Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200: Active investors, fund managers, and institutional investors are always looking for hidden gems in the market – stocks that many are unaware of, hiding in plain sight among thousands of other listed companies. To the investors looking for stocks in the ₹200 and below range (per share price), especially for small-cap stocks, this article is for you.

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200

Some investors are particularly interested in investing in small-cap companies. These are stocks that are barely known, quite small compared to their industry players, and have a fairly small market capitalization. But, they have the potential to grow.

While one may argue that not all of them will turn out to be a diamond in the rough, the mere chance that it could multiply an investor’s returns is enough to spark interest. Here are some of the best small-cap stocks under Rs 200.

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 #1 – Exide Industries

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 - Exide Industries logo

The first position on our list of best small cap stocks under Rs 200 is Exide Industries. It is the largest battery maker in India, commanding a 60 percent market share in the industry. Exide Industries is India’s largest battery-selling company. The company makes batteries for automobiles such as two-wheelers, LCVs, SUVs, hatchbacks, etc. Besides automotive batteries, they manufacture industrial batteries and backup UPS batteries.

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Fundamentals Of Exide Industries:

CMP₹ 188Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 15,959 Cr.
EPS₹ 54.1Stock P/E20.4
ROCE10.6 %ROE48.6 %
Face Value₹ 1.00Book Value₹ 15.3
Promoter Holding46 %Price to Book Value1.46
Debt to Equity0.05Dividend Yield1.06%
Net Profit Margin33.9 %Operating Profit Margin10.4 %

Exide Industries is a small-cap battery company, with a market cap of ₹15,959 crores. They dominate the battery market in India and saw revenues of ₹12,789 crores in FY 22. The company made an operating profit of ₹1,402 crores, giving them an OPM margin of 11 percent.

The net profits of the company were unusually high, at ₹4,357 crores, but this is mostly due to a reported additional income of ₹3,725 crores. Sales of the company have barely moved in the past 5 years. In FY 18, Exide Industries saw a revenue of ₹12,808 crores and an operating profit of ₹1,408 crores. That’s a meager sales growth of 2.73 percent.

he company has had a very good ROE of 48.6 percent. But ROE was average, at 10.6 percent. Given its longstanding business operations, it is no surprise that Exide has a very low D/E of just 0.05. Exide Industries stock has a P/E of 20.4, slightly lower than its industry P/E of 22.3.

Promoters of Exide Industries, Chloride Eastern Ltd, hold an unshaken 46 percent stake in the company. In the past 5 years, Exide Industries has given a negative return of 24.6 percent, nearly reducing one-fourth of its share price.

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Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 #2 – Indian Energy Exchange (IEX)

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 - IEX Logo

On the second position of our list of best small-cap stocks under Rs 200, we have Indian Energy Exchange. IEX is India’s energy marketplace, where the trading of electricity, renewable energy, and certificates takes place. The company has over 7,300 participants in 29 states and 5 union territories. The exchange has been operational since June 2008 and listed on both NSE and BSE, as of October 2017.

Fundamentals Of IEX:

CMP₹ 154Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 13,170
EPS₹ 3.23Stock P/E47.2
Face Value₹ 1.0Book Value₹ 8.37
Promoter Holding0 %Price to Book Value18.4
Debt to Equity0.02Dividend Yield1.30 %
Net Profit Margin69 %Operating Profit Margin83.4 %

Indian Energy Exchange is one of the bigger small-cap stocks under ₹200, as it is currently sized at ₹13,710 crores by market capitalization. For the financial year ending March 2022, IEX reported revenues of ₹426 crores, and an all-time high OPM of 86 percent, translating to a net profit of ₹303 crores. In FY 18, the company’s sales were almost half that, at ₹230 crores, and profits were almost a third of FY 22, at ₹132 crores.

Sales, OPM, and net profits are all showing an upward trend. IEX has an astonishing ROE of 47.6 percent and ROCE of 62.1 percent, making it one of the best companies on our list. The company is nearly debt free, with a fractional D/E ratio of 0.02. The company’s stock P/E is 47.2, almost twice that of its industry P/E of 24.5. Investors might be willing to pay a higher price for the company, given its margins and profitability.

Promoters don’t own any part of the company, and its shares are mostly held by the public (62.49 percent). In the past 5 years, IEX has given a net positive return of 182.9 percent, multiplying investors’ wealth by a factor of 1.8X.

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 #3 – BLS International Services

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 - BLS International

When traveling anywhere in the world became accessible to everybody, the tourism hotspots knew this would become a booming business. So did the visa agencies that would make a business out of people traveling for business or pleasure. BLS International is an IT service provider for visa applications, passport services, and eVisa Assistance. These services are provided by the company to state and provincial governments. They currently operate in over 60 countries worldwide.

Fundamentals Of BLS International:

CMP₹ 168Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 6,910
EPS₹ 4.07Stock P/E37.6
ROCE22.3 %ROE21.6 %
Face Value₹ 1.00Book Value₹ 16.6
Promoter Holding74.4 %Price to Book Value10.1
Debt to Equity0.01Dividend Yield0.29 %
Net Profit Margin13.1 %Operating Profit Margin14.3 %

With a market cap of ₹6,910 crores, BLS is a small-cap IT service stock. In FY 22, when India saw major migrations, both for education and for residence, BLS saw its best-ever fiscal year. They made ₹850 crores in sales and ₹111 crores in net profits. Five years prior (FY 18), the company reported ₹789 crores in sales and ₹97 crores in profits, which is just a 6.01 percent sales growth in five years.

The recent spike in sales has also been reflected in the company’s ROCE (22.3 percent) and ROE (21.6 percent). BLS is also virtually debt free, having a D/E ratio of 0.01.

The promoters of BLS International hold a 74.4 percent stake in the company, and there hasn’t been any major increase/decrease in stake. In the past 5 years, BLS International has given a 3X return of 332.7 percent, making it one of the best small-cap stocks on our list.

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 #4 – EIH

EIH Logo

2020 saw the tourism and hotel industry take a severe hit. This directly impacted countries like India which receive a significant tourism income. One such stock that could benefit from the recent comeback of the tourism industry is East India Hotels. EIH is a hotel stock and is owned by the Oberoi Group.

The company owns and operates hotels across the country at exclusive destinations. The company is one of the oldest on this list and was listed publicly in the year 1956.

Fundamentals Of EIH:

CMP₹ 171Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 10,678 Cr.
EPS₹ 3.92Stock P/E47.2
ROCE-3.11 %ROE-4.8 %
Face Value₹ 2.00Book Value₹ 50.2
Promoter Holding32.8 %Price to Book Value3.4
Debt to Equity0.12Dividend Yield0 %
Net Profit Margin-14.9 %Operating Profit Margin23.7 %

EIH is a small-cap hotel stock, owned by the Oberoi group and valued at ₹10,678 crores by market cap. The hotel industry took a hit and so did EIH, whose sales are yet to see pre-pandemic levels. FY 22 saw the company generate ₹985 crores in sales and a net loss of ₹95 crores. In FY 18, the company saw its best annual profits of ₹196 crores from a sales revenue of ₹1,599 crores.

The latest quarters of FY 23 show that the company’s books are finally at their pre-2020 levels. 9M Q3 sales were ₹1,381 crores, and profits were ₹237 crores. They generated more profits in these 3 quarters than any other annual figure so far. Despite unstable years, the company has maintained a low D/E ratio of 0.12. The stock has a P/E of 47.2, vs its industry P/E of 33.8.

The parent company of EIH, Oberoi Hotels, owns a 32.8 percent stake in the company, down by 1.9 percent from December 2022. In the past 5 years, EIH has given a 5-year return of just one percent, experiencing high volatility over the years.

Best Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200 #5 – KP Energy

KP Energy is a listed energy company, providing plant solutions in the wind energy sector. The company claims to be Gujarat’s #1 BOP Solutions provider of wind energy projects as well as wind-solar projects in India. They have so far energized 200 MW and have four wind energy assets with a total capacity of 8.4 MW.

Fundamentals Of KP Energy

CMP₹ 188Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 417
EPS₹ 4.05Stock P/E12.3
Face Value₹ 5.00Book Value₹ 51.1
Promoter Holding44.8 %Price to Book Value3.68
Debt to Equity0.21Dividend Yield0.26 %
Net Profit Margin6.92 %Operating Profit Margin13.9 %

KP Energy is a small-cap energy company, with a market cap of ₹417 crores. With the sudden focus on the green energy sector, companies like KP Energy stand to benefit immensely.

The FY 22’s figures of the company saw sales worth ₹250 crores, an all-time high in the company’s history. From these sales, the company saw an operating profit of ₹34 crores. The company had an OPM of 14 percent, much lower than last year’s 25 percent and FY 18’s 17 percent. Profitability has not followed the growth rate of revenues, although the company has been profitable.

The company has a very positive and phenomenal ROE of 22.7 percent and a ROCE of 28.7 percent. Their debt-to-equity ratio is also quite low, at 0.21. KP Energy’s stock has a P/E of 12.3, whereas its industry P/E is 18.4.

The stock might be undervalued at the time being. Promoter holding has declined rapidly in the past two years, from 66.6 percent in December 2021 to 44.8 percent in March 2023. KP Energy has given a positive return of 71 percent in the past 5 years.

List Of Top 100 Small Cap Stocks Under Rs 200

CompanyIndustryMCap(Cr)Current Price (Rs)
Exide Industries Ltd.Batteries15946187.6
Indian Energy Exchange Ltd.Power Generation, Distribution13705.32153.7
Redington Ltd.Trading13216.9169.1
KIOCL Ltd.Mining & Minerals11690.09192.35
EIH Ltd.Hotel, Resort & Restaurants10668.71170.6
Finolex Industries Ltd.Plastic Products10290.61167
BLS International Services Ltd.Miscellaneous7314.65178.05
Jyothy Labs Ltd.Household & Personal Products7057.75192.8
Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd.Miscellaneous6307.08194.35
Sterlite Technologies Ltd.Cable6305.54158.2
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.Power Generation, Distribution5605.77159.5
The India Cements Ltd.Cement & Construction Materials5502.22177.55
Delta Corp Ltd.Miscellaneous5208.75194.65
Rain Industries Ltd.Petrochemicals5179.72154
EPL Ltd.Plastic Products5155161.95
Jindal Saw Ltd.Steel & Iron Products5096.88159.4
Religare Enterprises Ltd.Finance - Investment4893.84150.65
JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.Tyres & Allied4044.34164.25
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.Electric Equipment3964.34165.8
Rallis India Ltd.Pesticides & Agrochemicals3883.54199.6
Heidelberg Cement India Ltd.Cement & Construction Materials3847.89169.8
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd.Steel & Iron Products3578.19191
MOIL Ltd.Mining & Minerals3063.47150.75
Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd.Chemicals2693.37170.65
Dilip Buildcon Ltd.Construction - Real Estate2599.7177
Max Ventures And Industries Ltd.Finance - Investment2518.21171.15
Sagar Cements Ltd.Cement & Construction Materials2500.44192.2
Steel Strips Wheels Ltd.Auto Ancillary2499.52159.7
Wockhardt Ltd.Pharmaceuticals & Drugs2467.51171.25
TD Power Systems Ltd.Electric Equipment2457.67156.75
Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd.Household & Personal Products2201.43154.15
Magellanic Cloud Ltd.Finance - Investment2161.09184.9
Gabriel India Ltd.Auto Ancillary2160.4150.45
Tips Industries Ltd.Film Production, Distribution & Entertainment2057.39160.2
Saksoft Ltd.IT - Software1965.31185.95
Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.Chemicals1931.55188.75
Ashiana Housing Ltd.Construction - Real Estate1818.8176.25
DCX Systems Ltd.Electronics - Components1670.9171.9
Heritage Foods Ltd.Consumer Food1578.92170.15
Optiemus Infracom Ltd.Trading1481.47173.15
Ugro Capital Ltd.Finance - NBFC1362.83176.6
Som Distilleries Breweries & Wineries Ltd.Breweries & Distilleries1321.54169.9
New Delhi Television Ltd.TV Broadcasting & Software Production1188.85184
Repco Home Finance Ltd.Finance - Housing1166.77186.6
Veranda Learning Solutions Ltd.Educational Institutions1163.71189.2
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd.Chemicals1143.99175
TV Today Network Ltd.TV Broadcasting & Software Production1133.41189.95
Deep Industries Ltd.Engineering1067.52166.8
Kitex Garments Ltd.Textile1050.7158
GRM Overseas Ltd.Consumer Food1020170
Dhampur Bio Organics Ltd.Sugar1011.75152.4
Lancer Container Lines Ltd.Logistics1003.33163
Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd.Consumer Food908.96175.7
NCL Industries Ltd.Cement & Construction Materials857.39187
GIC Housing Finance Ltd.Finance - Housing848.15157.55
RSWM Ltd.Textile836.53177.6
Ram Ratna Wires Ltd.Metal - Non Ferrous825.88187.3
63 Moons Technologies Ltd.IT - Software770.66168.4
Monarch Networth Capital Ltd.Finance - Stock Broking663.5195.9
Hercules Hoists Ltd.Engineering - Industrial Equipments628.64197.15
Apex Frozen Foods Ltd.Aquaculture624.69199.9
The Ruby Mills Ltd.Textile617.14184.55
VLS Finance Ltd.Finance - Investment603.81171
SEL Manufacturing Company Ltd.Textile596.92180.15
Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd.Pesticides & Agrochemicals586.05173.4
Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.Cement & Construction Materials531.39176.6
Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd.Dyes & Pigments522.3166.1
Integra Engineering India Ltd.Engineering - Industrial Equipments517.71151.5
Banswara Syntex Ltd.Textile - Manmade Fibres515.54148.9
Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd.Chemicals491.1163
Sreeleathers Ltd.Trading459.61197.6
Crest Ventures Ltd.Finance - NBFC457.9160.9
Fermenta Biotech Ltd.Pharmaceuticals & Drugs442.35150.3
Ritco Logistics Ltd.Logistics438.87179.3
MMP Industries Ltd.Aluminium & Aluminium Products430.7169.55
KP Energy Ltd.Engineering - Construction418.59188.3
Plastiblends India Ltd.Chemicals415.96160.05
Dynamic Cables Ltd.Cable403.85183.45
Moneyboxx Finance Ltd.Finance - NBFC399.36160.25
Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.Hotel, Resort & Restaurants394.32159.95
Goodricke Group Ltd.Tea,Coffee385.56178.5
Radhika Jeweltech Ltd.Diamond & Jewellery370.4156.95
Prakash Pipes Ltd.Plastic Products363.8152.1
Suratwwala Business Group Ltd.Construction - Real Estate331.31192
Nath Bio-Genes (India) Ltd.Agriculture320.5169
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd.Engineering - Construction316.5182.5
Hitech Corporation Ltd.Plastic Products314.49183.1
Asian Hotels (North) Ltd.Hotel, Resort & Restaurants313.2161
Modi's Navnirman Ltd.Construction - Real Estate307.94182
SKP Bearing Industries Ltd.Bearings307.93185.5
Pradeep Metals Ltd.Engineering - Industrial Equipments304.73176.3
Panchmahal Steel Ltd.Steel & Iron Products288.46151.2
Race Eco Chain Ltd.Trading287.56175
DCM Nouvelle Ltd.Textile285.68154.4
Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd.Pharmaceuticals & Drugs268.95172.55
Maan Aluminium Ltd.Aluminium & Aluminium Products268.73198.75
Venus Remedies Ltd.Pharmaceuticals & Drugs262.79197
PPAP Automotive Ltd.Auto Ancillary260.68185.15
Star Paper Mills Ltd.Paper & Paper Products252.93161.8
E2E Networks Ltd.IT - Hardware252.52174.45

In Closing

Small-cap stocks come with high gains potential as they are still growing and expanding, while they also have the chance to fall substantially. Most investors get drawn to small-cap stocks because of the high return, but avoid the high-risk clause. Every investment portfolio should contain a balance of different securities in different sectors, to mitigate the risk associated with investing. That’s all for our article on the best small cap stocks under Rs200. Happy Investing!

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