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kritesh abhishek founder trade brains

Kritesh Abhishek

Founder & Author, Trade Brains
Electrical Engg, NIT Warangal (Class of 2016)
Former Manager, Tata Motors

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu


Hi, I am Kritesh Abhishek.

I'm 23, Entrepreneur, Stock Investor, Electrical Engineer, Car-Enthusiast, Fitness conscious and self-improving freak... In my free time, either I'll be reading the stock-market related news or some personal finance books. (Btw, although I have two names, most people call me Kritesh. And Kritesh works well too).

I am a graduate of the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal with Bachelors’ of Technology in Electrical Engineering, Class of 2016.

At NITW, along with my core engineering, I was also exposed to courses like Basic Finance, Engineering Economics, Accountancy etc.  It was during my college days when I got infatuated with stocks and companies. Although the undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering was attracting, however, I found the study of investing & finance more fascinating. From then on, I developed a keen interest towards the Stock Market.

Besides, I also interned at National University of Singapore, Singapore during my third year- which I consider as the best year of my college life. During this time period, I realized how people in developed countries are participating seriously in the equity market. On the other hand, Indians are missing out on the opportunity to invest in the growing economy of our country.

After graduation, I started working as a Manager in Quality Assurance (QA) department at Tata Motors, Pune, India. This was the time when I met my idol, RATAN TATA. In the words of my parents, my position at Tata Motors can be considered as a safe, secured and respectable job. However, I resigned within 18 months of my joining to chase my entrepreneurial dreams.

"It's not about being the best. It's about being better than you were yesterday." -Anonymous

2015, Worked with multinational team at National University of Singapore (I'm at right most in black)

Anyways, back to my original story, when I first started investing in the Stock Market (during my college days), I had many doubts regarding my investments. I wasn’t certain when to buy, when to sell, how much I should invest, what is the correct time to enter the market, how long I should invest, should I prefer short-term profits or long-term capital appreciation, etc.

Although I already studied many great books before entering the market like ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Ben Graham, ‘Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits’ by Philip Fisher, ‘One Up On Wall Street’ by Peter Lynch, ‘Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing’ by Robert Kiyosaki etc. However, when it came to my first investment, it was all 'my decisions' and 'my confidence' that mattered. Slowly, I realized that it’s the personal experience that matters the most. Moreover, the earlier you start investing, the better are the outcomes. (Quick note: You can find the list of my favorite stock market investment books here).

Now, by no means, I claim to be a financial guru or a stock expert. I'm still learning a lot every single day in my investing journey and my blogs aim to share my learnings with the readers. However, after having a decent experience in the stock market, I am sure that I can help out all those who need a little motivation & guidance to invest intelligently in the stock market.

Finally, here's the golden rule of investing that I strictly follow- "Invest early, invest consistently and invest for the long-term".


GENERAL DISCLAIMER: The articles written by me on this blog should only be considered for educational purpose. The stocks discussed here should not be taken as any kind of advisory or recommendation. I (KRITESH), AM NOT A SEBI REGISTERED STOCK ADVISOR and do not intend to provide any kind of stock advisory through my articles. The views shared on my blogs are my research and personal opinion. Please do your own study or take the help of your financial advisor before making any investment decision. Afterall, no one cares about your money more than you do. The purpose of my articles are only to educate and help people. Happy Investing.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

If you have any queries regarding investing, shoot in the comment box below. I will be glad to help you out. Further, I will also appreciate if you can write any feedback or remark regarding ‘Trade Brains’. Keeps me motivated. Cheers!

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  • Sourav Gupta says:

    Hi! Good work. Some Nice Articles Here.

  • Saina Jain says:

    Great Work. The blog is amazing and really helpful for new investors. Can you please share how you choose a stock before investing?

    • Kritesh says:

      Thanks Saina. I am working on the blog post for how to choose a stock. Will publish soon. Once again, Thank you for appreciation 🙂

  • suresh says:

    Great Work

  • Great work, will be following up closely.

  • Mohit Gupta says:

    Really nice article and that too with easy to understand examples.

    • Kritesh says:

      Thank you Mohit.

      • Shashi says:

        Hai sir u r really sharing a great knowledge about trading and I appreciate it, sir I just wanted to contact u and had to discuss few things, can u please drop me ur contact number on the email that I have mentioned below

  • Hi, Kritesh Abhishek

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing such an informative guide! I’ve really enjoyed reading, Wonderful Stock TRENDING Blog.

    Thanks for sharing the other tips to follow Investement.

    With best wishes, Happy Blogging 🙂

  • Kapil Maindarkar says:

    Really, a great blog i ever read on stock market.
    This blog is very good to learn basics for newbies..all the best to the team…

  • Mohit says:

    Great Work Man. I read the the book of yours. The best website for people starting to enter the trading world.

  • Kunal Choudhary says:

    Explanatory posts. My 2 cents would be on CSS part so as to make the content more readable and attractive.

  • vamsi says:

    Great work,Kritesh. I cant’t thank you enough for all the work you’re doing.God Bless!

  • Mandez says:

    Hi, great blog… thank you for your time and effort.

    just one question- if i want to trade in the USA stock market insted of the Indian one- is the information for beginners is useful to me?

    Thank you and sorry for my English 🙂

    • Kritesh says:

      Yeah. Stocks market behaves the same, whether its NSE or NYSE. You can use the same priciples to trade in USA stock exchange.

  • Danish Shafi says:

    Good work!

  • Imtiaz says:

    It’s truly a great and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Prabhdeep Singh says:

    Hi i’m Prabhdeep Singh, i read a few books on the fundamentals of investement and your list of 10 must read books really helped in that, now at this stage i want to learn how to do valuation of companies, can you plz suggest how to go about learning valuation and also some must read books on valuation


    Hello Kritesh,
    This is uday, can you please explain about these stock market simulators like Chartmantra by economictimes. I mean the difference between simulator and reality, pros and cons also.

  • Prasad DV says:

    Kritesh very well done work, recently “i study how to select a stock for consistent returns” BECOME A BIG FAN FOR U. Thank u very much

  • oleti says:

    nice articles

  • Rameez Raja says:

    Hi Kritesh,

    Thanks for your post. Can you please share your blog link to follow up continuously.

  • Sudhir Kumar says:

    Excellent work Kritesh.

    One of the simple and easy learning for all the doubts i had in stock market. Will definitely help beginners.


  • giri says:

    nice work kritesh
    i m dng MBA i need to know which full service broker is best i have a 10000 amount is there to invest in stock market

  • Sunil shah says:

    People r not interested in study they want ready made items if want to eat ice cream is would go to parlour and order ice cream is would not prepare it my self. Same don’t try to make all people chef to make dosa we want to eat but we do not waneed to cook something give it clearoyal what to buy at what price ,stoploss, target and time frame no budy have time to read all these. So clearly just specify script, cmp, target, stoploss, and time frame.

    • Dear Sunil. Thank you for sharing your views.
      If you want stock recommendations, you can go to different financial advisors. You can find thousands of them on the internet.
      As I already mentioned above, I’m not a SEBI registered stock advisor and hence not authorized to give recommendations.
      Only a registered research analyst/investment advisor can give you these recommendations (script, cmp, target, stoploss, and time frame). SEBI is very strict on this rule and I agree too. You don’t go to an unauthorized doctor to get medicines, right? Then, why would you ask recommendations from an unauthorized person? I can share my opinions and educate the people, but buy/sell calls at an exact price is not feasible.

  • Salim Mahammad Mujawar says:

    It was very useful to go through the article. Immensely pleasure to thanks you.


    Hello Sir I am very inspired by you articles. Please tell me where should I invest Rs.65000/- as lumbsum investment for the next 20 years .

    • Hi Sohidul. Great to hear that you are willing to invest in Indian stocks. However, I cannot give stock recommendations because I’m not a financial advisor/Registered research analyst. I hope you understand. Cheers!!

  • Subbu says:

    Hi yaar
    This is subbu
    I was really impressed with your work
    I’m a newly qualified CA
    I just want to have a word with you
    Please give your contact details if it is okay for you

  • Ujjwal says:

    Thanks A Lot Kritesh Bro.

  • Hi i am a fresher and i want to learn how to invest in stock market so what should i do?

  • DR MITTAL says:

    what is the last 20 year CAGR/CUMULATIVE RETURNS of NIFTY index

  • Ramayadeep says:

    Hi Kritesh,
    I am new to stock market,I thought of investing RS.5lakhs for long term, by taking loan.Is it the right thing to do.
    I thought of investing in the below mentioned companies, can you suggest me which of those are good for investing for long term
    Tata motors,Yes bank,ICICI,
    Rnaval,Nmdc,sunpharma,pnb,ONGC,adani enterprises,HPC,IOC.
    what are your favourite stocks to invest in 2019?

    • Hi Ramadeep. I’ll never recommend investing by taking debt. It can hurt you financially if the things don’t go well because of whatever reason. Only invest the surplus money that you have.

  • Bhaskar Ganji says:

    Hello Kritesh,
    You are in right track of life path and hoping great futur due to entered in wealth field in right time. I am also one from lakhs of un trained investors who lost their 50% capital in starting / entering in trading.
    I need to know your courses programs and other intraday trading supporting details because of I want to do proper trading activities with proper guidelines and also wants to recovery my lost amount of 12L( in just 3 weeks with investment of Rs 23 L) very slowly with in 2 years period.

  • Rajesh Desai says:

    Hi Kritesh
    I m 55 yr old and serving in Baroda.I have 5 yrs for retirement.Now I wish to know how to invest at low stocks without losing money.

  • P Yadav says:

    Hello sir
    I will be starting B.Tech course from July 2019. I am very much interested in stock market and finance and want to build a career in it (I have not been able to read much about them however). I want to know what jobs can will be available for people like me in year 2025 onwards (since many things will be taken over by AI)??

  • Vijay Bharani B V says:

    this was very helpful, can you suggest a good discount brokerage where i can start off?

  • Lavanya says:

    Hi Kristesh, I would like to appreciate your efforts on chasing your passion, as a new face in the stock market going through your blog and videos which are very helpful and simple. Most importantly need your guidance to shine here hence pls provide me further details for the same.


    Hi Kritesh, hope your doing good, I really appreciate your effort.
    I would like to know key principles while buying product on stock market.
    thank you…

  • ranjith says:

    abhishek gaaru, naku trading gurinchi baga intrest undi. from few months i’m doing virtual trading in moneybhai.. naku stocks meeda job cheyalani undi. can u suggest me.

  • Anjali gupta says:

    I am a investment and managemest student. You give me a lot of knowlege sir. Thank you so much sir. I had many doubts which is cleared by reading your blog or article.

  • Somnath says:

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    I reached this have written about a lot of good books.You yourself have written a book.
    I think this book will be definitely a gist of all the books mentioned above.I am going to download
    just to gain knowledge and check my imagination/presumption.

  • Amit Goenka says:

    I am your premium customer. trade brain website not working please check

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