High FII holding Stocks Under Rs 100: When it comes to investing in the stock market, we always try to find the most intricate balance between affordability & sustainability. We are always on the lookout for Companies that have the highest growth and the best management. At the same time, we also hope to find them at throw away prices, so we can enter in its journey, at the earliest.

Investors gain confidence when any Foreign Institutional Investor invests in a stock, as they undertake their respective due diligence before making such investments. Hence, today we’re going to analyze a few such stocks that have high FII holdings, yet are available at prices below Rs. 100.

In this article, we look at high FII Holding Stocks under Rs 100. We analyze the company, its operations, financials and more..

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 100

We will take a brief look at the Company and its activities, and then we shall take a look at its Revenues and profits, before finally concluding the article.

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High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #1 – Winsome Textile Industries

Winsome Textile Industries Ltd (WTIL) was established in 1980, by setting up a green field spinning unit at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Today WTIL has grown from 16,000 spindles to 1,06,000 spindles, a dye house with a capacity of 33 tons per day and yarn-dyed knitted fabric capacity of 7 tons per day.

Winsome Textiles produces 100% cotton mélange yarn, cotton and synthetic blended mélange, specialty, and dyed yarns (carded and combed) used in downstream weaving and

knitting applications. It is associated with over 250 customers in 50 countries across the globe and 600 plus customers within India.

The Company has CAPEX plans for FY23-24 worth Rs. 52 Cr to expand its current infrastructure. The Company already invested Rs. 18 Cr in FY22, as part of its multi-year expansion plans.

To remain self-reliant in its energy requirement, the Company has set up a 3.5 MW capacity run of the river Hydro Power Plant at Khanyara near Dharamshala (H.P.). This hydropower plant generates & supplies 33% of their power requirement.

The Company has the highest FII holding coming at around 32.04%. Aspire Emerging Fund is the biggest FII holder owning 9.98% of the Company, followed by Bao Value Fund which owns 4.99%.

Winsome reported revenue worth Rs. 878 Cr in FY23, which fell by 8% from Rs. 958 Cr in FY22. Net Profits on the other hand deteriorated severely falling 46%, from Rs. 45 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 24 Cr in FY23. Net Profit Margins stayed at just 3.94%. 

CMP66.7Market Cap (Cr.)125.38
EPS12.32Stock P/E (TTM)6.67
Promoter Holdings (%)56%FII Holdings (%)32.04%
Debt to Equity1.96Price to Book Value0.48
Net Profit Margin (%)3.94%EBITDA Margin (%)10.63%

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #2 – Edelweiss Financial Services

Edelweiss Financials Services is one of India’s leading financial services conglomerates, offering a robust platform to a diversified client base across domestic and global geographies.

The Company is in the Retail lending space offering SME Loans & other Business Loans via Edelweiss Finance & Edelweiss Retail Finance Ltd. It also offers home loans via Nido Home Finance Ltd.

The Company has also set up an Alternative Asset Management via a 100% owned subsidiary and wealth management firm named Nuvama Wealth Management. It also own a Mutual Fund Company that offers a variety of Mutual Funds for investors to choose from.

Edelweiss also provides General and life Insurance in a joint venture with Tokio Marine Holdings. This JV was established in 2011 and continues to run smoothly even today. The Company also is into Asset reconstruction with an AUM of Rs. 37,100 Cr. 

31.36% of the Company is held by Foreign Investors. Baron Emerging Markets Fund & Bih Sa hold about 3.67% & 3.91% respectively. 

Edelweiss reported a strong Revenue growth of 24%, from Rs. 6819 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 8481 Cr in FY23. A major reason for the spike in revenue was the Net Gain on the revaluation of its assets. Net Profits reached Rs. 406 Cr in FY23, growing by 91% from Rs. 212 Cr in FY22. 

CMP69.8Market Cap (Cr.)6228.97
EPS3.83Stock P/E (TTM)16.91
Promoter Holdings (%)33%FII Holdings (%)31.36%
Debt to Equity2.77Price to Book Value0.92
Net Profit Margin (%)4.70%Operating Margin (%)33.13%

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #3 – GMR Airports Ltd

The GMR group was established by Mr. G.M. Rao in 1978, who set up a small jute mill. GMR later ventured into Airports in the year 2005. GMR is among the 5th largest airport operators in the world managing operations at 6 airports across the world, and 2 more under development. 

The Company currently operates the Delhi, Hyderabad International Airport, and Manohar International Airport, Goa. It also operates Mactan Cebu International Airport, Philippines, and Kualanamu International Airport, Indonesia.

GMR is also in charge of developing Vikashapatnam International Airport and Crete International Airport, Greece. The Company serves 10 Cr+ passengers across 310 routes annually.

The Company has FII Holdings of 28.15%, with ASN Investments Ltd holding about 7.27% of the GMR Airport. Veda Investors Fund & Nomura Singapore owns 3.38% & 3.33% in the Company respectively.

GMR’s revenue has seen a very strong growth of 47%, growing from Rs. 4,959 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 7289 Cr in FY23, as a result of an increase in Non-Aeronautical revenue. At the same time, its Net Loss was reduced by 26% from Rs. -1131Cr in FY22 to Rs. -840Cr in FY23, partly due to an exceptional gain of Rs. 254 Cr.     

CMP61.6Market Cap (Cr.)35346
EPS-0.3Stock P/E (TTM)0
Promoter Holdings (%)59%FII Holdings (%)28.15%
Debt to EquityN/APrice to Book Value42.8
Net Profit Margin (%)-16.00%Operating Margin (%)27.10%

High FII holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #4 – Equitas Small Finance Bank

Equitas Small Finance Bank, previously known as Equitas Microfinance Ltd was founded in 2016 as a Microfinance Lender. The Bank received its RBI License in 2016 & received its scheduled bank status in February 2017.

The Bank is headquartered in Chennai and is a subsidiary of Equitas Holdings Ltd. Currently headed by Vasudevan P N, who serves as the Bank’s Managing Director and CEO.

Equitas has a presence in 18 Indian states, with a total of 927 Banking outlets and 352 ATMs across India. The Bank specifically caters to SME Loans, Microfinancing, Agri Loans, New and used Commercial Vehicle Financing, and other Term Loans.

The Bank has an FII Holding of 21.45%, from which 2.74% is held by Ellipsis Partners LLC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Societe Generale – ODI Fund own 1.88% & 1.02% stake in the Bank. 

Advances of the Bank grew at an accelerated growth of 35%, from Rs. 20,597 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 27,861 Cr in FY23. Deposits followed suit with a 34% growth, from Rs. 18,951 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 25.381 Cr in FY23.

Net Interest Income grew by 25% on the back of strong Advances, from Rs. 2039 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 2545 Cr in FY23. Net Profits increased from Rs. 281 Cr in FY22, growing by 104% to Rs. 574 Cr. The spurt in Net Profit resulted from a marginal decrease in Interest Expenses and Operating Expenses.

CMP93.95Market Cap (Cr.)10529
EPS4.71Stock P/E15.35
RoE (%)12.55%RoA (%)1.89%
Promoter Holding (%)0%FII Holding (%)21.45%
GNPA (%)3%Price to Book Value1.91
Net Interest Margins (%)9.00%Net Profit Margin (%)13.80%

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #5 – IDFC First Bank

IDFC First Bank was formed in 2018 as a result of a merger between IDFC Bank and Capital First. The merger was a win-win for both parties as IDFC Bank was then looking to reduce exposure to its wholesale portfolio. Capital First on the other hand had a solid track record in terms of RoE & NPA’s and was eyeing for a Banking License. 

The merged entity then set out to transform itself by investing in building multiple branches across multiple cities to attract retail customers, which led to an increase in branches from 206 to 601 in just three years. 

V Vaidyanathan currently heads he Bank as its MD & CEO. He was previously the founder & chairman of Capital First Ltd. Under his leadership, the Bank managed to grow its CASA ratio from 8.68% in FY18 to 46.5% as of Q1FY23.

IDFC First Bank now offers zero-fee bankingwhich offers 28 services to its Savings Account customers such as Cash Deposits and withdrawals, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and much more. These services would be offered to any customer who maintains an Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 10,000.

The Bank has an FII Holdings of 20.85%, from which 7.12% is held by Cloverdell Investment Pvt Ltd. Odyssey 44 A S has a substantial interest in the Company owning 4.07%. 

IDFC First has been able to scale its deposits by 37% from Rs. 1.05 Lakh Cr in FY22 to Rs. 1.44 Lakh Cr in FY23. Advances followed suit increasing by 29%, from Rs. 1.17 Lakh Cr in FY22 to Rs. 1.51 Lakh Cr in FY23.

Net Interest Margins scaled up phenomenally from Rs. 9706 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 12,635 Cr in FY23, growing by 30%. Net Profits scaled up by as high as 15.8x due to a marginal reduction in Operating Expenses. 

CMP91.4Market Cap (Cr.)61712
EPS3.91Stock P/E22.59
RoE (%)10.95%RoA (%)1.13%
Promoter Holding (%)40%FII Holding (%)20.85%
GNPA (%)3%Price to Book Value2.32
Net Interest Margins (%)6.05%Net Profit Margin (%)10.90%

List of Stock with High FII Holding Under Rs 100

The list below puts together 10 Stockwith High FII Holding under Rs 100

Name CMP Mkt Cap FII (%)
Winsome Textile ₹63.60 ₹125.38 32.04%
Edelweiss Fin Serv. ₹66.03 ₹6,228.97 31.36%
GMR Airports ₹58.49 ₹35,346.50 28.15%
Equitas SFB ₹91.36 ₹10,248.16 21.45%
IDFC First Bank ₹91.80 ₹61,712.11 20.85%
JM Financials ₹84.12 ₹8,055.75 20.72%
Paisalo Digital ₹64.57 ₹2,899.33 19.92%
Lancer Container ₹64.98 ₹1,041.35 17.49%
Mitcon Consultancy ₹70.68 ₹714.79 16.85%
Bliss GVS Pharma ₹88.65 ₹924.97 16.50%


We finally approach the end of our article, having given you some really interesting stocks trusted by Foreign Investors, which are available at quite affordable prices. We especially find the two banks mentioned in our article quite a lot.

The Banks are small in size and hence are able to grow very quickly in deposits, advances as well as earnings. The Airport developer is also an interesting stock, who might still be a loss-maker but has an almost evergreen market it caters to.

We hope you like the research we did for this article. However, this is a very basic overview of the Company. If you wish to invest in any of these companies, then always do a thorough analysis of the Company & its stock before investing.

Well, that’s it from us for now. Which of these stocks would you want more in-depth research on? Do let us know in the comments below.

Written By Nasir Hussain

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