Intrinsic Value Calculators

Find the intrinsic value of a company with our simplified calculator.

eps chart

Fair Value Calculator

This is a simple discounted model calculator to help you find the fair value of a company using Earnings per share (EPS) forecast. With a few simple values, you can estimate the intrinsic value of a company.

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dcf valuation icon

Discounted Cashflow (DCF) Calculator

Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis is a method of valuing a company using the concepts of the time value of money. All future cash flows are estimated and discounted by using the cost of capital to give their present values.

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graham calculator

Graham Calculator

Benjamin Graham, also known as the father of value investing, was known for picking cheap stocks. The graham calculator is a good tool to find a rough estimate of the intrinsic value. It is simple and very easy to use.

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Investment Calculator

Find the target corpus, one-time investment value, and future value.

SIP Calculator

An online calculator to find the returns on your monthly SIP investments & planning your investments. Get a rough estimate on your final maturity corpus.

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