In order to support space-tech innovations through cloud computing, ISRO and IN-SPACe have signed a memorandum of understanding with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS said in a statement on Wednesday that the partnership with ISRO and the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) aims to give space startups, research institutions, and students access to cloud technologies through AWS Activate for new solutions in the space sector.

The partnership comes in response to the government’s April approval of the Indian Space Policy, 2023, which offers a strategic roadmap for the expansion and development of India’s space program using cloud computing, data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Shalini Kapoor, Director and Chief Technologist for Public Sector at AWS India and South Asia, stated that the company is dedicated to assisting startups in identifying use cases, accelerating the development of solutions, and developing a strong talent base in India with expertise in the cloud and space.

“Cloud computing-led innovations enable the space industry to make better decisions, faster – pushing the boundaries of possibilities. We look forward to helping customers in India build space-tech solutions to make life on Earth better,” Kapoor added.

According to Sudheer Kumar N, the ISRO Director for Capacity Building and Public Outreach, cloud computing makes it possible to quickly manage large volumes of raw space data in addition to running AI, ML, and analytics workloads to produce valuable results in a highly efficient manner. Through the AWS Space Accelerator program, startups will also gain access to AWS and its extensive experience building aerospace and satellite solutions globally.

“After Chandrayaan-3 moon landing and Aditya L-1 mission, it is time we leverage the limitless potential of space technology and cloud computing to propel India’s space sector to new heights. This partnership with AWS is a testament to that and through this, we aim to empower startups, students, and researchers to dream beyond the skies, drive innovation, and contribute to the global space industry,” said IN-SPACe Director, Promotion Directorate, Vinod Kumar. The three organisations will also collaborate on a new initiative to train students and educators in cloud computing, AI, ML, analytics, and security, by leveraging AWS education programmes.

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