Mukesh Ambani Properties: Mr. Mukesh Ambani, also known as the Indian business ‘mogul’, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a prominent energy company that is, now, the most valued company in India. He is the richest person in India as well as in Asia. 

Apart from running a successful business house, he owns various luxurious properties within and outside India. Herein this article, we will glance through the luxury properties owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani

Luxury Properties Owned By Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani Properties #1 – Antilia (Mumbai, India)

Mukesh Ambani Properties - Antilia

Antilia, the world’s most expensive residential space, is where the Billionaire family lives. It is a 27-storey building that is professionally built to accommodate 60 floors. The property has a helipad on the topmost floor as well. It envisages all the luxury required in one place with the presence of a swimming pool, movie theatre, spa, and even a snow room. 

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Mukesh Ambani Properties #2 – Stoke Park (United Kingdom)

Stoke Park  Building

Located in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, Stoke Park offers some of the best ultra-rich facilities and other luxurious amenities. The hotel is spread across 49 luxury rooms and also includes three restaurants. Apart from the above, the property has a golf course, a 4000-square feet gym, indoor swimming pools, etc. Mr. Ambani bought Stoke Park in the year 2020 via a £ 57 million deal (Rs 529 crores). 

Mukesh Ambani Properties #3 – Mandarin Oriental Hotel (New York, United States) 

Mukesh Ambani Properties - Mandarin Oriental

One of the most luxurious hotels in New York, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a property that consists of 248 rooms and suites and is located at Columbus Circle. In 2022, Mr. Ambani bought the property through a deal that was finalised at $98.15 million. 

Mukesh Ambani Properties #4 – Palm Jumeirah House (Dubai, UAE) 

Mukesh Ambani Properties - Palm Jumeirah House

Last on the list is the mansion located in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah which is known for its posh colonies. The villa consists of two floors with all luxurious amenities such as a bar, spa, and a personal beach. The property is valued at around Rs 650 crores.

Written By – Amit Suresh Madnani

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