Stocks that gave more than 500% return in 2017

Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” – Paul Samuelson

2017 has been a good year for the Indian stock market. After a small setback during demonetization, the market has taken a positive trend. Even GST has been implemented smoothly this year.

The investors remained bullish throughout the year. NSE Index ‘Nifty’ has given a return of 27% till now (From January’17 to November 2017).

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In this post, I am going to give the names of those stocks that gave more than 500% return in 2017. There are also few stocks on this list which gave more than 1,000% return in last 1 year. For example Indiabulls Ventures, Soril Holdings, and HEG.

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Note that if you just were happy with 1-2 times returns, you might have missed the multi-bagger returns from all these stocks. Do not cut your winners and stay invested for long.

Here is the list of 5-baggers to 12-baggers in last 1 year. Are you holding any?

Stocks that gave more than 500% return in 2017:

Name Last Price Market Cap 1-Year Change (%)
Indiabulls Ventures 259.85 115.64B 1.24K
Soril Holdings Ventures 228.55 10.99B 1.09K
HEG 1651.5 69.24B 1.04K
California Software Company 74.45 879.77M 962.13
Goa Carbon Ltd 873.7 8.38B 849.69
Blue Circle Services 38 773.19M 845.27
Graphite India 579.9 116.46B 714.99
Yuken India 2808 8.34B 685.92
Rai Saheb Rekh 400 5.98B 651.10
Goldstone Infratech Ltd 197.9 6.83B 631.52
Sanwaria Agro Oils Ltd 18.2 13.99B 620.15
Bhansali Eng Polymers 162.75 26.54B 591.16
Rain Industries 327.55 112.37B 581.22
CC Constructions Ltd 97.05 2.61B 572.19
Bella Casa Fashion Retail Ltd 210 2.17B 565.64
Akme Star Housing Finance 117 1.43B 554.05
Venkys India 2875.05 40.23B 553.33
Lancer Container Lines 175.45 1.05B 539.01
Jindal Worldwide Ltd 1159.25 22.31B 506.70
Aditya Consumer Marketing 101 1.48B 500.00

Note: You can get this list using stock screener from INVESTING website.

Further, I will not suggest you buy these stocks just because they have given good returns in the last 1 year. Study the company carefully before investing.

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That’s all. I hope this post on ‘Stocks that gave more than 500% return in 2017’ is informational to the investors.

Happy Investing.

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