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Trade Brains Portal – Simplified Stock Market Research!

Hi. Welcome to Trade Brains Portal, the best stock research and analytics platform in India. We help investors make efficient stock research and analysis by providing quality fundamental data with insightful visuals. Let us give you a quick demo of how you can use Trade Brains Portal to work with the highest quality stock data, save time and make your stock research process fast and a lot more fun.

Trade Brains Portal offers a wide range of research products and tools to help you navigate through your different stock research requirements.  

For starters, you can find the stock quotes and financial details of over 4,000 public companies listed at NSE & BSE and drill down to individual stock research. Simply, search the name of the company in the top search bar and you access the five-year financial data of that company. We also point out few important things on this page that you should be aware of while performing your stock research.

Next, Trade Brains Portal offers a powerful stock screener that is fitted with over 130 filters that allows you to quickly scan through a wide range of stocks to filter the ones that match your criteria. Play around with our Stock Screener, build your own filters, and find the most fundamentally strong stocks within minutes.

For Advance Stock Research, we have also built Stock Buckets with model portfolios of stocks based on different trending and futuristic themes like Electric Vehicle stocks, Digital India Stocks, MNC Stocks, Monopoly stocks, and more.

You can also quickly compare up to five stocks all on one page using our exclusive stock comparison tool to ensure you are picking the best one in the group.

We also have a Watchlist and Portfolio Analysis dashboard where you can save your stocks and keep tabs on all your current and potential stock investments. You can create up to 5 watchlists on Trade Brains Portal.

Sometimes you may need to play with the data yourself offline. That is why we also offer the ‘Export to Excel’ feature on all our key tools and products so that you can quickly download the stock data.

Another exclusive tool by Trade Brains Portal is ‘Superstar Portfolio’. This tool allows you to track the latest portfolio of ‘big’ super investors in India and get an insight into the number of shares the investor holds, their percentage holding, and the value of the shares in a very well-customized tabular form.

All of our products and tools are powered with quality fundamental data which are updated daily to keep you on track on your stock research journey. We’ve designed this platform for DIY investors and are confident that you’ll love this platform.

Sign up to Trade Brains Portal today for FREE and start your journey in the exciting world of stock analysis. Happy Investing!