Best Stocks Held By Tata Small Cap Fund: India has experienced consistent growth over the past ten years, year after year. Additionally, India’s structural long-term growth story is still intact. Small-cap stocks with solid businesses have experienced significant growth during this time period and have the potential to continue growing in the years to come.

The Tata Small Cap Fund primarily invests in equity and equity-related instruments of small-cap companies with the goal of generating long-term capital appreciation. The plan is an open-ended equity plan that invests primarily in small-cap stocks. Open Ended Funds have the benefit of allowing redemption of units.

In this article, we shall see 5 Best Stocks Held By Tata Small Cap Fund and we take a look at the stock fundamentals and its business overview.

5 Best Stocks Held By Tata Small Cap Fund

1. Krsnaa Diagnostics

Best Stocks Held By Tata Small Cap Fund - KRSNAA Logo
CMP674.9Market Cap (Cr.)2,148.54
EPS (TTM)19.92Stock P/E (TTM)34.25
RoE8.76 %RoCE11.75 %
Tata Small Cap Fund’s Holding6.59%Dividend Yield0.6 %
Qty Held20,70,000Debt to Equity0.04
Holding Value126.8 CrPrice to Book Value2.85
Operating Profit Margin25.107 %Net Profit Margin12.75 %

Krsnaa Diagnostics is the largest public-private partnership that provides specialized diagnostic imaging (including radiology), pathology/clinical laboratory, and teleradiology services across all of India. Krsnaa provides a variety of tests through its network of diagnostic facilities, including 2,544 pathological tests and 1,394 radiology tests that span a variety of specialties and disciplines. 

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The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABL, NABH) guides uniformity in high standards with strict technical quality norms to follow best safety practices in imaging technology and to always ensure accurate results. 

Since its founding, the company has served over 2.3 crore patients, and has more than 100 CT scanners, 38 MRI machines, and 465 pathology labs. Additionally, the business has over 850 X-ray machines and over 900,000 COVID-19 RT PCR tests under its belt. 

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 7% YoY, from Rs. 455 crore to Rs. 487 crore. Further, Net Profits saw a degrowth of 9% YoY from Rs. 68 crore to Rs. 62 crore. Net margins during the period contracted 170 bps.  

2. DCB Bank

DCB Bank logo
CMP114Market Cap (Cr.)3,559.2
EPS (TTM)15.88Stock P/E (TTM)7.77
RoE11.51%RoCE10.51 %
Tata Small Cap Fund’s Holding4.94%Dividend Yield1.17 %
Qty Held15,404,022CASA26.42
Holding Value184.8 CrPrice to Book Value0.88
Operating Profit Margin13.614 %Net Profit Margin11.08 %

A new generation private sector bank, DCB Bank has 436 locations across India. It is a scheduled commercial bank under the Reserve Bank of India’s supervision. Retail, micro-SME, SME, mid-corporate, agriculture, commodities, government, public sector, Indian banks, cooperative banks, and non-banking finance companies (NBFC) are the business segments of DCB Bank. Approximately 10 lakh people use DCB Bank.

The bank was established in the 1930s in West Bengal and now has a pan India presence with 9579 employees, 409 ATMs, and having 95% of its total transactions on digital media. The company currently has a balance sheet size of Rs. 54,974 crore, Advances of Rs. 35,474 crore, total deposits of Rs. 43,009 crore, and a Net NPA of 1.19%.

In FY23, the company’s net interest revenue grew from Rs. 1,357 crore to Rs. 1,717 crore. Further, Net Profits saw growth of 62% YoY from Rs. 288 crore to Rs. 466 crore. Net margins during the period expanded by 290 bps.

3. Honda India Power Products

Best Stocks Held By Tata Small Cap Fund - Honda Power Products logo
CMP2,842Market Cap (Cr.)2,856.29
EPS (TTM)95.71Stock P/E (TTM)31.97
RoE12.1 %RoCE16.5 %
Tata Small Cap Fund’s Holding4.93%Dividend Yield0.82 %
Qty Held499,710Debt to Equity 0.00
Holding Value147.3 CrPrice to Book Value4.12
Operating Profit Margin10.845 %Net Profit Margin6.83 %

Honda India Power Products Limited (HIPP), a division of Honda Motor Co. Japan, is the leading manufacturer of power products in India. It was founded on September 19, 1985, under the name Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.

The business, which manufactures and sells a variety of portable generators, water pumps, and general-purpose engines at its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Greater Noida, is without a doubt the market leader in the power products sector.

Additionally, it markets power tillers, long-tailed outboard motors, lawnmowers, and brush cutters. The business has 2500 mechanics who are trained employees and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

More than 50 lakh customers, 600 dealers, and 35 export markets are served by Honda India Power Products. Further, the company has 17 Area Offices spread out across India and is devoted to the idea that “the power of dreams” can transform lives.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 8% YoY, from Rs. 1156 crore to Rs. 1246 crore. Further, Net Profits saw growth of 14% YoY from Rs. 75 crore to Rs. 85 crore. Net margins during the period expanded by 40 bps.

4. Greenply Industries

Greenply industries logo
CMP164Market Cap (Cr.)2,083.75
EPS (TTM)5.8Stock P/E (TTM)29.17
RoE16.02%RoCE12.81 %
Tata Small Cap Fund’s Holding4.74%Dividend Yield0.36 %
Qty Held5,845,322Debt to Equity 1.08
Holding Value94.6 CrPrice to Book Value3.36
Operating Profit Margin9.15 %Net Profit Margin4.95 %

Greenply Industries Limited, which was founded in 1994, is one of the top plywood producers in the Indian organized plywood market and a well-known interior infrastructure brand in India. It produces medium-density fiber (MDF) boards, decorative veneers, plywood, and allied products of the highest quality. 

A wide variety of panel products, including plywood and blockboards, decorative veneers, flush doors, specialty plywood, and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) products in India and abroad, are included in Greenply’s product portfolio. 

The company has 56 branches and 5 domestic manufacturing facilities covering 200+ urban cities and 900+ semi-urban and rural cities. Greenply also has one international manufacturing facility in Gabon, Africa. Greenply employs 2596 individuals with a network of 2300+ channel partners. Further, the company has 48.4 million Sq.m of incremental plywood capacity.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 18% YoY, from Rs. 1563 crore to Rs. 1846 crore. Further, Net Profits saw degrowth of 3% YoY from Rs. 95 crore to Rs. 91 crore. Net margins during the period contracted 110 bps.

5. Quess Corp

Quess corp logo
CMP445.85Market Cap (Cr.)6,340.5 
EPS (TTM)14.22Stock P/E (TTM)29.73
RoE9.1%RoCE12.87 %
Tata Small Cap Fund’s Holding3.94%Dividend Yield3.24 %
Qty Held5,846,504Debt to Equity0.21
Holding Value246.8 CrPrice to Book Value2.46
Operating Profit Margin3.431 %Net Profit Margin1.3 %

Quess Corp Limited (Quess) is India’s leading business services provider to drive client productivity through outsourced solutions. Through 4 verticals – Workforce Management, Operating Asset Management, Global Technology Solutions, Product-Led Businesses, the company provides a host of technology-enabled staffing and managed outsourcing services across processes such as sales & marketing, customer care, after-sales service, back office operations, etc.,

The company ahs been operational for the lats 15 years and currently has 500,000+ employees, serving 3000+ clients across 9 countries, and is the top 54 global staffing firms in the world. The company added 74000 new associates in FY23. Further, the company processes 12 lakh payslips per month and also recycles 7000 kg of e-waste and paper waste.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 25% YoY, from Rs. 13692 crore to Rs. 17158 crore. Further, Net Profits saw degrowth of 7% YoY from Rs. 241 crore to Rs. 224 crore. Net margins during the period contracted 50 bps.

List Of Top Stocks Held By Tata Small Cap Fund

Company NameMarket Cap (Cr)CMP% Held by Tata Small Cap FundQty Held Holding Value (Cr)
Radico Khaitan Ltd17,4021,329.73.82%5,104,588618.7 Cr
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd5,148.26 371.853.74%5,203,660189.4 Cr
Elantas Beck India Ltd6,129.21 7,8523.73%295,719232.5 Cr
BASF India Ltd11,134 2,591.952.95%1,276,855321.8 Cr
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd11,055 8,524.62.67%347,099283.4 Cr
M M Forgings Ltd2,159.76 872.52.60%628,70055.0 Cr
Redington Ltd12,116153.252.53%19,763,343303.7 Cr
TD Power Systems Ltd3,976.87257.82.45%3,831,70597.7 Cr
Hikal Ltd3,528.25281.52.35%2,900,00080.9 Cr
Gokaldas Exports Ltd4,897.91800.72.25%1,366,101105.2 Cr


As we wrap up our article, we’ve looked into Top Stocks Held By Tata Small Cap Fund. Be sure to do your own due diligence on the companies before investing to make sure it is suitable for your objectives and risk appetite. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject in the comments below.

Written by Sandeep R

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