Best Stock Market Books in Hindi: All beginners enter the stock market intending to make huge profits from the stock market. But do all the newbies with this aim succeed?

You will understand it more clearly with this example. What happens if you jump into the water without knowing how to swim? You will sink in the water. Similarly, if you just put your money into the stock market without any research, then you will surely end up with losses. Hence it is essential to have complete knowledge of the stock market before getting into it.

But are you worried about how to learn about stock market jargon in English, which itself is tough for many of us, right? or Worried about where to find the best stock market books in Hindi?

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Don’t worry we have answers to all these questions in this blog. Apni bhasha mein sikhne ka maza hi kuch aur hain Na?

In this article on best stock market books in Hindi, we have listed some of the best stock market books that are available in Hindi to help you understand the stock market at your comfort. To know more, aakhir tak padhna!

Here are the Best Stock Market Books in Hindi

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #1 – The Intelligent Investor

The book “ The Intelligent Investor” was written in 1949 by Benjamin Graham, who is popularly known as the “Father of Value Investing”. Despite being written decades ago, the principles of value investing taught in this book are relevant even today and are considered the “Bible of Value Investing”

“People who invest make money for themselves; people who speculate make money for their brokers.”.- Benjamin Graham

The investment is the core concept, the book also covers other topics like value-based investing, long-term investing backed by research and analysis, Investing with a Margin of Safety, and many more in a simple way.

Author: Benjamin Graham

Languages Available: Hindi, English.

Ratings: 4.7 / 5

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #2 – Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a wonderful book that helps you learn about financial literacy and the creation of wealth in the long term.  It gives insights into the differences between working for earning money and putting the money to work for us (which is nothing but wealth creation in the long term)  

It bursts the myth that you need to earn a huge income to become rich and guides you about the benefit of starting early investments.

Authors:  Robert T Kiyosaki and Sharon L Lechter

Languages Available: Hindi, English

Ratings: 4.7 / 5

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #3 – Share Market Guide

As the name suggests, it is a beginner-friendly book that helps you to learn everything about the stock market right from What is the stock market? It covers all the basic topics such as What is the stock market and its types, How does the share market work, who are Stockbrokers and what is settlement cycle in the share market, How to select good stocks, and many more

Author: Sudha Shrimali

Languages Available: English, Hindi

Ratings: 3.8 / 5

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #4 – Aap Bhi ban Sakte hain Intelligent Investor

It is a book that helps beginners to learn how to invest professionally. This book mainly focuses on introducing various classes of assets to the readers including, shares, bonds, derivatives, Mutual Funds, etc., and guides in risk management by diversification of portfolio.

Here, Diversification in a portfolio refers to investing our money into different classes of assets and thereby reducing the average risk of loss.

Author: Mahesh Chandra Koushik

Languages Available: Hindi

Ratings: 4.6 / 5

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #5 – Intraday Trading Ki Pehchan

This book is exclusively curated to guide intraday or Day Traders. In simple terms, the buying and selling of any stock on the same day is called Intraday or Day trading.

From this book, you can learn topics like introduction to day trading, Risk management, Entry and Exit levels for day trading, and many more.

Authors: Ankit Gala & Jitendar Gala

Languages Available: English, Hindi

Ratings: 3.6 / 5

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #6 – Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading is a trading discipline in which traders consider only the ‘Price’ and ‘Volume’ of the stocks to make trading decisions. This book on price action trading will guide the price action trading basics such as trend trading, breakouts, etc without relying much on technical indicators. The book also covers concepts such as  Intraday Trading, Swing Trading, & Positional Trading.

Author: Sunil Gurjar

Languages Available: English, Hindi

Ratings: 4.2 / 5

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #7 – Swing Trading with Technical Analysis

Swing trading is a short-term trading that is beginners friendly. Here trading is done for the short term. This book on swing trading helps in  learning swing trading along with technical analysis concepts like chart patterns, Indicators, etc. which is an added benefit

Author: Ravi Patel

Languages Available: English, Hindi

Ratings: 3.8 / 5

Best Stock Market Books in Hindi #8 – A to Z Share Market ( Technical Analysis)

This book covers in detail all the aspects of technical analysis including technical indicators, chart patterns, support and resistance levels, etc. So if you are a beginner in technical analysis you can learn everything related to technical analysis in this book.

Author: Gautam Kumar

Languages Available: English, Hindi

Ratings: 3.7/ 5


In Conclusion, exploring stock market books in Hindi is a good idea. These books not only provide useful information but also connect you with financial knowledge in a language that feels familiar.

Written By Bhagyalakshmi Patil

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