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Top Performing Mutual Funds in India Cover Image

Top Performing Mutual Funds in India for the Year 2021

Top Performing Mutual Funds in India: Mutual funds are one of the most important investment instruments particularly in India. This is because a majority of the population doesn’t possess the right investment knowledge to participate directly in the stock market. This is where mutual funds come in where expert fund managers take care of the […]

How to Pick a Mutual Fund Cover

How to Pick a Mutual Fund? A Beginner’s Guide.

How to Pick a Mutual Fund? Are you a financial newbie and just learning to pick things piece by piece? Don’t worry; you are in the right direction. Considering you are here, reading this article, you are one step ahead. Now, let’s quickly clear all your queries associated with picking the best deal out of […]

Measure Risks in Mutual Funds Cover Image

How to Measure Risks in Mutual Funds?

Understanding how to Measure Risks in Mutual Funds: Before you jump start your monthly-SIP or lump-sum equity plan, let’s get this clear that these investments are subject to market risk. Now when this statement pops up or scrolls by on the big fat TV Screen, what do you think it means? To put it in […]

How Do Mutual Funds Make Money

How Do Mutual Funds Make Money?

How Do Mutual Funds Make Money? Ever seen the “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!” ads? Have no idea what we are talking about? Check out the ads here!! We, at Trade Brains, happen to see a lot of these advertisements. In fact, we even love them because although comical and mere advertisements and these ads educate […]

Must-Know Mutual Fund Cover

23 Must-Know Mutual Fund Terms for Investors

23 Must-know mutual fund terms for investors: Investing in mutual funds can be a good alternative for the people who are interested to invest in equities but do not have much time and knowledge to invest individually. As mutual funds as professionally managed, can sit back and relax.  However, there are many frequently used mutual […]

What is Mutual Fund Cover

What is Mutual Fund? Definition, Types, Benefits & More

A mutual fund is a collective investment that pools together the money of a large number of investors to purchase a number of securities like stocks, bonds etc. When you purchase a share in the mutual fund, you have a small stake in all investments included in that fund. Hence, by owning a mutual fund, […]

Common Mistakes While Investing in Mutual Funds Cover

10 Common Mistakes While Investing in Mutual Funds

Mistakes while investing in mutual funds: Mutual Fund investment is the talk of the town. These days, many people who earlier used to invest in the traditional saving schemes like PPF and FD are showing more interest in investing in Mutual Fund. Ideally, if you don’t have a good knowledge of analyzing the security market, […]

10 Biggest AMCs in India Cover

10 Biggest AMCs in India – Asset Management Companies List 2022!

List of the Biggest AMCs in India 2022: An Asset Management Company (AMC) manages a pool of funds collected from investors. Investors prefer to invest their money with AMC due to the level of diversification, the skill of the investment manager offered, along with other professional services. AMC’s attract investors who either do not possess […]

Best Stock Market Apps in India cover

7 Best Mutual Fund Apps for Direct Investment

List of Best Mutual Fund Apps for Direct Investment in India: As we all know that investing in mutual funds is one of the best ways to grow our money in the long term. And thanks to some of the best mutual fund apps in India, tracking, managing and investing in different mutual fund schemes […]