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What is Piotroski Score - Cover image

What is Piotroski Score? Parameters, Limitations & Much More

What is Piotroski Score: We have always used scores or ratings to rank and choose things. Whether it’s a movie that we are about to watch, an app that we are thinking of downloading, or a service that we’re willing to use, we make decisions based on scores. Picking the right stocks for investment is […]

How long does a bear market last - Cover Image

How long does a Bear Market last? History and Causes for the Crash

How long does a bear market last? Many new investors wonder, what would it be like if the markets keep escalating or stock prices keep rising. However, this has rarely happened. We switch off machines and maintain them to ensure smooth functioning. The markets are no different! Financial markets need to reset from record-setting performances. […]

Penny Stocks Cover Image

Best Penny Stocks in India 2022 with Strong Fundamentals!

Best Penny Stocks in India 2022: The stock market is known to make the lucky few millionaires over decades, years, and sometimes even months. Ace investors like Warren Buffet are known to produce average returns of 30%, but what makes them special is that they have managed to do so for over 5 decades. But […]

What is Nifty and Sensex? Stock Market Basics (For Beginners) cover image

What is Nifty and Sensex? Basics of Stock Market Index!

A Complete Guide on what is Nifty and Sensex: Have you ever heard of the name Dalal street or the D-Street on any market news channel or financial magazine? I’m sure, you definitely would have heard of it, if you’re even remotely involved in the finance world. Well, Dalal Street in Mumbai, India is the […]

Best Indian Stock Market Blogs Cover

8 Best Indian Stock Market Blogs to Follow

Best Indian Stock Market Blogs to Follow to Learn Investing: If you are looking for a few best Indian stock market blogs to follow, then you have reached the right place.  Although there are hundreds of stock investing blogs in India, however, in this post we have hand-picked 7 best Indian stock market blogs that […]

trade brains purchasing power parity explained

Purchasing Power Parity Explained: Rs 80 Lacs in US vs Rs 23 Lacs in India!

Next time when your cousin, who has settled in the US, says he makes Rs 80 Lac a year, tell him you only need Rs 23 Lac to match his lifestyle in India. This is how Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) works. According to Wikipedia, “Purchasing power parity is the measurement of prices in different countries […]

Undervalued Stocks in India cover image

Top Undervalued Stocks in India to Watch Out For in 2022

Top Undervalued Stocks in India: The simplest means to make money in the stock market is to find stocks that are ignored and priced lower than their actual value. Once this is done simply wait until the stock eventually rallies to harvest your profits. But however simple this may sound, finding an undervalued stock takes […]

Moat Companies in India Cover

Top Moat Companies in India – Warren Buffett Style of Stocks!

List of Top Moat Companies in India: Have you ever wondered, if the greatest investor existed in the Indian stock markets, “What stocks would he pick?”. This question got us wondering about Warren Buffet too. Hence we have created a list of Buffets favourite type of stocks existing in the Indian stock market. In this […]

GROWTH VS VALUE STOCKS - Which one is better cover image

Growth Stocks vs Value stocks – Which one is Better to Invest?

Comparing Growth Stocks vs Value stocks: While investing in the stock market, one can choose multiple approaches to pick stocks as there are many types of stocks with different characteristics in the market. However, two popular types of stocks and approaches that investors prefer are growth investing and value investing. Both these growth stocks and […]