Bitcoin Revolution: In a world where there are no absolute values, there is no real money, and there is no natural language. In a world of fast fixes and quick money, the path to success no longer requires hard effort; instead, it is just a matter of covering up whatever flaws appear.

For anything that doesn’t appear to be quite right with the world, whether it’s a movie or your neighbour’s life, we medicate and whitewash it, dressing it up in fancy garb and elaborate facades to convince ourselves and others that the inside is not corrupt and failing, but rather respectable and thriving instead.

Throw your deflated money against both the bitcoin wall and who knows, and you may get lucky and find success. Take your investing advice from a Tik-Tok video, purchase GameStop options on the spur of the moment, and hope for the best. When it fails, instead of addressing the underlying problem, which is an intense desire for time and an unwillingness to accept responsibility for one’s life choices, people tend to scream about the inequities of capitalism.

After years of relying on fictitious energy, including solar panels on the roof and wind turbines in deserts, plains, and ocean banks, we are shocked when blackouts occur, and power prices soar to unprecedented heights. Because the government and environmental talking heads said they were environmentally friendly and provided you with subsidies, it stands to reason that they must be beneficial.

A strange virus that spreads rapidly across the globe causes us to buckle under the immense strain of Big Government, which is naturally aided by the world’s central planners, to come crashing down on the planet. We don’t allow people to take responsibility for their health — encourage them to eat better, exercise more, and spend more time outside — but instead, we lock them in their homes, where illness may spread more efficiently, and vitamin D supplies aren’t replenished.

With the right central planner in charge, we may fool ourselves into believing that we can fix things after the situation has already damaged them.

We Have the Power to Change the World with A Simple Adjective

I am often faced with the thankless task of dealing with authors who have fully embraced this point of view on the world in my professional job. Only a few years ago, The Guardian, the United Kingdom’s leading left-wing daily, received praise from readers across the globe for bringing the newspaper’s language usage up to date.

Climate change would be referred to as the “climate emergency” or the “climate crisis” from now on, while local weather sceptics would be referred to as “climate science doubters” or the much more frightening “climate denier,” respectively.

I saw earlier this year that the Financial Times had followed suit, either on their own initiative or as a result of peer pressure. Only a few years ago, the Financial Times regularly used more traditional terminology to discuss climate change. I couldn’t figure out what was causing this fixation with the term video games for the rest of my life.

It’s conceivable that the words used by these same reality-detached elite journalists were what ultimately prevented the globe from implementing the severe climate measures that the highest echelons of our mental class so badly needed.

Last year, the same factor was seen about ethnicity. Simmering in the shadows of the race wars, a large number of activists encouraged news organizations to uppercase the word “Black” to emphasize that it was an ethnic group with a cohesive history (as opposed to Latino or Native American), rather than simply a physical description, an adjective.

The Associated Press, which sets standards for a wide range of publications, published similar rules and immediately entered the tradition-wars by refusing to capitalize the word “white” in the same way as the word “black.” According to the statement, “had a lot less common history and culture,” and as a result, the improvement did not help them.

Even if bitcoin and it’s Cyber Hornets do not solve everything, at the very least, they offer some semblance of honesty and an unwillingness to take a crap in exchange for their services. It’s possible that Bitcoin will be the revolution you have been waiting for.

It encourages users to take responsibility for their own lives and money, shift their attention away from the present difficulties to the future benefits, and make fundamental changes rather than just cosmetic improvements in their lifestyles.

All you can do is fight semantic and stylistic fights, as well as political and medical ones, and pretend that your high goals are any closer to becoming a reality than they are. In a society that is drowning in pretence, quick solutions will not suffice. Before we end this article, we would advise you to register yourself on and learn all there is about the safest ways to earn bitcoin currency. Join the Bitcoin revolution.