Penny Stocks Under Rs 15: Investors in the stock market are always on the lookout for multi-bagger penny stocks that can make them rich quickly. A quick search on Trade Brains Portal’s stock screener fetches some 950 penny stocks under Rs 15 with a maximum market cap of Rs 1500 crore. Among such a large pool, how do we go about picking top penny stocks under Rs 15? In this article, we shall attempt to answer that exactly.

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Penny Stocks Under Rs 15

In this article, we have put together the top penny stocks under Rs 15 which risk-taking investors can add to their watchlists. In the company description, we talk about the business and key metrics which make these penny stocks attractive.

Before we jump to the list, a short section is devoted to understanding the research methodology.

Research Methodology

The list covers stocks trading between Rs 5 and Rs 15 only. We have kept the upper range of market capitalization at Rs 1,500 crore. Additionally, the debt to equity upper limit was set as 1 to avoid heavy debt penny stocks. 

Along with this, a filter was set for both return ratios (RoCE and RoE) being more than 1.

Having acquainted ourselves with the filters used, let us now move ahead to know the top stocks under Rs 15 mentioned in this article.

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 #1 – Steel Exchange India

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 - steel exchange india logo
CMP₹12.6Market Cap (Cr.)₹1,100
EPS₹1.52Stock P/E8.36
Face Value₹1.0Book Value₹5.68
Promoter Holding49.8%Price to Book Value2.23
Debt to Equity0.52Dividend Yield0.00%
Net Profit Margin9.30%Operating Profit Margin9.65%

Steel Exchange India Ltd. or SEIL is an integrated steel maker that produces sponge iron (220.000 TPA), billet & ingots (340,000 TPA), TMT rebars (225,000 TPA) and captive power (71.64 MW). 

Incorporated in 1999, SEIL is a Vizag Profiles Group enterprise. The group is engaged primarily in the real-estate sector and develops residential properties. 

The steel arm was set up in 1999 as part of the diversification efforts of the business group which used to trade steel and allied products previously. As of today, it operates two steel plants and has a strong brand value for its ‘Simhadri TMT’ bars.

Over the last three years, the small-cap steel manufacturer has scaled its revenues from Rs. 781 crores in 2020 to Rs. 1,099 crores in the year 2022. The steel stock presently trades at a P/E of 8.43 giving the small-cap company a market value of Rs 1,123.

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 #2 – Syncom Formulations India

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 - syncom logo
CMP₹7.84Market Cap (Cr.)₹737
EPS₹0.18Stock P/E45.40
Face Value₹1.0Book Value₹2.57
Promoter Holding50.6%Price to Book Value3.05
Debt to Equity0.4Dividend Yield0.37%
Net Profit Margin9.15%Operating Profit Margin9.27%

Founded in 1995, Syncom Formulations is a pharmaceutical company based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. The small-cap pharma company exports its formulations to more than 15 countries. It has a strong workforce of approximately 300 employees. 

Syncom produces and sells formulations in various dosage forms: tablets, capsules, liquid orals, vials & ampoule injections & dry vial injections, dry syrups, ointments, inhalers, and herbals.

Promoters seem to be bullish on the company as they have increased their stake from 38.98% in September 2019 to more than 50.57% as of September 2022. 

Its sales have grown consistently since 2018. However, it registered a de-growth of 11.84% to Rs 216 crores in FY 2021-22 in sales from Rs 245 in FY 2020-21.

It has a low debt-to-equity ratio of 0.40. The stock trades at a P/E ratio of 45.4 giving the small-cap company a market cap of Rs 737 crore.

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 #3 – Surana Telecom and Power

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 - surana telecom logo
CMP₹10.8Market Cap (Cr.)₹147
EPS₹0.92Stock P/E11.7
Face Value₹1.0Book Value₹9.42
Promoter Holding74.8%Price to Book Value1.16
Debt to Equity0.06Dividend Yield0.00%
Net Profit Margin23.0%Operating Profit Margin67.9%

Surana Telecom and Power Ltd. was established in 1989 as a manufacturer of petro products and telecom products. Over the years the company slowly diversified into other sectors. 

As of the present date, the company is engaged in the manufacturing of jelly-filled cables, optic fiber cables, and solar photovoltaic modules. It has also set up a joint venture with Suzlon for wind energy production of 1.25MW capacity.

Surana is also involved in the production of aluminum rods, jointing kits, and international-quality CDMA mobile handsets.

The manufacturing company’s stock presently trades at a PE of 11.7 giving it a small-cap market valuation of Rs 147 crore. It has a high promoter holding of 74.8% and a nil debt-to-equity ratio of 0.06. 

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 #4 – Aakash Exploration Services

Aakash exploration logo
CMP₹7.4Market Cap (Cr.)₹74.9
EPS₹0.56Stock P/E13.1
Face Value₹1.0Book Value₹4.96
Promoter Holding66.7%Price to Book Value1.49
Debt to Equity0.41Dividend Yield0.00%
Net Profit Margin7.9%Operating Profit Margin19.9%

Aakash Exploration Services has been in the business of providing various oil and gas field services for the last 25 years. The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and employs more than 900 people. 

The company has two ISO certifications and one OHSAS certification in its name giving it a brand image and corporate identity. Its list of renowned clients includes ONGC, GSPCL, Cairn, Essar, and more.  

The promoter holding, though high at 66.77% has been reduced by 6.56% from 73.77% in June 2021. Excluding the financial year 2021, the revenues of AES have grown from Rs. 67 crores in FY20 to Rs. 77 crores in FY22. 

Another good thing about the company is that it has reduced its debt over the years and consequently its interest coverage ratio has gone up.

Penny Stocks Under Rs 15 #5 – Scanpoint Geomatics

scanpoint Geomatics logo
CMP₹11.7Market Cap (Cr.)₹81
EPS₹0.17Stock P/E73.2
Face Value₹2.0Book Value₹12.20
Promoter Holding18.9%Price to Book Value0.96
Debt to Equity0.47Dividend Yield0.00%
Net Profit Margin5.96%Operating Profit Margin15.5%

Incorporated in 1992, Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. (SGL) provides computer programming, consultancy, and related activities including GIS services, GIS software & solutions, and other products in the domain of Geomacs to several business areas.

Its range of solutions finds usage across smart cities, defense, land records management, urban information system, agriculture, and tracking.

The company has indigenously developed a broad range of products: GIS & IP Desktop, GIS & IP Enterprise Suite, Photogrammetry Suite, and IGiS CAD in the Geomacs space.

SGL’s sales stood at Rs 33 crore in FY22, down from Rs 43 crore and Rs 53 crore in FY21 and FY20 respectively. However, its net profit has remained at the same level of Rs 2 crore on the back of higher operating margins. 

Top Penny Stocks Under Rs 15

Presented below is a list of top penny stocks under Rs 15.

Company NameIndustryCMP (Rs)Market Cap (Rs Cr)
Steel Exchange IndiaSteel12.61,114
Mishtann FoodsFMCG101,000
Syncom Formulations (India)Pharmaceuticals7.83736
Ducon InfratechnologiesSoftware11.0285
Ruchi InfrastructureDiversified11.2229
Surana Telecom and PowerDiversified10.9148
Debock IndustriesDiversified13.4102
Aakash Exploration ServicesOil & Gas8.3585
Century ExtrusionsAluminium10.282
Scanpoint GeomaticsSoftware11.781

In Conclusion

Investing in penny stocks is highly speculative in nature. They are risky because they lack liquidity. The amount of information available on them is low, bringing the high-risk element. Their bid and ask spreads are usually large which brings a lot of volatility in their prices. Many penny stocks are prone to pump-and-dump strategies. 

However, if eyed right, some penny stocks indeed have the potential to generate multi-bagger returns. As an investor, do you think penny stocks can take your portfolio to the skies? How about we continue this conversation in the comments below?

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