Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years: Multibagger stocks are those that have returned 100% or more in a specific time period. Meaning, if you invested Rs. 1 lakh into a Multibagger it would return 2 lakh or more within that specified time period. 

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years

In this article about Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years, we shall see the stock fundamentals, and their 10year returns

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years #1 – The Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore

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The first large-scale fertilizer plant in India is located at Udyogamandal, Kochi, Kerala and was founded in the year 1943 – Fertilizers & Chemicals Travancore Ltd (“FACT”).

The business produces and markets fertilizers, as well as fertilizer byproducts and caprolactam. The Department of Fertilizers, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India is in charge of its administrative oversight.

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CMP724.55Market Cap (Cr.)48,316 Cr
EPS (TTM)8.47Stock P/E (TTM)88.20
1 Year return %456.87%Dividend Yield0%
5 Year return %1,665.70%Debt to Equity9.53
10 Year return %2579.10%Price to Book Value25.53
Operating Profit Margin11.92%Net Profit Margin9.88%

The business manufactures a variety of fertilizers, including Complex fertilizers (Factamfos), Straight fertilizers (ammonium sulfate), Organic fertilizers, Biofertilizers, and Imported fertilizers (Muriate of Potash).

Gypsum in bags and caprolactam, which is used to make nylon tire cords, nylon filament yarn, engineering plastics, etc., are also produced by the company.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 39.4% YoY, from Rs. 4,424.8 crore to Rs.  6,198.15 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 73.5% YoY from Rs. 353.3 crore to Rs. 613 crore. Net margins during the period expanded by 200 bps.  

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years #2 – APAR Industries

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years - Apar Industries logo

In 1958, APAR Industries (“APAR”) was founded in India while the nation had just gained its independence, and it was electrifying. In this process, one person saw a huge opportunity.

This little business started making conductors for power transmission. After more than 60 years, we have developed into a multibillion dollar, highly diversified company that has reached over 140 countries as a manufacturer and supplier of conductors, numerous cables, specialized oils, polymers, and lubricants.

CMP5,485.6Market Cap (Cr.)21,951 Cr
EPS (TTM)186.23Stock P/E (TTM)30.80
RoE32.28%RoCE52.72 %
1 Year return %267.36%Dividend Yield1.6%
5 Year return %865.19%Debt to Equity0.14
10 Year return %5902.79%Price to Book Value9.02
Operating Profit Margin8.638%Net Profit Margin60.87%

With a capacity of over 180,000 MT, the title of largest producer of aluminum and alloy conductors worldwide goes to APAR.

It also produces the widest variety of cables in India and is the third-largest producer of transformer oil in the world. Conductors, Transformer and Specialty Oils (TSO), and Power/telecom Cables are the three main business segments of the company.

With new orders for conductors totaling Rs. 1959 crore, the company’s order book has a healthy balance of Rs. 5,356 crore. The amount of Cables’ backlog of orders totals Rs. 930 crore.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 54% YoY, from Rs. 9316.6 crore to Rs. 14352.2 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 148.4% YoY from Rs. 256.7 crore to Rs. 637.7 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 170 bps.  

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years #3 – Jindal Stainless


Jindal Stainless Ltd. (“Jindal Stainless”), founded by Shri O P Jindal, was first established in 1970 as a unit that produced buckets.

Fast forward today, Jindal Stainless is the largest steel manufacturer in India and one of the top 10 producers of stainless steel globally.

Jindal Stainless is now one of the top five stainless steel producers in the world (excluding China) thanks to integrated operations that span the manufacturing of finished goods from mining to cost-competitiveness.

The annual melt capacity and revenue of Jindal Stainless are 3 MT and Rs. 35,700 crore, respectively. 

It operates two stainless steel manufacturing facilities in India – Haryana and Odisha as well as a branch abroad in Indonesia that supplies markets in South-East Asia and surrounding areas. Stainless steel slabs, blooms, coils, plates, sheets, precision strips, blade steel, and coin blanks are the key the products offered by the company.

CMP472.65Market Cap (Cr.)37,939
EPS (TTM)24.11Stock P/E (TTM)19.11
1 Year return %280.96%Dividend Yield0.86%
5 Year return %759.55%Debt to Equity 0.32
10 Year return %1165.56%Price to Book Value3
Operating Profit Margin9.848%Net Profit Margin5.84%

Jindal Stainless on July 20, 2023 completed the acquisition of Jindal United Steel Limited (“JUSL”). Earlier, Jindal Stainless held 26% stake in JUSL for a cash consideration of INR 958 crores.

The transaction makes JUSL a 100% owned subsidiary of Jindal Stainless. JUSL has been operating the Hot Strip Mill (HSM) of 1.6 MTPA capacity, and is undergoing expansion up to 3.2 MTPA. It is also operating a Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) of 0.2 MTPA capacity. This acquisition would result in improved synergies between both the companies and a preferred governance structure, thereby enhancing value for all stakeholders.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 9% YoY, from Rs. 32732.7 crore to Rs. 35697 crore. Net Profits saw degrowth of 31.3% YoY from Rs. 3078.8 crore to Rs. 2114.5 crore. Net margins during the period contracted 265 bps.  

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years #4 – CG Power and Industrial Solutions

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years - CG power logo

Since its founding in 1937, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd (“CG”), a member of the Murugappa Group, has been a pioneer and has maintained its preeminence in the management and use of electrical energy.

Today, CG is a multifaceted engineering conglomerate that offers a wide range of products, services, and solutions for industrial and power equipment that serve a wide range of needs.

CMP393.75Market Cap (Cr.)59,945 Cr
EPS (TTM)6.79Stock P/E (TTM)64.38
1 Year return %85.26%Dividend Yield0.5%
5 Year return %889.94%Debt to Equity 0.00
10 Year return %413.89%Price to Book Value33.66
Operating Profit Margin14.418%Net Profit Margin11.42%

Various aspects of industrial and personal life are improved by CG’s portfolio, which includes transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, network protection & control gear, project engineering, HT and LT motors, drives, and Power Automation Products. The three Strategic Business Units that make up this portfolio are Industrial, Power, and Railways. The company dominates the Motors market and is a major force there.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 85% YoY, from Rs. 5,483.53 crore to Rs. 6,972.54 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 5.5% YoY from Rs.  912.54 crore to Rs. 962.67 crore. Net margins during the period contracted 6 bps.  

Best Multibagger Stocks in the Last 10 Years #5 – KEI Industries

KEI Industries Logo

In 1968, KEI Industries Ltd (“KEI Industries”) was established as a manufacturer of rubber cables for home wiring. The business has grown into a market leader in the provision of comprehensive wire & cable solutions. Extra-high voltage (EHV), medium voltage (MV), and low voltage (LV) power cables for both institutional and retail/housing segments are produced by its 5 manufacturing facilities.

CMP2,729.95Market Cap (Cr.)24,238 Cr
EPS (TTM)54.85Stock P/E (TTM)47.82
1 Year return %82.9%Dividend Yield0.18%
5 Year return %678.22%Debt to Equity 0.05
10 Year return %36495.86%Price to Book Value8.75
Operating Profit Margin10.216%Net Profit Margin6.91%

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for projects in various industries as well as the company’s business in the EHV cable segment have both been successful. More than 1,800 dealers and distributors make up KEI’s vast network.

Over 5,385 people working in a variety of roles make up the employee workforce. It owns 21 warehouses and 38 branch offices across the country. The company exports to more than 50 different nations.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 20.7% YoY, from Rs. 5,726.99 crore to Rs. 6,912.33 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 30% YoY from Rs. 376.02 crore to Rs. 477.35 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 35 bps.  

Written by Sandeep R

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