It’s quite a dream come true to turn something you’re passionate about into a source of real income. This is especially the case if you consider yourself an online gamer. Well, the good news is that there are people out there who found iGaming as a fun way to win some money.

With online gaming and betting gaining immense popularity, India’s iGaming industry is no longer just about promoting fun. Many now see this as an excellent opportunity to make profits.

If you’re wondering if iGaming is something you should try to make a good amount of money, keep on reading. We’ll be taking a look at the country’s iGaming opportunities, the best iGaming platforms, and what sort of real money games you should be playing.

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iGaming Boom in India and Legalities

Based on a report released by Lumikai, the iGaming market in India is already worth over 2.6 billion USD. It’s also projected that the market’s value will reach over 8.6 billion USD in the next five years. This makes India one of the biggest iGaming markets worldwide. 

India’s iGaming sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and this is fueled by several factors. Interestingly, one of the events that triggered the significant rise of iGaming not only in India but also worldwide was the COVID-19 pandemic.

During lockdowns, it was understandable that people had to find ways to entertain themselves. Some wanted to try their luck and see if they could make an income out of iGaming. Many iGaming platforms did report surges in traffic during this period.

Another factor is the advancement of technology. Indians now have more access to capable devices that could help them enjoy iGaming. In particular, mobile usage is prominent in the country, especially now that powerful mobile devices are starting to become more affordable.

There’s also improved internet connectivity in the country. It’s not so long ago that Indian telcos finally rolled out 5G connection. As more places get access to better internet connections, more people will likely show interest in gaming including real money gaming.

But with the rise of iGaming in India, what’s the legal landscape? Is this a regulated online activity? Well, the legal status of iGaming in India is a complex and evolving matter.

One of the defining aspects of the legal landscape in India is that gambling falls under the purview of state governments rather than the central government. This means that each state has the authority to formulate its regulations regarding gambling and betting. 

Another factor influencing the legal status of iGaming is the distinction between games of skill and games of chance. Many states have laws that differentiate between these categories. It also poses an issue on how states should regulate iGaming activities because categorization for such games is still unclear in some areas.

However, it’s important to note that at a national level, there’s no specific legislation addressing iGaming activities. Yes, not even the Public Gaming Act of 1867 which is used to regulate gambling activities in India.

Ultimately, the legal status of iGaming in India is a subject of ongoing debate and litigation. Some states have taken steps to regulate online gambling, while others have chosen to maintain strict prohibitions.

Popular iGaming Platforms and Games to Play

There are now plenty of iGaming platforms offering their services in India. If you’re wondering which online casino India real money site you should try, you might want to look into trusted platforms like 10CRIC, Parimatch, Betway, and Bet365.

When shopping for an online casino, there are a few factors you can consider like gaming variety, banking options, and promos and bonuses. All these can make or break your overall iGaming experience.

The best choice mainly relies on your gaming needs and preferences. Some iGaming platforms offer a great mix of the benchmarks we mentioned. Some excel in bonuses while others mainly focus on giving their players a great variety of games.

Conclusion: Should You Pursue iGaming as an Income Opportunity?

The decision is all yours if you want to pursue iGaming to earn some money. Just keep in mind that everyone taking this path doesn’t have it easy. Think of this as a business with risks that you should be mindful about.

While many would agree that it could be a great source of income, iGaming can also be addictive. So, if you think you need help, don’t hesitate to seek help. Most importantly, always gamble responsibly.