 10 times.

Their first multi-bagger in their portfolio was Hawkins Cookers. They kept buying stocks till June’09 at the price of 130-140. Today is stock is worth Rs 3400 and also the company has given 70% of its profit as dividends.

Avanti Feeds, Nilkamal, Rain Industry, Emkay Global, NOCIL, PPAP Auto, Sterling Tools, Thirumalai Chemicals, Asian Granito are the few examples of her stocks that went to become multi-baggers once she added them to her portfolio.

Here is the partial portfolio of Dolly Khanna as of December 2017.

Stock Name CMP (Rs) % Change P/E Ratio Nos of shares Value of portfolio % of Portfolio
Rain Industries 386.3 -1.15 19.09 86,30,115 ₹ 3,33,38,13,425 38.77%
Manappuram Finance 104.85 -2.74 12.83 95,29,586 ₹ 99,91,77,092 11.62%
NOCIL 203.1 0.4 48.09 32,16,039 ₹ 65,31,77,521 7.60%
Thirumalai Chemicals 1910 2.37 13.12 1,67,221 ₹ 31,93,92,110 3.71%
Srikalahasthi Pipes 337.9 -1.72 9.33 6,36,923 ₹ 21,52,16,282 2.50%

(Source: Rakesh-Jhunjhunwala.in)

Rain Industry is the prime target of her investment followed by Manappuram Finance, NOCIL, Thirumalai Chemicals and many more. Her another interesting investment is in Trident where she holds 1.03% of the stake as of Dec’16. Since her investment, the price has risen up to  82.25 as of March’17 form 57.55 on Dec’16, giving 42.92% return, She recently bought a lot of shares of  Butterfly Gandhimathi, which is also favorite of Ashish Kacholia. But her main target is Rain Industries where she bought 1.27% of the equity in June’17 and increased it up to 2.57% of equity until December’17.

Nevertheless, if the couple sells some stock, then it doesn’t always mean that they have lost their confidence in the company. It’s just that they might have found something else that’s worth more investing. Avanti Feeds is such example where she sold many of them even at low price and price went even high after the sell-off. Though Avanti had given her a fair amount of gain even at that stage.

The above stocks (along with some others) make up around INR 1 billion. as a net worth. Also, there are few stocks which are not yet disclosed to stock exchange as they are below the statutory limit for reporting. So, the aggregate will definitely roar above INR 1 billion!

During a seminar, Rajiv Khanna said,

“Investors have to move beyond value investing and look at growth stocks if they want to find multi-baggers for their portfolio.”

Generally, the couple is a believer in long-term investment, but sometimes they also sell off the stock if it’s giving them a pretty sum of returns at that stage. Rajiv Khanna says that he relies on public information to make his investment, unlike some market analyst who bothers themselves talking to management of companies.

So how do they decide? Here are his words :

“Like in tennis you play different games on different courts – hard court, clay court and lawn, we also study the market situation and pick our stocks accordingly. It can be either a value stock, growth stock, momentum stock or buying based on technicals”

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How to find complete list of stocks listed in the Indian stock market?

How to find complete list of stocks listed in the Indian stock market?

How to find complete list of stocks listed in the Indian stock market?

There are over 5,500 stocks listed on Indian stock market. It’s really tough to study each one of them individually. Wouldn’t it be easier if you can find an excel sheet with the complete list of stocks listed in Indian stock market and categorized by their industry?

Well, you can download one. It’s pretty simple indeed. Moreover, you can download the complete list of stocks within 2 minutes.

In this post, I’m going to explain how to find the complete list of stocks listed in the Indian stock market in an easy way.

Further, there’s also a bonus in the last section of this post. So make sure that you read this post until the very end so that you do not miss it. Let’s get started.

1. How to download complete list of companies listed on BSE?

You can download the complete list of stocks listed on the Bombay stock exchange from it’s official website- BSE India  http://www.bseindia.com.

All the listed companies on BSE are shown on its website.

Here’s how you can download the complete list of stocks listed on the Bombay stock exchange:

1. Search ‘BSE list of companies’ on google and click on the first link with title ‘LISTED COMPANIES | LIST OF SECURITY | BSE’

Here is the quick link: http://www.bseindia.com/corporates/List_Scrips.aspx

How to find complete list of stocks listed on BSE

2. Here is the BSE India page for the list of securities. On this page, select ‘equity’ in the segment and ‘active’ as status.

Segment —> ‘equity’

Status —> ‘Active’

Active status shows the list of companies which are active in the market. Further, do not change rest of the options. Finally, click ‘submit’.

You can download the excel sheet of the complete list of stocks by clicking on the ‘excel’ link on the right corner as shown below.

BSE list of securites

3.  The excel sheet will be downloaded by clicking on the link as shown above.

Here is the excel/google sheet. I’ve already downloaded it–> BSE list of companies

Note: The above excel sheet will contain a column of ‘GROUP’ with types A, B, T, XT, P etc. These are the group types of different companies as per BSE. You can read more about it here.

That’s all. This is how simple it is to download the complete list of stocks listed on Bombay stock exchange (BSE).

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2. How to download the complete list of stocks listed on NSE?

You can download the complete list of companies listed on National stock exchange using the official website of NSE- https://www.nseindia.com/

Here is exactly how you can download the complete list of companies listed on NSE:.

1. Search ‘NSE security info’ on google and click on the first link with the title ‘Securities information -NSE- National stock exchange of India Ltd’.

Here is the quick link: https://www.nseindia.com/corporates/content/securities_info.htm

nse security information

2. Open the link. Next, click on ‘Securities available for equity segment (.csv)‘ to download the complete list.

nse list of securities

3. A CSV file will be downloaded by clicking on the link.

I have already downloaded the file which you can find here –> NSE list of companies

This is exactly how you can download the complete list of companies listed on the national stock exchange.


You can also get the complete list of stocks listed in the Indian stock market using INVESTING website.

Here is how you can get the list of companies:

1. Go to the Investing website. Here is the link: https://in.investing.com

2. Select ‘TOOLS’ on the menu bar and click on ‘stock screener’.

investing website

3. Select the exchange (NSE or BSE) to get the list of the companies on either of the exchange. Select ‘All exchange’ if you want the complete list of both the exchanges.

investing website stock screener

4. Further, you can also apply different filters to select stocks based on different criteria like price, market capitalization, ratios etc on investing website.

This is how you use INVESTING website to get the list of the companies trading on BSE or NSE.


You can easily download the complete list of the companies listed on Indian stock exchange using the official website of BSE & NSE. You can also get the same data using INVESTING website.

In addition, there are few other websites also like Money control, screener etc where you can find the complete list of stocks listed in the Indian stock market.

However, the easiest place to find the complete list is described in this post.

That’s all. I hope this post is useful to the readers. If you have any question, feel free to comment below.

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NSE: https://www.nseindia.com/corporates/content/securities_info.htm

BSE: http://www.bseindia.com/corporates/List_Scrips.aspx

BSE Groups: http://www.bseindia.com/markets/equity/EQReports/tra_trading.aspx

INVESTING: https://in.investing.com

Moneycontrol: http://www.moneycontrol.com

Screener: https://www.screener.in

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