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ETF vs Index Funds - Cover image

ETF vs Index Funds – What’s the Difference between the two?

ETF vs Index Funds: Investors today have a wide variety of investment vehicles available to them. However, as we know that increased options generally result in increased confusion. Especially in matters of money. In the mutual fund industry, there are multiple investment vehicles. Today we will take a look at two important fund types ie, […]

Why you never bought a stock

Why you never bought a stock? A Few Common Reasons

Why you never bought a stock: It’s a known fact that less than 2% population of India invests in the share market. After the coming of PM Modi into the government, even though the stock market is bullish; however it hasn’t been able to attract more people to invest. If we consider just the percentage […]

How big is Dmart - Cover image

How Big is DMart? A Comprehensive case study about the company!

How Big is DMart: There’s one thing that most Indians love and that is- a discount on the MRP. And, if we get a buy one, get one offer, it just makes our day! No wonder, many people flock to DMart, a one-stop hypermarket for basic home and personal products. DMart is by far, one […]

how big is titan company ltd - cover image

How big is Titan Company Ltd? Everything to Know About the Company!

How big is Titan Company Ltd: When you think about buying a piece of jewellery a famous and trusted brand that comes to mind is Tanishq. When we think about buying a watch, Titan has got you covered from clocks to sports watches. This keeps going even when it comes to sunglasses too with Fastrack […]

Best Investment Options for Salaried Employees in india 2022

7 Best Investment Options for Salaried Employees in 2022!

As Salaried employees in India, various investment options are available for the Indians in 2022 to smartly invest and grow their hard-earned money. From traditional investment options like Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Flexi Deposits, National Pension schemes (NPS), ULIPs to modern investment options like investing in equities, Cryptocurrencies, etc are different instruments available for investing. […]

Delisted Cover

Have Shares of a Delisted Company? Here’s What You Can Do!

What to do if you have shares of a delisted company? Sometimes, companies require funds from the general public. That’s when we hear about IPOs or an Initial Public Offering. If the company is doing well and it has strong fundamentals and good financials, many people subscribe to its shares. Eventually, it gets listed on […]

Penny Stocks Cover Image

Best Penny Stocks in India 2022 with Strong Fundamentals!

Best Penny Stocks in India 2022: The stock market is known to make the lucky few millionaires over decades, years, and sometimes even months. Ace investors like Warren Buffet are known to produce average returns of 30%, but what makes them special is that they have managed to do so for over 5 decades. But […]

complete list of stocks listed Cover

How to find Complete List of Stocks Listed in the Indian Stock Market?

A Guide to download the complete list of stocks listed in the Indian stock market: There are over 5,000 publically listed stocks on the Indian stock market. And this makes it really tough for an investor to study each one of them individually. Wouldn’t it be easier if you can find an excel sheet with […]

Cash Rich Companies In India Cover Image

Cash Rich Companies In India – Complete List With Fundamentals!

Cash rich companies in India: Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about having too much cash? The answer is obvious. Everyone loves to have some extra cash. From a companies perspective, having too much cash lying around without utilizing it can also be a bad sign. Therefore, they tend to invest in it in […]