In the intricate landscape of trading, understanding candlesticks and chart patterns stands paramount. “Candlesticks and Charts Trading Mastery” authored by Kritesh Abhishek emerges as a beacon for those seeking profound insights into technical analysis and chart trading. This review delves into the intricacies of Kritessh’s book, spanning 236 vibrant pages designed to demystify candlesticks and chart patterns.

You can purchase the book “Candlesticks and Charts Trading Mastery” by Kritesh Abhishek on Amazon here.

About the Author

Kritesh Abhishek, a luminary in the world of stock market trading and value investment, boasts a decade-long tenure navigating the complexities of the share market. Armed with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the esteemed National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Kritesh has garnered acclaim for his pioneering ventures, including Trade Brains and FinGrad. His extensive repertoire includes insightful blogs on investing and trading, drawing millions of monthly readers to

Candlesticks and Charts Trading Mastery Book Overview

Candlesticks and Charts Trading Mastery Book

The tome unfolds with meticulous attention to detail, encapsulating fundamental concepts essential for any trader’s arsenal.

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1. Candlesticks Trading

The cornerstone of Kritesh’s discourse lies in candlesticks, elucidating techniques to discern and capitalize on various candle patterns. From single to multi-candlestick formations, the book meticulously covers over 70 patterns, encompassing bullish, bearish, and neutral trends. Noteworthy patterns such as Marabozu, Hammer, Doji, and Engulfing pattern, among others, are dissected with precision, empowering readers to navigate the volatile market terrain with confidence.

2. Trading with Channels

Kritesh navigates readers through the nuanced art of trading with channel patterns. From Rectangular Channel to Ascending and Descending channels, the book offers invaluable insights into leveraging swings and breakout trading strategies. This section equips traders with the tools to capitalize on market trends, fostering a comprehensive understanding of channel-based trading methodologies.

3. Trading with Chart Patterns

The book further delves into chart patterns, unveiling over 20 distinct formations essential for informed decision-making. From Triangle to Double Top, Double Bottom, and Head and Shoulder patterns, Kritesh elucidates each with clarity, enabling readers to identify potential market trends effectively. Additionally, patterns like Falling Wedge, Rising Wedge, and Flag and Pole pattern are meticulously explored, enriching readers’ repertoire of chart analysis techniques.

You can purchase the book “Candlesticks and Charts Trading Mastery” by Kritesh Abhishek on Amazon here.

Best Additional Concepts in the Book

In addition to dissecting candlesticks and chart patterns, Kritesh expounds on critical concepts such as Support & Resistance, trendline drawing methodologies, and trading with gaps. Furthermore, the book delves into the significance of key technical indicators like Moving Average, RSI, and Bollinger Bands, augmenting readers’ proficiency in technical analysis.

Notably, the chapter on Trading Psychology offers invaluable insights into navigating the psychological nuances inherent in trading, consolidating the book’s status as a comprehensive guide for traders of all proficiency levels.


Candlesticks and Charts Trading Mastery” by Kritesh Abhishek stands as a definitive guide for traders seeking to traverse the intricate realms of technical analysis. With its lucid exposition and comprehensive coverage of essential concepts, the book serves as a beacon for both novice and seasoned traders alike. 

Kritesh prowess in distilling complex strategies into digestible insights renders this book an indispensable asset in any trader’s library, fostering informed decision-making and empowering traders to navigate the dynamic landscape of the stock market with confidence and acumen.

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