Gate.io is one of the oldest and best-known platforms for trading digital assets. The exchange originally appeared in China in 2013 and was called Bter. Today, the platform is owned by the American company Gate Technology Inc, which has all the rights to the exchange, but it is officially registered in the Cayman Islands.

The trading platform offers a large number of digital currencies, as well as a high level of security. The platform has an app for Android and iOS.

With the RevenueBot service, Gate.io users can create trading bots for automated trading.

About Gate.io

The trading platform makes a variety of improvements in order to compete in the market. The list of improvements includes the following:

  • Low fees. Fees charged by the platform are at an average level compared to other platforms. Trading transactions have a 0.2% fee. For withdrawals, the fee is calculated individually for each token.
  • Trading history and charts. However, the interface is not clear to everyone and it can be difficult to find any function at once.
  • Multilingualism. The platform supports 17 languages, but many of them are translated incorrectly. But if you use the English version of the site, everything is quite adequate.
  • User support. The exchange has an extensive FAQ, where you can find answers to almost any question. But if this is not possible, you can write a ticket to support, or ask your question with Telegram or Twitter.
  • Security. This is the aspect that developers pay the most attention to. Client funds are stored on both hot and cold cryptocurrency wallets. It is recommended that the client is verified according to the KYC system. Accounts are secured with two-factor authentication and a combination of passwords (for login and financials). There is a Bind IP option: the website remembers the last IP you logged in from.

Trading with a Bot on Gate.io

RevenueBot is a trading bot service that allows users of Gate.io to make automated trades.

What is a RevenueBot trading bot: It is software that interacts with financial platforms, in this case a cryptocurrency exchange. The user creates or buys a ready-made bot, specifies the desired configuration and trading strategy. After that, he or she chooses a trading pair and market in which the bot will work. The last step is running the program.

Trading bots are well-proven among traders in the traditional stock market. Nearly 70% of traders trade with the help of robots.

The convenience of using trading bots is that a person does not have to constantly monitor the charts and analyse the market, the trading bot does it all for him. 

Anyone can create a bot for Gate.io and automate their trading on the platform.