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Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO Review

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO Review

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO Review: Divgi TorqTransfer Systems Limited is coming up with its Initial Public Offering. The IPO will open for subscription on March 1st, 2023, and close on  March 3rd, 2023. It is looking to raise up to ₹412 Crores. In this article, we...

Elin Electronics IPO Review, Financials, Date & Details

Elin Electronics IPO Review, Financials, Date & Details

Elin Electronics IPO Review: Elin Electronics Limited is coming up with its Initial Public Offering. The IPO will open for subscription on December 20th, 2022, and close on December 22nd, 2022. It is looking to raise Rs. ₹475.00 Crores. In this article, we will look...

Landmark Cars IPO Review – GMP, Strengths, & More!

Landmark Cars IPO Review – GMP, Strengths, & More!

Landmark Cars IPO Review: Landmark Cars Limited is set to drive its way into the Indian stock exchanges. The IPO of Landmark Cars Limited will open for subscription on December 13th, 2022, and close on December 15th, 2022. It is looking to raise Rs 552 Crores, of...


Upcoming IPOs in 2021

Company NameExchangeDatePrice Range (Per equity share)Min QtyDetails
Paytm (One 97 Communications Ltd)NSE/BSENov 8th - Nov 10th, 2021₹2080 to ₹21506 SharesView More
Policybazaar (PB Fintech)NSE/BSENov 1st - Nov 3rd, 2021₹940 to ₹98015 SharesView More
SJS EnterprisesNSE/BSENov 1st - Nov 3rd, 2021₹531 to ₹54227 SharesView More
Sigachi Industries LtdNSE/BSENov 1st - Nov 3rd, 2021₹161 to ₹16390 SharesView More
Fino Payments BankNSE/BSEOct 29th - Nov 2nd, 2021Rs. 560 to 57725 SharesView More
Nykaa (FSN E-Commerce Ventures)NSE/BSEOct 28th - Nov 1st, 2021Rs. 1085 to 112512 SharesView More
NSDLNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
NSEBSEYet to be Announced------View More
LIC CorporationNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
National Commodity & Derivative Exchange (NCDEX)NSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Bajaj EnergyNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
ESAF Small Finance Bank LtdNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Studds Accessories LtdNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Zircon Technologies ( India Ltd)NSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Chartered Speed LtdNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Harsha Engineers LtdNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Narmada Biochem Ltd.NSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Century Metal Recycling LtdNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Penver Products Ltd.NSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More
Sembcorp Energy IndiaNSE/BSEYet to be Announced------View More


Frequently Asked Questions on IPOs

What is IPO – Initial Public Offering?

When a privately held company offers its shares for the first time to the public, then it is called Initial public offering (IPO). It is a way for companies to enter the stock market. Until a company offers IPO, the public is not able to buy the company’s share.

Before the IPO of a company, its shareholders include limited people like founders, co-founders, relatives, friends and initial investors (like an angel investor, venture capitalist etc). However, after the company offers its IPO, anyone (public, institutional investors, mutual funds etc) can buy the shares of the company.

What does ‘Going public’ mean?

Going public means that a ‘privately owned company’ is conducting an initial public offer (IPO) to the public in order to enter the stock market as a ‘public company’. In short, when a company is offering an IPO, it is said that the company is going public.

Why do companies conduct IPOs?

The basic reason why companies issue their shares or go for an IPO is to raise capital or funds.

Stock exchanges facilitate the exchange of shares for capital. The process involves shares being offered, shares being allotted to investors, and finally the shares being listed on an exchange where they can be bought and sold. By doing so companies can get access to a wider pool of investors which includes retail and domestic/foreign institutional investors.

There can be a number of reasons why any company offer an IPO. Here are a few of the top ones:

  1. For a new project or expansion plan of the company
  2. To raise capital (financial benefit)
  3. For carrying out new research and development works
  4. To fund capital expenditures
  5. To pay off the existing debts or reduce the debt burden
  6. For a new acquisition
  7. To create public awareness of the company
  8. For the group of initial investors desiring to exit the company by selling their stakes to the public.

In addition, IPOs generate lots of publicity for the company and hence helps in creating market exposure, indirect exposure, and brand equity.

Why are people excited about IPOs?

There are a few common reasons why people are excited about IPOs. They are:

  1. Under-pricing myth: When a company announces its IPO, it’s presumed that the offered price is less than its true value. People are excited about the fact that they are the first one to buy the stock and will be rewarded handsomely when the company’s true price will be realized by the market. However, it’s very rare that the owners will be willingly underpricing the shares.
  2. Herd-mentality: As everyone they know will be applying for the IPO, people do not want to be missed out.
  3. Overhype by media/ underwriters: Media gets a high advertisement fee for the promotion of the IPO. Moreover, IPOs are intentionally overhyped by the investment banker and the underwriters. They make sure that these IPO’s get enough attention as this is their job to promote and sell the shares.
  4. ‘The Next …’ strategy: People compare the upcoming IPO with the Winners in the same industry and conclude that it will perform the same. ‘The next Eicher motors’, ‘The next symphony’, ‘The next Infosys’ etc. This ‘Next’ philosophy makes a lot of people excited about the upcoming IPO.
Why are the Disadvantages of Conducting IPOs?

Here are the few disadvantages for the companies who offer their IPOs:

  1. Public disclosure: When a privately held company offers its IPO, it has to disclose a number of documents to the public like its financials, promoters list, debts etc.
  2. Entering a regulated market: Indian stock market is highly regulated by Securities and exchange board of India (SEBI) and hence the newly public company has to play by the rules of SEBI. There has been a number of cases of companies getting delisted by SEBI as they do not follow the norms of the market.
  3. Market pressure: The companies performance are closely scrutinized by the public and investors. Hence, the company’s management is consistently is pressure. Sometimes the companies focus more on short-term performance over long-term due to market pressure.
  4. Loss of control: As the shares are distributed among the investors, the decision making power is now in the hands of the shareholders.
  5. Failing of IPO: Many companies fail to attract investors during its IPO and the offered shares might remain under-subscribed. In such a scenario, the company is not able to raise enough capital that is expected to achieve the goal of IPO.
Why do most IPOs come in the bull market?

The promoters of the company sell their stakes only when they are confident of getting a good price. This generally happens only in a bull market. During a bull market, the owners of the company can raise enough fund for their cause as the public is optimistic. People are willing to pay good prices to buy shares of the company.

Why do not many IPOs come in bear market?During bear market, people are pessimistic and are not willing to pay a good price for the shares of a newly public company. The owners feel that they won’t be getting the right price for their shares and hence most owners do not introduce their IPO during a bear market

Who gets MOST Benefits from IPOs?

There is a common myth that the company’s shares are undervalued during its IPO and hence the early subscribers of the IPO feel that they have made a very good deal.

However, IPOs are the by-products of a bull market and they are generally over-priced.

The owner and the initial investors of the company (like angel investors, venture capitalist etc) are the ones who get maximum profits during an IPO as they are able to sell the shares at a good price.

Is it worth investing in IPOs?

A lot of investors have made huge wealth by investing in IPOs. Had you invested in ‘INFOSYS’ when it got listed, you might have been sitting at a huge pile of wealth today.

However, the performance of the majority of the IPOs in the Indian stock market is under-satisfactory. The number of IPOs underperforming in long-term are comparatively quite larger than the number of IPOs that performs well in the market.

Further, IPOs are never priced in the benefits of the public. In the case where few IPOs are fairly priced, it gets a lot of demand from the public during its offerings and gets over-subscribed. Moreover, it soon becomes over-priced once it starts trading in the market. A few IPOs might give you a good return in the one or two months of its listing as they are introduced in the bull market, however, in the long run, their performance is quite poor.

If you are willing to invest in the long-term, then be cautious about investing in IPOs. Focus on the quality of the company, not the hype generated by media or underwriters.

Nevertheless, you can always pick these companies from the secondary market once the hype is over and the price is attractive. There are over 5,000 companies listed in Indian stock market. It’s better if you pick a good one among them than picking the upcoming hyped company


Recently Closed IPOs 2021

Company NameExchangeDatePrice Range (Per equity share)Listing DateListing PriceDetails
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd NSE/BSESep 29th - Oct 1st, 2021₹695 to ₹712Oct 11, 2021Rs 715View More
Paras Defence and Space TechnologiesNSE/BSESep 21st - Sep 23rd, 2021₹165 to ₹175Oct 1, 2021Rs 469View More
Sansera EngineeringNSE/BSESep 14th - Sep 16th, 2021₹734 to ₹744Sep 24, 2021Rs 811.35View More
Ami Organics Ltd. NSE/BSE1st Sep - 3rd Sep 2021₹603 to ₹610Sept 14, 2021Rs 902View More
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd. NSE/BSE1st Sep - 3rd Sep 2021₹522 to ₹531Sept 14, 2021Rs 540View More
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd NSE/BSE10th Aug - 12th Aug 2021₹346 to ₹353Aug 24, 2021Rs 333View More
Chemplast Sanmar LtdNSE/BSE10th Aug - 12th Aug 2021₹530 to ₹541Aug 24, 2021Rs 525View More
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation LtdNSE/BSE9th Aug - 11th Aug 2021₹560 to ₹570Aug 23, 2021Rs 417View More
CarTrade Tech LtdNSE/BSE9th Aug - 11th Aug 2021₹1585 to ₹1618Aug 20, 2021Rs 1,599.80View More
Krsnaa Diagnostics LtdNSE/BSE4th Aug - 6th Aug 2021₹933 to ₹954Aug 16, 2021Rs 1,025View More
Devyani International LtdNSE/BSE4th Aug - 6th Aug 2021₹86 to ₹90Aug 16, 2021Rs 141View More
Exxaro Tiles LtdNSE/BSE4th Aug - 6th Aug 2021₹118 to ₹120Aug 16, 2021Rs 126View More
Windlas Biotech LtdNSE/BSE4th Aug - 6th Aug 2021₹448 to ₹460Aug 17, 2021Rs 439View More
Rolex Rings LimitedNSE/BSE28th Jul - 30th Jul 2021₹880 to ₹900Aug 9, 2021Rs 1,249View More
Glenmark Life SciencesNSE/BSE27th Jul - 29th Jul 2021₹695 to ₹720Aug 6, 2021Rs 751.10View More
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem LtdNSE/BSE16th Jul - 20th Jul 2021₹1073 to ₹1083Jul 29, 2021Rs. 2111.80View More
Zomato LtdNSE/BSE14th Jul - 16th Jul 2021₹72 to ₹76Jul 27, 2021Rs 116View More
Clean Science and Technology LtdNSE/BSE7th Jul - 9th Jul 2021₹880 to ₹900Jul 19, 2021Rs 1,784View More
G R Infraprojects LtdNSE/BSE7th Jul - 9th Jul 2021₹828 to ₹837Jul 19, 2021Rs 1715.85View More
India Pesticides LimitedNSE/BSE23rd Jun - 25th Jun 2021₹290 to ₹296Jul 5, 2021Rs 360View More
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd.NSE/BSE16th Jun - 18th Jun 2021₹815 to ₹825Jun 28, 2021Rs 1,008View More
Dodla Dairy LtdNSE/BSE16th Jun - 18th Jun 2021₹421 to ₹428Jun 28, 2021Rs 550View More
Shyam Metalics and Energy LtdNSE/BSE14th Jun - 16th Jun 2021₹303 to ₹306Jun 24, 2021Rs 380View More
Sona BLW Precision Forgings LtdNSE/BSE14th Jun - 16th Jun 2021₹285 to ₹291Jun 24, 2021Rs 302.40View More
POWERGRID InvITNSE/BSEApr 29 - May 3rd, 2021 ₹99 to ₹100May 17, 2021Rs 104See More
Macrotech Developers (Lodha)NSE/BSEApr 7 - Apr 9, 2021₹483 to ₹486Apr 22, 2021Rs 439View Details
Barbeque NationNSE/BSEMar 24 - Mar 26, 2021₹498 to ₹500Apr 7, 2021Rs 489.85View Details
Nazara Technologies LimitedNSE/BSEMar 17 - Mar 19, 2021₹1100 to ₹1101Mar 30, 2021Rs 1,971View Details
Suryoday Small Finance Bank LtdNSE/BSEMar 17 - Mar 19, 2021₹303 to ₹305Mar 26, 2021Rs 292View Details
Kalyan Jewellers India LimitedNSE/BSEMar 16 - Mar 18, 2021₹86 to ₹87₹86 to ₹87Rs 73.90View Details
Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd.NSE/BSEMar 15 - Mar 17, 2021₹129 to ₹130Mar 25, 2021Rs 156.20View Details
Craftsman Automation Ltd.NSE/BSEMar 15 - Mar 17, 2021₹129 to ₹130Mar 25, 2021Rs 1,350View Details
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd.NSE/BSEMar 12 - Mar 16, 2021₹553 to ₹555Mar 24, 2021
Rs 520View Details
Easy Trip Planners LtdNSE/BSEMar 8 - Mar 10, 2021₹186 to ₹187Mar 19, 2021Rs 206View Details
MTAR TechnologiesNSE/BSEMar 3 - Mar 5, 2021₹574 to ₹575Mar 16, 2021Rs 1,063.90View Details
Heranba Industries Limited NSE/BSEFeb 23 - Feb 25, 2021₹626 to ₹627Mar 5, 2021Rs 900View Details
RailTel CorporationNSE/BSEFeb 16 - Feb 18, 2021₹93 to ₹94Feb 26, 2021Rs 109View Details
Nureca LimitedNSE/BSEFeb 15 - Feb 17, 2021₹396 to ₹400Feb 25, 2021Rs 634.95View Details
MRP Agro LtdNSE/BSEFeb 8 - Feb 10, 2021₹40Feb 18, 2021---View Details
Brookfield India REITNSE/BSEFeb 3 - Feb 5, 2021₹274 to ₹275Feb 16, 2021Rs 275.05View Details
Stove Kraft Ltd(Pigeon Appliances)NSE/BSEJan 25 - Jan 28, 2021₹384 to ₹385Feb 5, 2021Rs 467View Details
Home First Finance Co (HFFC)NSE/BSEJan 21 - Jan 25, 2021₹517 to ₹518Feb 3, 2021Rs 612View Details
Indigo PaintsNSE/BSEJan 20 - Jan 22, 2021₹1480 - ₹1500Feb 2, 2021Rs 2,607.50View Details
Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC)NSE/BSEJan 18 - Jan 20, 2021₹25 to ₹26Jan 29, 2021Rs 24.90View Details


IPOs in 2020 & Their Performace!

CompanyListing DateOffer
Price as of 31 Dec 20Overall Subscription% Change Over Issue Price
Route Mobile21-09-202350.001107.4074.3216.4%
Burger King14-12-202060.00175.60156192.67%
Happiest Minds17-09-2020166.00344.6515151.84%
Rossari Biotech23-07-2020425.00949.4079123.39%
Gland Pharma20-11-20201500.002351.002.0656.73%
Likhitha Infra15-10-2020120.00163.009.535.83%
Mazagon Dock12-10-2020145.00221.15157.452.52%
Mindspace REIT07-08-2020275.00329.661319.88%
Angel Broking05-10-2020306.00332.3545.67%
SBI Cards16-03-2020750.00850.0022.413.33%
UTI AMC12-10-2020554.00561.052.31.27%