For ECN.Broker to get this nomination, the broker had to attract the largest number of active customers in a year.

For ECN.Broker, 2021 was an outstanding year, and the company attracted thousands of new customers around the world.

The company has made obvious progress in developing a trading interface for novice traders, and this has allowed the company to become the most popular broker for those who take the first steps in trading on the exchange.

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Since 2015, ECN.Broker offers traders access to global markets.

The company’s customers can take advantage of the best offers in the industry, including the lowest fees, the best margin rates, and the latest tools for trade automation and copy trading.

ECN.Broker information and technical support enable traders to be confident in their strategies and solutions.

The ECN.Broker team has assembled a unique ecosystem for market trading using innovative and easy-to-use trading tools, tips, and support systems.

The company also developed mobile trading solutions to make trading on the exchange even more accessible. Lightning-fast execution of orders, trading of various financial instruments, and recent market movements are available to ECN.Broker customers at any time and in any place.

Thanks to innovative offers, favorable conditions, and the hard work of the team, ECN.Broker became the best choice for entry-level traders and professionals.