Best Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100: In the world of the stock market, investors are always on the lookout for the next multi-bagger, especially a stock that is available at affordable rates. It is hard enough to find a stock with great potential, but to find one at prices of under Rs. 100 seems just impossible.

Today, we are going to do just that. We will discover best microcap stocks under Rs 100, from across sectors varying from Cash management and pharmaceutical to Logistics and Resorts.

Best Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100

We will learn about when these Companies were established, and what is their business. Then we will understand their business segments, and analyze how their finances have been in the past two financial years. Let’s now dive in and see if we can find out some interesting opportunities. 

Best Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100 #1 – Radiant Cash Management Services

The Radiant Cash Management Services was founded by Col. David Devasahayam in 2005, who still serves the Company as its Chairman & Managing Director. They received their first contract from Deutsche Bank for cash pickup and cash deposit services for Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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In 2006, it started vaulting services and expanded operations to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. By 2012, Radiant achieved a daily cash pick-up volume of Rs. 25 Cr. In 2013, it won a contract from SBI to provide cash pick-up service for Indian Railways.

Famous banks like Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank & State Bank of India are its biggest clients. The Company has about 750+ vehicles, handling 500+ Cr daily, serving 5000+ Locations throughout the country. Its total cash movement in FY23 was Rs. 1.57 Lakh Cr.

During FY23, the Company expanded its service networks to 13,100 pin codes, by adding 166 pin codes. Retail touchpoints also grew by 13,440, representing a 27% increase, to a total of 63,420 touchpoints. 

The cash Pickup and delivery segment contributed 69%, while 18% came from Currency Network Management. Cash Processing and cash in Transit contribute to 5% & 6% of its revenues respectively.

Radiant’s revenue grew by a solid 25%, from Rs. 287 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 357 Cr in FY23. Net Profit grew by an even better 64% during the same period from Rs. 38 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 63 Cr in FY23, due to the expansion of margins & decrease in Finance costs.

CMP91Market Cap (Cr.)992.28
EPS6.11Stock P/E (TTM)15.82
RoE (%)27.28%RoCE (%)32.95%
Promoter Holding (%)57%FII Holding (%)8%
Debt to Equity0.13Price to Book Value4.06
Net Profit Margin (%)17.55%EBITDA Margin (%)25.27%

Best Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100 #2 – Bliss GVS Pharma

Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd (BGPL) is a manufacturer and distributor of superior-quality pharmaceutical formulations. Established in 1984, the Company today exports suppositories and pessaries to about 60 countries. 

The Company has 5 manufacturing facilities in total, located in Maharashtra and Daman. It currently has its 6thfacility under construction. All its facilities are certified by the International Medical Regulators, such as EU-GMP, USFDA, or WHO-GMP.

Bliss GVS has a segment leadership in Anti-malarial products across most African markets. It covers an extensive range of Artemisinin-based combination formulations across various dosage forms Tablets, Suspensions, Suppositories, and Injections. Artemisinin is a drug to treat Malaria.

Over the last decade, the Company has expanded its portfolio to include a wider range of products across different therapeutic segments. They are also rapidly building manufacturing capabilities in herbal sore throat lozenges (A tablet taken for cough, to be dissolved in the mouth).

GVS is also expanding into the dermatology segment with the launch of its Funbact brand in the anti-fungal segment. It has also started building and setting up infrastructure to manufacture creams, ointments, and gels. 

Bliss GVS’ FY23 gross revenue was Rs. 752 Cr which increased by 1% from Rs. 747 Cr in FY22. During the same period, the Company’s profits expanded by 2.32x, from Rs. 23 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 77 Cr in FY23.

The Company reported an Exceptional loss of Rs. 74 Cr in FY22 due to which its net profit figures are grossly inflated by 2.32x. If that loss is excluded from the calculation, then its FY23 Profits would fall by 21% from FY22.  

CMP90.9Market Cap (Cr.)932.28
EPS6.83Stock P/E (TTM)15.58
RoE (%)10.00%RoCE (%)12.00%
Promoter Holding (%)35%FII Holding (%)17%
Debt to Equity0.08Price to Book Value1.05
Net Profit Margin (%)13.00%Operating Profit Margin (%)53.00%

Best Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100 #3 – Navkar Corporation

Navkar Corporation is amongst the leading Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Containers Depot (ICD) operators. It has three facilities spread across Ajivali and Somathane in Maharashtra, and Morbi in Gujarat.

The Company offers services like a Cargo handling facility, Private Freight Terminal, facility for hazardous cargo, Cargo Repair, and maintenance. It also offers a Bonded warehouse facility, Reefer containers, and Container train operations.

Navkar can handle 310,000 TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) per annum with 513 trailers, 32 forklifts, and 21 Reach Stackers. It also has a warehousing capacity for storing 5,00,000 TEUs.

As of July 23, 2021, the Board of Directors had approved the setting up of an ICD and Private Freight Terminals near Mundra or Northern Maharashtra. Following this, the Company set up an ICD at Morbi Village, Gujarat. This resumed operations in FY23, with an aggregate installed capacity of 2,00,000 TEUs per annum.

Navkar’s FY23 Net revenue was reported at Rs. 450 Cr, which fell by 1% from Rs. 456 Cr in FY22. During the same period, its Net Profit grew by over 38%, from Rs. 67 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 92Cr in FY23. 

The rise in Net Profit is due to an exceptional profit item being reported in FY23 worth Rs. 19 Cr. Upon excluding this exceptional gain, the net profit growth is corrected to 9%.   

CMP59.95Market Cap (Cr.)904.62
EPS4.85Stock P/E (TTM)14.18
RoE (%)4.79%RoCE (%)7.06%
Promoter Holding (%)70.5%FII Holding (%)0.5%
Debt to Equity0.02Price to Book Value0.46
Net Profit Margin (%)14.02%Operating Profit Margin (%)19.46%

Best Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100 #4 – Advani Hotels & Resorts

Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd is a hotel chain established in 1987. The Company has been promoted by Mr. Sunder G. Advani and Mr. Haresh G. Advani, who have been in the hotel industry for more than 35 years.

The Company began operation with a technical and financial collaboration with Ramada (U.K.) Limited for setting up a 5-star luxury beach resort at Varca, Goa. The Company owns and manages a 5-star deluxe luxury beach resort, The Caravela Beach Resort

The Resort was previously called the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort, Goa. It is spread over 

24 acres, comprising 192 rooms, 4 Suites, and 6 Villas with private balconies, which overlook the landscaped gardens, the golf course, and the Arabian Sea. 

The Company was able to maintain an average revenue per room in FY23 at about Rs. 17,500 which grew by 13% from Rs. 15,585. It also has an average occupancy rate of 82.5%.

Advani’s Net sales increased by 93% from Rs. 52 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 101 Cr in FY23. During the same time, Its net profit touched an all-time high of Rs. 29 Cr, growing by over 3.4x from Rs. 7 Cr in FY22.

CMP91.55Market Cap (Cr.)411.35
EPS6.19Stock P/E (TTM)15.54
RoE (%)45.60%RoCE (%)34.88%
Promoter Holding (%)50%FII Holding (%)0.08%
Debt to Equity0.15Price to Book Value6.11
Net Profit Margin (%)28.30%Operating Profit Margin (%)38.30%

Best Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100 #5 – Menon Pistons

The Company was established by Mr. Ram Menon, in 1971. It was set up as an Engine Reconditioning unit under the name Menon Automobiles, this plant remains functional even to this day. 

Over the past 5 decades, Menon Piston has built a deep expertise in the manufacturing of pistons along with technical collaboration with other fellow Japanese Companies.

Today Menon is a leading supplier of high-precision piston assemblies, Gudgeon Pins, Rings, and Auto shafts. These tools are required in commercial vehicles, tractors, and heavy-duty stationary engines. The Company caters mainly to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the Engine Overhauling segment. 

The Company manufactures Powertrain parts, Engine Valvetrain Parts, Hydraulic Systems, High-Precision turned parts, and Precision machined castings. It operates with a team of 1,500 employees across seven manufacturing locations. 

During the year, Menon Pistons acquired a 100% shareholding of Lunar Enterprise Private Limited. This company is engaged in the manufacturing of a wide range of Precision Engineering Products like CNC-turned parts and other precision Automotive parts.

During FY23, the Company saw its Net sales climb by over 19%, from Rs. 213 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 252 Cr in FY23. Net Profit also rose from Rs. 19 Cr in FY22 to Rs 23 Cr, growing by 24%. 

CMP91.55Market Cap (Cr.)411.35
EPS6.19Stock P/E (TTM)15.54
RoE (%)45.60%RoCE (%)34.88%
Promoter Holding (%)50%FII Holding (%)0.08%
Debt to Equity0.15Price to Book Value6.11
Net Profit Margin (%)28.30%Operating Profit Margin (%)38.30%

List of Microcap Stocks Under Rs 100

The list below puts together 10 Micro-Cap stocks under Rs 100 

Stock NameCMPMkt CapROE
Radiant Cash Management ₹91.00 ₹992.28 5%
Bliss GVS Pharma ₹90.90 ₹932.28 46%
Navkar Corporation ₹59.95 ₹904.62 13%
Advani Hotel & Resorts ₹91.55 ₹411.35 10%
Menon Pistons Ltd. ₹82.90 ₹427.79 22%
Tamilnadu Petroproducts ₹92.10 ₹834.49 33%
Finkurve Financial Services ₹73.01 ₹912.24 12%
Arihant Capital Markets ₹70.80 ₹729.83 12%
Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd. ₹42.01 ₹320.48 49%
Magnum Ventures ₹38.95 ₹189.87 12%


In our today’s article, we went on to explore Micro-cap Companies under Rs. 100 and found out quite a diverse bunch. These Companies are quite small in size and hence have the advantage of scaling up quickly in size, compared to their large peers.

We also get to see how a decent increase in revenues, nearly multiplies the growth we see on Profits, as in the case of Advani Resorts. However, investors must be very cautious about investing in these micro-caps.

As exciting as their growth might be, it might not remain sustainable in the long run. Hence, Investors must always make sure to diversify well across all caps, and pay special attention when it comes to their small-cap or Microcap Holdings. 

With that, I’ll finally conclude my article hoping thorough research will be done from your end. Meanwhile, do let us know which stock in this list has a lot of potential, and would you like us to do a fundamental analysis of that stock? 

Written by Nasir Hussain

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