Cash rich companies in India: Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about having too much cash? The answer is obvious. Everyone loves to have some extra cash.

From a company’s perspective, having too much cash lying around without utilizing it can also be a bad sign.

Therefore, they tend to invest in it in order to generate some extra returns. However, there are some companies that are Cash-rich in India.

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In this article, we will dive deeper and have a closer look at them!

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What Is Cash And Bank Balance Of A Company?

100 rupee cash

The first thing that appears under the Current Asset of the balance sheet is cash and cash equivalents. Cash as the name suggests represents the cash of the company.

Cash equivalents represent highly liquid investments that the company can convert to cash within a few days such as Treasury Bills,  Commercial Papers, or any Marketable Security. 

These liquid assets are used by the company to pay for its liabilities and expenses.

To meet its day-to-day operational expenses the company diverts a small amount to an account known as petty cash, which also makes part of the Cash and cash equivalent. 

How Do Companies Arrive At The Total Cash Balance For A Year?

If you are in the long-term game, you must have heard people talk about the three most important financial statements that you should go through before investing in a company.

One of them is the cash flow statement. It summarizes the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving a company during a given year.

It is imperative to understand the basics of the cash flow statement when looking at the list of cash-rich companies. In simple terms, the cash flows are categorized into three types of activities:

Cash from Operating Activities: It includes any sources and uses of cash from business activities. In other words, it reflects how much cash is generated from a company’s products or services.

Cash from Investing Activities: It includes any sources and uses of cash from a company’s investments such as the purchase or sale of an asset, loans made to vendors or received from customers, or any payments related to a merger or acquisition are included in this category.

Cash from Financing Activities: It includes the sources of cash from investors or banks, as well as the uses of cash paid to shareholders in the form of dividends, payments for stock repurchases, and repayment of debt principal (loans) are included in this category. 


Can Companies Have Too Much Cash?

Can you believe there is something called having too much cash? As surprising as it may sound this is true for many companies as a lot of factors contribute to a company’s cash position.

Having too much cash on the balance sheet will make the investor wonder why the company isn’t putting it to use.

On the other hand, a growing trend in cash can give the notion that the company is generating higher revenues. 

The sectors or industries in which the company is operating should also be analyzed.

For instance, capital-intensive manufacturing companies might have greater difficulty raising cash because of the ongoing need to replenish their equipment frequently. While software companies have lesser cash spending.  

A persistent and growing reserve typically signals strong company performance.

Indeed, it shows that cash is accumulating so quickly that management doesn’t have time to figure out how to make use of it.

Top 5 Cash Rich Companies In India

Here is a list of the top cash rich companies in India:

Cash Rich Companies In India #1 – Tata Motors Ltd.

Tata Motors Limited | Cash Rich Companies In India
Face Value (₹):2ROE (%):-22.53
Market Cap (Cr):1,76,301Net Profit Margin:-4.03
EPS (₹):7.27Debt to Equity:3.14
Stock P/E (TTM):73.02Cash conversion cycle71.16
Dividend Yield (%):0Promoter’s Holdings (%):46.39

Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company.

It produces passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, luxury cars, sports cars, and construction equipment. The stock is listed on BSE, NSE, and the New York Stock Exchange. 

The high-debt company reported a net loss of Rs 11,234 Cr while it earned a total revenue of Rs 2,78,453.62 Cr.

Despite making a loss, Tata Motors have the highest cash and & Bank Balance of Rs 40,669.19 Crores in FY22. The consolidated free cash flow of the company stood at Rs 5317 Croes in FY21. 

With a continued focus on operational efficiencies and delivered cash and cost savings of Rs 9,300 crore against targets of Rs 6,000 crore. 

The promoters have reduced their pledge to a total of 1.82%. 

Cash Rich Companies In India #2- Infosys Ltd.

Infosys | Cash Rich Companies In India
Face Value (₹):5ROE (%):32.3
Market Cap (Cr):5,22,365.48Net Profit Margin:16.43
EPS (₹):58.06Debt to Equity:0
Stock P/E (TTM):21.68Cash conversion cycle95.63
Dividend Yield (%):2.38 Promoter’s Holdings (%):15.14

Infosys Limited, the second-largest IT company in India provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services.

It was the fourth Indian company to cross $100 billion in market capitalization. Infosys was the first Indian company to get listed on the Nasdaq exchange. 

The IT giant reported a net profit of Rs 22,146 Cr having earned a total revenue of Rs 1,46,767 Cr during FY22.

Infosys has the second-highest cash balance which amounts to Rs 17,472 Cr in FY22. Apart from that, the company was able to generate approximately US$3 billion of free cash flow in FY22.

Their digital business grew by 29% and now accounts for 52% of the overall Company revenues. The company has zero debt and zero promoter’s pledge. 

Cash Rich Companies In India #3 – General Insurance Corporation of India

GIC | Cash Rich Companies In India
Face Value (₹):5ROE (%):8.66
Market Cap (Cr):30,298.49Net Profit Margin:4.15
EPS (₹):34.85Debt to Equity:0
Stock P/E (TTM):4.96Cash conversion cycle0
Dividend Yield (%):1.98 Promoter’s Holdings (%):85.78

General Insurance Corporation of India Limited is an Indian nationalized reinsurance company. 

GIC was formed to control and operate the business of general insurance in India. It is the largest company with s 64% share in the Indian reinsurance market.

The company reported a net profit of Rs Rs 2,386.28 crore and the gross premium collected went down to Rs 47,014 crore.

GIC has a Cash Balance of Rs 21,451.34 Crores in its financial statement making it the company on the list of Cash-rich stocks.

It saw a significant 22% rise in its short-term deposit which increased the bank balance. GIC has been able to generate net cash flows in the last two years which is a good sign.

The reinsurance company has Zero debt and zero promoters pledge.


Cash Rich Companies In India #4 – Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited
Face Value (₹):10ROE (%):9.27
Market Cap (Cr):₹1,654,218Net Profit Margin:9.87
EPS (₹):85Debt to Equity:0.36
Stock P/E (TTM):28.65Cash conversion cycle72.74
Dividend Yield (%):0.29Promoter’s Holdings (%):50.61

Reliance is one of the most profitable companies in India and is also the largest publicly traded company by market capitalization.

Its diverse businesses include energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media, and textiles. It is a Fortune 500 company.

The Oil-to-Chemical conglomerate earned a total net profit of Rs 67,565 crore and total revenue of Rs 6,99,962 Crore. 

RIL has a cash balance of Rs 36,178 Crore in its financial statements for FY22. The capital raised Rs 2,60,074 crore largest-ever in India by a Corporate in a year in FY21.

RIL has seen exponential growth as it is diversified in multiple segments through which it has been able to increase its revenue and profit margins over the years.

The promotes pledge remains at zero. 

Cash Rich Companies In India #5 – Coal India Limited

Coal India Limited
Face Value (₹):10ROE (%):43.63
Market Cap (Cr):1,46,549.68Net Profit Margin:15.81
EPS (₹):45.7Debt to Equity:0.08
Stock P/E (TTM):5.2Cash conversion cycle83.29
Dividend Yield (%):9.29 Promoter’s Holdings (%):66.13

Coal India Limited (CIL) is an Indian government-owned coal mining and refining corporation. It ranks as the largest coal-producing company in the world. It contributes around 82% to the total coal production in India.

Their customer include large thermal power generation companies, steel and cement producers, and other industrial companies in the public and private sector 

The coal giant earned a total revenue of Rs 1,09,936.14 Cr and a net profit of Rs 17,378.42 Crore in FY22.

The company’s cash and bank balance stood at Rs 29,179.45 Crore for the year.  Coal India has been able to generate positive cash flow from its operating activities.

The profit margins have risen over the years. The company has low debt and zero promoters’ pledges.  

List Of Top Cash Rich Stocks In India

CompanyMarket CapCash & Bank Balance
Tata Motors Ltd.1,76,301 40,669.19
Infosys Ltd.5,22,36512,173
General Insurance Corporation of India30,298 21,451.34
Reliance Industries Ltd.16,83,509 36,178
Coal India Ltd.1,46,54929,179.45
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.5,402.14 9,652.85
Wipro Ltd.2,11,711 9,188
Vedanta Ltd.1,03,003 15,592
Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd.50,147 16,355.16
Larsen Toubro Ltd.3,15,712 18,953.17
Bharti Airtel Ltd.4,76,237 13,494.3
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.1,59,899 11,117.61
JSW Steel Ltd.1,70,534 17,383
The New India Assurance Company Ltd.19,017 12,487.84
Interglobe Aviation Ltd.86,919 10,120.14

In Closing

In this article, we looked at the cash-rich stocks in India. Cash is needed by the company to not only meet its short-term but also long-term needs.

To fundamentally understand the companies even better,  investors can look for things like future cash flows, business cycles, capital expenditure plans, and upcoming liability payments.

That’s all for this post! Happy Investing! Have you invested in any of these cash-rich stocks? Let us know in the comments.

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