Integra Essentia: The morning chai that warms our soul, the rice in our pantry, the comfortable clothes we wear everything seems ordinary, but behind them lies a silent symphony, organised by companies like Integra Essentia. Integra Essentia Ltd isn’t just a name, it’s the essence of life’s vital threads woven together. From ensuring the food which nourishes us, to supplying the blocks for infrastructure that connects us, they act as an invisible hand ensuring our lives run smoothly. 

Even though their story hasn’t been splashed across headlines, their impact is felt in every facet of our existence. They act as a bridge between the fields that feed us and the plates on our tables, the base for towering buildings and the invisible force that powers our home with clean energy. Come let’s try to understand their business model and try to figure out their future. 

company Overview Of Integra Essentia

Integra Essentia is a diversified company based in Delhi, engaged in providing a wide range of life essentials catering to various segments of modern living. Integra has evolved itself through strategic acquisitions and expansions, transforming from its initial textile-focused operations to a multi-dimensional company.

The company was originally incorporated in 2007 as Five Star Mercantile Private Limited, then it underwent a series of name changes and corporate restructurings. In 2012, it amalgamated with Integra Division of Morarjee Textiles Limited and Morarjee Holdings Private Ltd through a composite scheme of arrangement and rebranded itself as Integra Garments and Textiles Limited. 

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During this stage the company focused on manufacturing, importing, trading and exporting textiles, fabrics and garments for men, women and children.   During the year 2021, a significant change happened when Integra Garments and Textiles Ltd was acquired by Mr Vishesh Gupta, leading to a change in management and a broadening of the company’s business objectives.

The company’s name was changed to Integra Essentia Ltd in 2022, reflecting its diversified operations. Today Integra Essentia Ltd is a multi-faceted company catering to the diverse needs of modern life. The company is currently managed by a core team of experts with diverse experience relevant to the company’s various business vertices.

Integra Essentia aims to establish itself as a prominent player in providing life essentials and enhancing modern life standards.  

CMP4.74Market Cap (Cr)506.09
Stock P.E (TTM)33.86Industry P.E (TTM)45.54
ROE (TTM)13.05%ROCE (TTM)15.69%
Debt-to-Equity0.06EPS (TTM)0.14

Business segments of Integra Essentia

Agro Products Business Division

With this division, the company deals in trading certified organic agro products as well as general agro commodities. Integra’s product portfolio includes rice, wheat, flour, pulses, grains, coffee, tea, sugar, dry fruits, spices, vegetables, fruits, juices, organic herbs, nectars, agro nutraceuticals and dairy products. The company has a strong focus on organic and speciality agro products in addition to regular food commodities.  

Clothing Business Division

With this segment, the company is involved in the trading of clothes, textiles and furnished fabrics. The various product ranges included here are bed linen, table linen (for domestic, hospitals and hotels), curtains, carpets, and apparel for men, women and children. Integra Essentia Ltd catered to both domestic textile needs as well as commercial/ institutional requirements. 

Infrastructure Business

The company with this division trades in materials required for infrastructure and construction development projects. Their portfolio includes steel products (TMT bars, girders and hollow sections), construction materials (cement, bricks, tiles, and mortar), pipes & plumbing systems, irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting systems and borewell pumps. 

Energy Business

Integra Essentials Ltd offers materials, products and services related to renewable energy equipment and projects. Their offerings include hydrogen cell power generators, solar power generators and batteries for solar/ hydrogen systems. With this business segment, Integra plans to cater for the growing renewable energy market in India. 

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Recent announcements made by Integra Essentials

Integra Essentia received its first-ever order from the esteemed ITC group’s Agribusiness division. They secured an order to supply 500 metric tons of rice. By seeing this we may assume this is a trial order and in future, it paves the way for Integra to become a long-term associate supplier to the conglomerate. This order also highlights the trust and confidence ITC has shown in Integra’s agro-products supply capabilities.  

Integra Essentia Ltd secured fresh orders worth around INR 210 million in aggregate for its Agro and Infrastructure business segments. In the Infra segment, the company received orders for supplying High Tensile TOR Steel products. For the Agro segment, Integra Essentia received orders from renowned customers like Sarveshwar Foods Ltd and Sarveshwar Overseas Ltd for supplying agricultural products.

The company also recently acquired Chateau Indage Winery as part of its long-term growth strategy. This acquisition will help the company to strengthen its presence across the consumable goods supply chain spectrum.  

financial performance Of Integra Essentia

ParticularsFY 2024FY 2023FY 2022
Revenue (in crores)277.27241.4168.53
Net profit (in crores)15.46.671.09

In the Financial year 2024, Integra Essentia Ltd saw a substantial increase in revenue by 13.44% to reach 277.27 crores as compared to 241.41 crores in FY 23. The company in FY 24 also increased its net profit margin by 230.88% to 15.4 crores as opposed to 6.67 crores in FY 23. In FY 234, Integra maintained favourable financial metrics with a Return on Equity (ROE) of 15.9% and a Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) of 17.1%.


Integra Essentia Ltd’s trajectory appears great. Their recent financial performance, marked by increasing sales and profit, suggests the company is on the rise. Their focus on essential goods positions them significantly for continued growth as India’s development progresses. Their profit margins and efficient cash conversion frees up resources for future investments and strategic expansions.

While the current stock price might not be at its peak, their unwavering commitment to core essentials and adaptability to the evolving market trends speaks volumes about their future. Integra Essentia as a company silently shapes the nation’s essential needs.  What would you say about the company’s future potential? Can it become a key player in the Indian essential markets? Do let us know in the comments below

Written by Pavun kumar V M 

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