In the summer of 2023, the Indian government issued a statement which provides an obligatory tax to pay for Indian casinos. We asked pinupcasino-india.in whether this decision will bury the industry of online gambling.

What Is CGR and How Much Pin Up Casino Online Will Pay to the Government

GGR is the money left with the legal gambling operator after it has paid out winnings, which can reach more than 90% of the amounts deposited by customers. With this money, the bookmaker and casino pay winnings, and royalties, and then they also pay rent, salaries to employees, pay for equipment and software, marketing expenses, and charitable and social programs.

Earlier, the government calculated taxes as a percentage of this number. Yet now, the solution to calculate taxes from overall turnover and fix the tax percentage at the level of 28% for the gambling industry was issued.

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This is considerable money for local casinos, yet, Pin Up Casino Online won’t suffer from this obligatory tax.

Will It Impact Pin Up Games Appreciator’s Winnings?

The All India Gambling Federation (AIGF) has already commented on the government’s intentions, calling the new rate disastrous. The official statement said that the bet would make it harder for legal businesses to survive, because taxes could easily exceed income, many thousands of jobs would be lost, and eventually players would go to play for illegals.

The situation is even worse as in numerous states, gambling is partially allowed, and only a couple of licenses are issued for casinos of Indian origin. This can lead to lower payouts or even to a reduction of the number of casinos.

Yet, the players of Pin Up Casino India won’t suffer. The secret is simple, this gaming platform is an offshore establishment and it works under the jurisdiction of CGR, not under Indian gaming authorities’ jurisdiction. So, it won’t hurt the casino’s clients, and they are welcome to enjoy their favourite Pin Up games further.