High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50: In the extremely dynamic landscape of the stock market, the hunt for a promising opportunity at affordable prices often leads us investors to explore various industries. 

Among these sectors and stocks, it gives us greater confidence to find out that foreign investors also believe in a stock that you might find lucrative. Now imagine finding such an opportunity at very affordable prices.

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50

In this article about High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50 we shall take a look at the top stocks and its overview of the company and financials

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Now, that’s exactly what we are going to look at today. We will try to find a few strong stocks available to purchase at a throwaway sum of Rs. 50. We will take a brief look at the Company and its activities, and then we shall take a look at its Revenues and profits, before finally concluding the article.

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High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50 #1 – IRB Infrastructure Developers

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. is India’s leading infrastructure developer in the highways sector. Founded in 1998, it was India’s first Company to execute a project on the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model.

The Company also holds the record for operating and maintaining the first expressway project, launching and listing the first Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT), and is the first Indian Company to tap offshore bond markets.

During FY23, the Company bagged two projects. One of them is the upgradation of NH27 to a 6-lane in Gujarat at the cost of 2,132Cr with a concession life of 20 years. Another project is the development of Outer Ring Road (ORR) for Hyderabad. An 8-lane highway is being built at the cost of Rs. 7380Cr for a concession period of 30 years. 

IRB currently has 4 highway projects spread across 11 Indian states, with 13,739 Lane Kms under operation. It has 64 Toll Plazas with 736 Fastag Compliant lanes. It also has a 20% Share in the Golden Quadrilateral Project. The total order book of the Company as of June 30, 2023, is Rs. 33,708Cr including the Hyderabad ORR project. 

IRB has one of the highest FII holdings with numbers as of June 30, 2023, coming around 48.37%. Cintra Inr Investments BV and Bricklayers Investments PTE Ltd are some of its biggest shareholders owning 24.86% and 16.94% respectively.

IRB’s total revenue grew by a mere 5%, from Rs. 6355Cr in FY22 to 6703Cr in FY23. Its Net Profit on the other hand Skyrocketed to 99% growth, from Rs. 361Cr in FY22 to Rs. 720Cr in FY23. The increase in profits was due to a significant reduction in Finance Costs.

CMP32.11Market Cap (Cr.)19391.23
EPS1.19Stock P/E (TTM)26.98
RoE (%)5.00%RoCE (%)9.00%
Promoter Holding (%)34%FII Holding (%)48%
Debt to Equity0.99Price to Book Value1.4
Net Profit Margin (%)11.00%Operating Profit Margin (%)50.00%

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50 #2 – Yes Bank

Yes Bank is one of India’s largest Private sector banks with deposits worth 2.17Lakh Cr as of FY23. The Bank was founded by Rana Kapoor and Late Ashok Kapur back in 2004.

The bank has always been on a roller coaster ride, growing faster than other banks at one point in time due to founder Rana Kapoor’s extreme aggressiveness in falling down to such a level in FY19-20, that RBI had to take strict measures to save the bank and secure its depositors funds.

However, the Bank has stabilized now and its own past is a good learning for every Banker in the country. The Bank is under safe hands under the management of Mr. Prashanth Kumar who heads Yes Bank as its CEO. He previously was the Deputy MD & CFO at State Bank of India and worked at the bank for a period of 34 Years.

The Bank has FII holdings worth 23.79% as of June 30, 2023. CA Basque Investments and Verventa Holdings are some of its biggest FII holders owning 6.43% each.

As of FY23, the Bank reported a Net Interest Income of Rs. 7903Cr in FY23, growing by 22% from Rs. 6490Cr in FY22. The Bank continues to report Loss on a consolidated basis which grew by 2%, from a loss of Rs. 9865Cr in FY22 to Rs. 10,020Cr in FY23.

The figures given below pertaining to RoE, RoA, Gross NPA, and NIM are standalone figures of just the Bank and not any of its subsidiaries.

CMP17.44Market Cap (Cr.)50153.98
EPS0.28Stock P/E (TTM)62.29
RoE (%)2.00%RoA (%)0.20%
Promoter Holding (%)0%FII Holding (%)23.79%
GNPA (%)2.20%CASA Ratio 30.80%
Net Interest Margins (%)2.60%Price to Book Value1.24%

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50 #3 – Vikas Ecotech

Founded in 1984, Vikas Ecotech initially began its journey as a trading Company in Petrochemicals products. It later ventured into the manufacturing segment only in 2008, by setting up its unit in Jammu & Kashmir and Rajasthan. It also later set up its R&D center in New Delhi.

Vikas is engaged in the business of Specialty Polymer and Additives. It also manufactures Chemicals for the Plastics and rubber industries, exporting to over 20 countries.

It caters to Agriculture, Infrastructure, packaging, electrical, footwear, pharmaceuticals, automotive, medical devices and components, and other consumer goods.

Vikas is the only manufacturer of Organotin in India, which is a Heat stabilizer for Vinyl Applications. It is one of the very few manufacturers of this product worldwide, that have the technology and expertise for manufacturing this material right from Tin Metal to the final product. 

Vikas Ecotech is expanding its business and product portfolio and has added many consumer products to its portfolio such as Steel Pipe Fittings, and MDPE Pipes specialized in transporting Gas.

The Company has an FII holding of 15.18% as of June 30, 2023. Vikasa Global Fund PCC holds as much as 6.77%. AG Dynamic Fund is another prominent name holding 6.8%.

Vikas Ecotech’s Revenue increased by a strong 61%, from Rs. 252Cr in FY22 to Rs. 406Cr in FY23. During the same time, its Net Profits grew by 5.85x, from 1.39Cr in FY22 to 9.52Cr in FY23. The increase in Profits was due to the expansion of Margins.

CMP3.8Market Cap (Cr.)517.02
EPS0.1Stock P/E (TTM)52.02
RoE (%)4.00%RoCE (%)8.88%
Promoter Holding (%)8%FII Holding (%)15.18%
Debt to Equity0.26Price to Book Value1.47
Net Profit Margin (%)2.38%Operating Profit Margin (%)5.44%

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50 #4 – South Indian Bank

The South Indian Bank Limited (SIB) is a private-sector bank headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala. As of March 31, 2023, the Bank had a network of 942 banking outlets (941 Branches & 1 Service Branch) and 1175 ATMs and 134 CRMs spanning 26 States and 4 Union Territories). 

It was The first among the private sector banks in Kerala to become a scheduled bank in 1946 under the RBI Act. Also, the first among the private sector banks in Kerala to open an “Overseas Branch” to cater exclusively to the export and import business in June 1993.

13.59% of the Bank is being held by Foreign Investors. Acacia Partners and Acacia Banyan Partner hold significant percentage in the Bank.

During FY23, the bank’s deposits increased from Rs. 89,142 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 91,651 Cr in FY23, growing by just 3%. Advances increased from Rs. 59,993 Cr to Rs. 69,804 Cr, growing by 16%.  

Net Interest Income increased by 34%, growing from Rs. 2240 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 3012 Cr in FY23. Net Profit for the year increased by 139x, from Rs. 49 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 737 Cr in FY23. 

The huge jump in profits comes as a result of an increase in Net Interest margins and lower Provisions & contingencies.  Net Interest margins rose from 2.62% to 3.3% during the respective time. 

CMP26.65Market Cap (Cr.)5487.17
EPS18.9Stock P/E (TTM)6.46
RoE (%)11.61%RoA (%)0.72%
Promoter Holding (%)0%FII Holding (%)13.59%
GNPA (%)5.14%CASA Ratio 32.98%
Net Interest Margins (%)3.30%Price to Book Value0.81

High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50 #5 – Dhanlaxmi Bank

The Bank was incorporated on 14 November 1927 as Dhanalakshmi Bank at Thrissur with a capital of ₹11,000 and seven employees. It received Scheduled Commercial Bank status in the year 1977.

The Bank currently has a network of 255 Branches and 275 ATMs. It has a presence in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, and Haryana.

10.97% of the Bank is held by Foreign Investors. Vespera Fund holds about 4.42% of the bank, followed by MGC Fund which holds 2.17% of the Bank.

Deposits of the Bank grew by 8%, from 12,403 Cr in FY22 to 13,352 Cr in FY23. Advances on the other hand grew by a solid 17%, from 8,444 Cr in FY22 to 9,854 Cr in FY23.

Dhanlaxmi has reported its Net Interest Income (NII) at Rs. 475 Cr in FY23, growing by 31% from Rs. 362 Cr in FY22. Net Profits remained in line with NIIs increasing by 37%, from Rs. 36 Cr in FY22 to Rs. 49 Cr in FY23.

CMP29.35Market Cap (Cr.)717.54
EPS1.95Stock P/E7.12
RoE (%)5.14%RoA (%)0.34%
Promoter Holding (%)0%FII Holding (%)10.97%
GNPA (%)5.19%CASA Ratio 31.90%
Net Interest Margins (%)3.60%Price to Book Value0.89

List of High FII Holding Stocks Under Rs 50

The list below puts together 10 stocks with the Highest FII Holding Stocks under Rs 50

Stock NameCMPMkt CapFII Holding
IRB Infrastructure Developers ₹32.11 ₹19,391.23 48%
Yes Bank ₹17.44 ₹50,153.98 24%
Vikas EcoTech ₹3.80 ₹517.02 15%
South Indian Bank ₹26.65 ₹5,487.17 14%
Dhanalaxmi Bank ₹29.35 ₹717.54 11%
Celebrity Fashions ₹17.35 ₹93.78 20%
Orient Ceratech ₹38.95 ₹455.35 13%
Accuracy Shipping ₹8.50 ₹129.48 9%
Brightcom Group ₹18.90 ₹3,695.91 9%
TV18 Broadcast ₹43.70 ₹7,687.19 9%


With this, we come to the end of our research on these affordable gems. We were able to find only two mid-caps, while the rest remain Small or Micro Cap.

We request you to do your own research, a little extra research if possible as some of these companies are very small in size. 

So, which of these companies are worth doing more research on? Let us know in the comments below.

Written By Nasir Hussain

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