Is stock trading based on luck or skill? That is a question many potential investors have asked over the years. The simple answer is methodical investing is comparable to a game of skills but with a much higher skill to luck ratio and less fun. On that basis, an idea that merges the stock market with fantasy sports to produce educative yet entertaining games as fantasy stocks is bound to be a blast.

It is an open secret many gamblers are looking for a way out of the hook of financial losses and addiction. Is stock market games like fantasy stocks an educational and healthier yet entertaining alternative?

Chasing dreams through Casinos or Betting

Of course, you can win big by playing casino games or staking on your betting sports. Stories abound of occasional life-changing wins. For example, a Finnish man winning $24 million with just 25 cents in 2013 topped the stories of the biggest successes in online gambling. So, we know winning big in gambling is real. 

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However, for every gambler’s winning story, there are hundreds of heavy losses. In sports betting, for instance, sportsbooks keep 4 to 10% of the total stake, regardless of who wins or loses. Some games of chance, like casino games, have a house advantage of up to 15% in the case of slot games. Plus a 0.0000000000931% of hitting the jackpot in a 5-reel slot. Chasing that extremely slim chance has resulted in huge financial losses for many gamblers. 

Fantasy games do not offer breath-taking wins with a spin of a wheel. Nevertheless, they do offer reasonable financial rewards without draining your bank accounts. A clear example is Fantasy sports which are created for sports lovers looking for engaging, legal, and safe fun around their passion. It gets even better. Fantasy stocks seem to be a better alternative for people that want to pick up priceless financial skills while having fun. 

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Blurred lines between the Game of Skills and Game of Chance

Sometimes, the line between a game of skill and a game of chance is blurry. Poker is one game that perfectly describes the confusion. Some consider the game as gambling, while some call it a game of skill. To different extents, both groups are partially correct. 

Let’s settle that argument. If you are playing poker for the short term, you need much more luck than skills to win a few hands. However, dedicated poker players who earn consistently from the game know it entails picking up several essential skills and strategies. Poker depicts how to play games of skill to make the most of them. Play for the long haul.

Like in poker, the legal interpretations of the game of skills and game of chance can be different from one country to another. Many countries are not open to gambling due to its addictive tendency. Many see Fantasy games as a better alternative to have fun. 

Recently, the need for an influx of tax dollars made playing casinos and sportsbooks legal in more jurisdictions. But casino operations are still unauthorized in some countries. If you are from such a state or country, it shows your government is not only conservative. But most importantly, it cares about your emotional and financial well-being. As someone who has been there and done that for five straight years, that is commendable. Even more when you consider the amount in dollars your government is missing out on. Nevada and New Jersey earned a combined $11.2 billion between June 2018 and August 2019. 

Beyond the promise of Instant Gratification in Gambling: Fantasy Sports

The fantasy concepts originated from the United States.  According to Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association (FSGA), over 60 million people across Canada and the United States play fantasy sports. The industry’s explosive market growth and popularity are down to the solid marketing of two major players – DraftKings and FanDuel. It became popular as a season-long competition.  

Eyebrows and questions are being raised about if daily fantasy sports are not another form of gambling. Playing fantasy sports is legal in the US, except Nevada, and the operators back it up with its exception in the Uniform Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). However, beyond the thrill of sports, the fantasy concept applies to other walks of life

Taking Fantasy Gaming further – Demystifying Trading Stock

Money is one of the few things that supersede people’s love and passion for sports. The millennials, over the years, have built distrust towards traditional money investments like the stock market. Hence, the succeeding Gen Z either tap into the doubt or ultimately don’t care. Demystifying investments through stock market games is a brilliant way to get these generations on board. Exactly why a fantasy stock like Stock Battle is a clever way to teach these generations about investment. 

The prospect of earning prize money while learning investment is arguably the best attraction of simulation games. Fantasy stocks hence take away the risk of learning through a real-time mistake and incurring losses. Though there is no danger of running into debt, at least not, in reality, you will need to make the most of your fantasy finance. In addition to the knowledge and cash prizes you can win, earning and boasting bragging rights is another motivation. Remember, you can play fantasy stocks against your relatives or friends. 

The stock market game works the same way as all fantasy sports. However, instead of managers speculating on the performance of sports stars, they actively engage and study real-life stocks that include NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and so on. Fantasy stocks, therefore, provides the next Warren Buffet, a perfect startup tool for education about how trading and investment work before committing financially. 

A final Thought on Profitable Fantasy Games

Thanks to some innovative thinking of game developers. We now have games of skill that offer the chance to learn real-life things, follow our passion, and build skills while having fun. 

Maybe not on the same scale as gambling, fantasy stocks also offer the chance to win real cash at the end of the competition. But most importantly, you get to learn portfolio-building skills, time management, risk management, better decision making, etc. 

The stories of the biggest online gambling like the one mentioned earlier are inspirational. However, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than recreating one of them. Your best bets to potentially long-term rewarding fun are games of skill such as stock market games.