High Promoter Holding Stocks under Rs 100: In today’s world of investing, there are various figures and parameters one looks at before investing in a stock. But, one of the basic criteria that can indicate potential in the business is the amount of stake the promoters hold in their business. In this article, we will go through some of the top high promoter holding stocks under Rs 100.

High Promoter Holding Stocks Under Rs 100

For our study, we’ll read about the business and operations of five companies from various industries. Without any further delay, let us look at the 5 stocks we have selected under Rs 100.

High Promoter Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #1 – AVT Natural Products

First on the list is AVT Natural Products a small-cap stock from the consumer food sector having a market capitalization of ₹1,239.74 crores as of 29th September, 2023.

AVT Natural Products is a global leader in the production of plant-based extracts and natural ingredient solutions for the food, beverage, animal nutrition, and nutraceutical industries. 

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It is a subsidiary of the A.V. Thomas Group, a diverse, family-owned conglomerate with holdings in plantations, spices, natural ingredients, consumer goods, leather goods, and medical devices.

The company has its headquarters in Chennai, India, and operates on a vertically integrated basis, meaning that it controls all parts of the manufacturing process, from plant cultivation to ingredient extraction and formulation.

CMP₹ 81.4Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 1,239.74
EPS4Stock P/E20.36
Promoter Holding75%Current ratio5.75
Debt to Equity0.08Price to Book Value2.83
Net Profit Margin13.30%Operating Margin20.77%

The company financials show that the company increased its revenue from ₹ 339.15 crores in FY19 to ₹582.17 crores in FY23. SImilary, its profits have also increased from ₹20.84 Crores to ₹77.4 Crores during the last five financial years. 

Coming to the return ratios, its ROE and RoCE stood at 19.37% and 25.7% respectively, which suggests that the company is effectively utilizing its resources. The debt-to-equity ratio of 0.08 also suggests that the company has low debt and primarily uses its own funds to run its operations.

Currently, the company has a price-to-book value of 2.83 which indicates that the current market price of the company is trading at a premium.

Coming to the shareholding pattern of the company, the promoters have consistently held a stake of 75% over the last few quarters.

High Promoter Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #2 – Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Second, we have Ujjivan Small Finance Bank a Small-cap stock belonging to the Private Banking sector having a market capitalization of ₹10,579 Crores as of 29th September, 2023.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank was established as a non-banking financial corporation (NBFC) in 2005. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) granted the bank a banking license in 2015, and it began operations in February 2017.

It is an Indian mass-market bank that caters to financially unserved and under-served segments and is devoted to increasing financial inclusion in the country. 

It is based in Bengaluru and has a Pan-India presence, with over 59.7 lakh customers and 629 banking touchpoints spread over 248 districts, 24 states, and Union Territories.

CMP₹54.10Market Cap (Cr.)₹10,579
EPS6.24Stock P/E8.67
Promoter Holding74%Price to Book Value2.51
CASA26.41Advance Growth30.59
NIM %8.09NNPA %0.04%

If we take a look at the financials of the bank, we can we that its revenue from the interest earned has increased from ₹1831 crores in FY19 to ₹4,164 crores in FY23. SImilary, it reported a net profit of ₹1100 crores after its losses in the previous financial years

For FY23, the company reported an NNPA of 0.04%, which indicates that only a small fraction of the bank’s loans or assets are non-performing.

Coming to the return ratios, the bank reported an ROE and ROA of 27.43% and 3.30% respectively. This suggests that the bank has earned a good return on shareholders’ capital and is efficiently using its assets to earn income.

Talking about the shareholding pattern of the company, we can see that the promoters have reduced their stake from 83.32% in Q1FY23 to 73.67% in Q1FY24

High Promoter Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #3 – Easy Trip Planners

Next, we have Easy Trip Planners a small cap stock belonging to the travel service sector having a market capitalization of ₹7,481.56 Crores as of 29th September, 2023.

Easy Trip Planners Ltd., founded in 2008, is an online travel agency that provides a variety of travel-related products and services. 

The company began by focusing on the B2B2C (business to business to customer) distribution channel, allowing travel agents to book domestic airline tickets through their website. It began its B2C (business to customer) distribution channel in 2011, aiming at the expanding Indian middle class.

Currently, the company provides various products and services which include flight tickets, train tickets, hotel booking, holiday packages, bus tickets, cab booking services, and other value-added services which include travel insurance, visa processing, etc.

CMP₹ 40.55Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 7,481.56
EPS0.72Stock P/E58.87
RoE44.27 %RoCE50.98 %
Promoter Holding71%Current ratio2.03
Debt to Equity0.22Price to Book Value18.54
Net Profit Margin29.88%Operating Margin39.18%

The company has offices in key cities around the country, including Noida, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. It has also grown its global footprint, with offices in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

According to the company’s financials, revenue has increased from ₹138.5 crores in FY21 to ₹448.83 crores in FY23. Similarly, its profits have doubled from ₹ 61.01 crores to ₹134.1 crores during the last three years. 

The ROE of 44.27% and RoCE are 50.98% indicate a high return on capital invested by the shareholders and a highly optimum use of the company resources. The debt-to-equity ratio of 0.22 indicates a that company has a low amount of debt on its balance sheet.

The book value of the company indicates that the company’s share price is trading at a high premium of 18.54 times.

The promoters consistently held a stake of 74.9% over the last few quarters. But during Q1FY24, it has slightly decreased to 71.3%.

High Promoter Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #4 – NBCC (India)

Fourth on the list is NBCC (India) a small cap stock belonging to the construction/real estate sector having a market capitalization of ₹10,477 Crores as of 29th September, 2023.

NBCC was established in 1960 as a civil engineering firm. It is a Navratna Enterprise of the Government of India that offers project management consulting, engineering procurement and construction (EPC), and real estate development services. 

The company’s operational functions under these three segments include: 

  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC): Executing landmark projects in diversified sectors as well as Redevelopment Projects for the Government.
  • Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC): Working in a niche market and constructing Chimneys and cooling Towers for the Power Sector.
  • Real Estate Development: Developing Residential and Commercial inventories for Governments and the Public at large.

Recently, it has entered a new business vertical, redeveloping government properties under its PMC Segment. Additionally, its first project, the redevelopment of Delhi’s New Motibagh GPRA Complex, has opened up promising opportunities for the company in this field.

CMP₹ 58.5Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 10,477
EPS1.93Stock P/E30.1
RoE14.98 %RoCE30.34 %
Promoter Holding62%Current ratio1.04
Debt to Equity-Price to Book Value5.18
Net Profit Margin3.18%Operating Margin3.93%

While the company’s revenues and profits fell during the Covid, it has managed to pick up its pace in the following years. During FY23, the company reported net revenue and net profit of ₹8,754.44 crores and ₹278.01 crores respectively.

While the ROE was reported at 14.98%, indicating a moderate return on the shareholder’s capital, its RoCE of 30.34% suggests that the company has efficiently utilized its resources. Furthermore, the company has been debt-free over the past few financial years.

Currently, the company has a price-to-book value of 5.18 which indicates that the current market price of the company is trading at a premium.

In terms of the company’s shareholding pattern, the promoters have continuously held a 61.75% stake throughout the last few quarters.

High Promoter Holding Stocks Under Rs 100 #5 – Motherson Sumi Wiring India

Lastly, we have Motherson Sumi Wiring India a Mid-cap stock belonging to the Steel and Iron Products sector having a market capitalization of ₹27,852 Crores as of 29th September, 2023.

Incorporated on July 2, 2020, Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Samvardhana Motherson International Limited (SAMIL). 

The Company is a specialized provider of full-system solutions to a wide range of customers in the automotive and other industries. The Company is engaged in the production and sale of components to automotive original equipment manufacturers.

As a flagship company of the Motherson Group, it has over 230 facilities spread across 41 countries and five continents. This global presence enables the company to deliver robust and scalable product support to customers all around the world. 

Furthermore, it employs approximately 40000 people and operates through its 23 facilities consisting of manufacturing and assembly sites and technical centres across India. 

CMP₹64.4Market Cap (Cr.)₹ 27,852
EPS1.1Stock P/E57.52
RoE39.83 %RoCE53.41 %
Promoter Holding62%Current ratio1.66
Debt to Equity0.06Price to Book Value19.16
Net Profit Margin6.9 %Operating Margin11.07%

After its demerger from its parent company, it reported net revenue of ₹ 5,635 Crores and ₹ 7,057.4 in FY22 and FY23 respectively. Similarly, the net profits were reported at ₹410.7 crores and ₹487 crores for FY22 and FY21, respectively.

The company’s ROE and RoCE are 39.83% and 53.41%, respectively, suggesting an optimum return to shareholders’ capital and that its resources are being used efficiently. The debt-to-equity ratio is 0.06, indicating that the company has negligible debt on its balance sheet.

Currently, the stock of the company is trading at 19.16 times over its book value. Coming to the shareholding pattern of the company, the promoters have consistently held a stake of 61.73% over the last few quarters.

List of High Promoter Holding Stocks Under Rs 100

Above we learnt about high promoter holding stocks under Rs 100. The table below puts together the names covered above along with a few others.

CompanyIndustryPromoters Shareholding (%)Current Price (Rs)
AVT Natural Products Ltd.Consumer Food75 %₹ 81.41
KMC Speciality Hospitals (India) Ltd.Hospital & Healthcare Services75 %₹ 89.76
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd.Bank - Private73.67 %₹ 54.95
Easy Trip Planners Ltd.Travel Services71.3 %₹ 42.22
Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd.Amusement Parks, Recreation, Club70.86 %₹ 52.85
Prime Focus Ltd.Film Production, Distribution & Entertainment69.96 %₹ 91.5
NBCC (India) Ltd.Construction - Real Estate61.75 %₹ 58.21
Motherson Sumi Wiring India Ltd.Steel & Iron Products61.73 %₹ 63
Lloyds Engineering Works Ltd.Engineering - Industrial Equipments60.64 %₹ 42.91
GMR Power and Urban Infra Ltd.Power Generation, Distribution59.83 %₹ 35.57
Shree Digvijay Cement Company Ltd.Cement & Construction Materials55.62 %₹ 90.72
GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd.Power Generation, Distribution54.25 %₹ 11.94
Lancer Container Lines Ltd.Logistics53.92 %₹ 99.3
Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd.Fertilizers53.38 %₹ 73.75


As we conclude our article on ‘high promoter holding stocks under Rs 100’, we can say that high promoters holding is a good parameter to judge a company. However, investing in stocks exclusively based on promoter shares is not an ideal strategy. One must evaluate a stock based on several criteria that are independent of the promoter’s stake.

Written By Aaron Vas

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