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Welcome to the Contributor Section.

Trade Brains is searching for the insightful market investors and professionals to join our expanding community as a contributor. is the fastest growing financial educational blog in India with over +100,000 monthly readers, +21000 newsletter subscribers, and +35,000 social followers. We are bridging the gap between an average investor and awareness towards investing by providing sufficient knowledge and confidence. Our readers are the small retail investors who are educating themselves about the art of successful investing.

Whether you’re an experienced equity investor, active day trader, financial professional, an industry veteran, or someone who just loves to write about the financial markets, Trade Brains readers want to hear what you have to say.

This is your chance to become a contributor to the growing Trade Brains’ Community. Take advantage of our reach and traffic to engage with more readers and build your own following through trade brains’ platform.


What Will You Gain?

  1. Access to one of the most active investment communities in India with thousands of daily readers.
  2. Expand Your Reach and Visibility- Gain wider exposure for your content and brand by publishing on Trade Brains, which is read by an expansive community of active investors and readers. This is your opportunity to increase the traffic on your blog, website, and followers on your social media accounts
  3. Market Yourself- Contributors are welcome to include relevant links back to their own website and other articles that may provide additional value to readers.
  4. Get featured placement- Top contributors will be regularly featured on the Trade Brains homepage, Email newsletter, and other social profiles, such as our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page.
  5. Exclusive networking opportunities- Trade Brains plans to extend participation opportunities to our events in the future. These opportunities may include participation in upcoming webinars, workshops, investors meet etc.

What Can You Write About:

  • Fundamental analysis of stocks
  • Technical analysis of stocks
  • Stock picks and case studies
  • Capital market investment strategies
  • Emerging industries, Sector-specific opportunities, and trends
  • Investment in derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, SIPs, Bonds etc
  • Portfolio and money management
  • Personal finance
  • Entrepreneurship, leadership and Success Stories
investing instruction

General Instructions:

Before submitting your content, please read the following general instructions:

  1. The submitted article should be beneficial for the Trade Brains’ readers. Posts with the sole purpose of product-promotional/Link-building articles (without any real value) will be discarded. However, we publish the author’s bio along with the article where you can promote yourself and your brand.
  2. We allow only two backlinks per post to a relevant article from your own blog/website.
  3. The content should be original, non-plagiarised and shouldn’t be published anywhere earlier.
  4. Studies/Numbers/Facts should be properly attributed with the original source.
  5. The content should have a minimum length of +800 words.
  6. Include a featured image and other relevant (no copyright) images wherever required.
  7. The content shouldn’t contain excessive grammatical errors.

Once we publish your contribution, we will reach you out on the above-mentioned email. Thank You.

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