Investment planning is all about managing the trade-off between risks and returns. The conventional wisdom holds that every investor is a rational and logical individual.

A rational investor makes well-informed decisions based on logic and expects higher returns on investments with lower risk. However, we are all human beings who are not fully rational and prone to emotional responses. This makes it difficult for investors to determine how their emotions will play out in future financial decisions taken by them.

Taking the guidance of an investment advisor would help one make informed decisions keeping into consideration individual’s goals, investment time horizon, liquidity, risk aversion and would help one in developing a suitable long-term plan in preferable investment avenues.

Since investments are subject to varying degrees of risks and each investor has an inherent threshold to bear those risks, risk profiling is done by the investment advisors which helps the investor know about how much risk he/she would be able to withstand in her investment journey. This calculated move would help examine their actual risk appetite and optimize the return from their chosen portfolio.

Financial characteristics such as age, work status, dependents, total wealth, income, and net worth can be used to objectively assess risk capacity.

Various behavioral elements, such as the investor’s willingness to accept risks, previous experiences, and so on must be considered. These behavioral characteristics are difficult to assess directly, although psychometric tests can aid the process.

Due to these behavioral aspects, there is a great deal of research and study being done in the field of behavioral finance, which is a combination of psychology and finance. Individual investors can also benefit from consulting with an investment professional in this area.

The retail participation in Indian stock markets is rising and the number of individual investors in the market has increased by a whopping 142 lakh in FY21, with 122.5 lakh new accounts at CDSL and 19.7 lakh in NSDL, as per the SEBI report. The share of individual investors in total turnover on the stock exchange has risen to 45 percent from 39 percent in Mar’20, as shown by NSE data.

The pandemic has not only affected the way we live but has also changed the way we invest. With the onset of pandemic and subsequent lockdown, household financial savings showed a significant jump in Q1 FY21.

Individuals have become more interested in the stock market as their savings options have dwindled as a result of the low-interest rate environment. Abundant liquidity in the capital markets has also added fuel to the fire.

The adoption of internet and online access is increasing into the country enabling tier-II and tier-III cities to also participate in equities. The broking industry’s competitive environment has resulted in a slew of new services for clients. No frill accounts, discount brokerage, per trade brokerage, low maintenance cost, and ease of doing trades will have further fueled the aspirations of generating short-term gains from the equity market.

Technology-driven initiatives like e-KYC help speed up the account opening procedure. Most of the aforementioned factors have improved and have become the new normal. With the introduction of innovative products and technologies, a larger number of people will participate in the equities market in the future.

Talking about new traders, they face challenges in understanding the technical part of investing and thus make huge losses, so to help them come into existence the advisory firms, that helped them maximize investment performances.

One such organization is the CapitalVia Global Research Limited– Investment Advisers

“CapitalVia Global Research Limited” – A unique firm. Let’s get to know the detail.

SEBI Registered Investment Advisory company, CapitalVia Global Research Limited was founded in 2006 by Mr. Rohit Gadia with the idea of offering research tips to the trading community at the comfort of their home to create professional financial market traders across the nation.

Indeed this organization Pioneered the term “Investment Advisory” in India.

As per the data, this company has emerged as one of the most trusted research and advisory services with about 3,00,000+ hours of research to date serving about 80,000+ customers.

And has been growing ever since to become a trusted brand with 13+ years of stock movement research.  

In 2013, CapitalVia acquired DreamGains Financials and has recently launched its mobile application to offer research tips to its clients at their fingertips with the help of certified financial analysts.

Mission and Vision

To Deliver reliable- efficient research and investment advisory to consumers and help them create wealth by ensuring consumer success adhering to the highest standards of business conduct.

Vision: To become Asia’s most admired financial research and consulting brand.

Clearly, with the vision to be the best, the company has started to evolve rapidly in terms of technology with the effort to make trading easy and understandable for all levels of investors.

CapitalVia received the “Best fintech product award” in the year 2019.

So, Capitalvia isn’t just an organization offering its services, instead of a group of highly qualified individuals that assist you in making wealth from limited savings with advanced quantitative analysis per stock.


Market ProIntraday trading recommendations service
Market NeuronPortfolio-based on event or theme
TechnIQQuantitative trading strategies
QuantIQQuant based strategies for risk management


CapitalVia has categorized its services for all types of investors and traders, no matter if you’re a short-term, medium-term, and long-term trader, all are covered.

For Investors

Medium-term: Provide best investment plans for medium-term investors in India, in the share market. Designed to suit the investment needs of the traders.


Alpha wealth; Mid-term investment recommendations of 10-15 Stocks in Equity Cash based on Quantitative Analysis. Specially designed for investors interested in investing in large-cap stocks with monthly rebalancing with a minimum investment of ₹5,00,000.

Infinity Plus; maintaining a portfolio of 6-10 stocks in equity cash based on advanced analytical tools for analyses to indicate entry and exit points. Designed for investors interested in investing in the mid-term in the equity market. Minimum investment of ₹1,50,000. Holding period: 10 to 15 days.

Long-term this covers long-term goals like retirement plans or higher education for newborn children. CapitalVia offers you investment plans that benefit you in the longer run.


Focus 2021:

Minimum Investment: ₹50,000

  • Recommended for mid to long-term equity investors.
  • Offers a portfolio of 6 to 8 stocks based on in-depth fundamental analysis of value investing.
  • Make use of a highly equipped neuron that picks the potential stocks offering good returns.

Prime Value packs:

Minimum Investment: ₹1,50,000

  • Offers portfolio of 8-12 value investing stocks
  • Recommended for mid to long-term investors.

Short term- Offers best short-term investment plans involving strategies to buy stocks expected to go up in the short term.

So to sum it up, let’s look at the Pros of CapitalVia:

  • Investment Advisory Organizations like CapitalVia proactively minimizes the investors’ portfolio risks by understanding risk appetite and by proper asset allocation.
  • CapitalVia as an advisor helps you maximize your portfolio performance by helping you in selecting beneficial or good performing stocks.
  • Your investment advisor helps you in becoming a professional trader.

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