Top Biotechnology stocks in India: Technology has evolved rapidly over the last few decades. This has revolutionized the way we live in our day-to-day lives. This has given rise to multiple new fields in commercial science. One of those fields is Biotechnology.

It is one of the evolving fields which combines both science and technology. In this article, we will take a look at the top biotechnology stocks in India. Keep reading to find out!

Industry Overview

India is amongst the top 12 destinations for biotechnology in the world. The industry comprises around 5000 biotech companies, with 4,240 being start-ups out of which 760 are core biotech companies.

India is also one of the first countries to have a department dedicated to the Biotechnology industry. The industry has huge growth potential as many resources still remain untapped.

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One of the main growth drivers of the company has been government support. The Union Budget 2022-23 US$343.56 million was allocated for developing basic infrastructure, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, agriculture biotechnology, and training people.

As of 2021, India’s biotech industry clocks in about US$12 billion in annual revenue. In fact, the industry is expected to reach US$150 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 16.4%.

Top Biotechnology stocks in India

Let us have a detailed look at the top stocks in the Biotechnology industry.

Biotechnology stock in India #1 – Biocon Ltd

Face Value (₹):5ROE (%):13.16
Market Cap (Cr):₹39,248CrNet Profit Margin:13.02
EPS (TTM) (₹):5Debt to Equity:0.58
Stock P/E (TTM):60.53Current Ratio1.81
Dividend Yield (%):0.15Promoter’s Holdings (%):60.64

Biocon Ltd. is an Indian biotechnological company. Founded by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw in 1978, Biocon mainly manufactures generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The products of the company are sold in more than 120 countries. 

It is the only company to get FDA approval for 3 biosimilar molecules (Trastuzumab, Pegfilgrastim and Insulin Glargine). It also produces & markets a mix of speciality & industrial enzymes for industries like paper, brewing, beverages, food, brewing, textiles & distilling.

The financials of the large-cap stock looks strong as it has earned a revenue of Rs. 7,105.80 Cr in FY21 while it has a net profit of Rs. 740.50 Cr. However, the cash flow position has been declining in the last few quarters. On the brighter side, the company has high promoters holding and zero promoters pledge.

Biotechnology stock in India #2 – SPARC

Face Value (₹):1ROE (%):0
Market Cap (Cr):₹5,527CrNet Profit Margin:-59.75
EPS (TTM) (₹):-7Debt to Equity:-1.4
Stock P/E (TTM):0Current Ratio0.27
Dividend Yield (%):0Promoter’s Holdings (%):69.09

Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The company was incorporated in 2007 after it was demerged from Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

The company has developed 2 USFDA-approved drugs so far. The company is focused on innovating drug delivery technologies required for the treatment of cancers and psychiatric ailments.

The small-cap company reported net sales of Rs. 252.96 Cr in FY21. Apart from that, it reported a net loss of Rs. 151.14 Cr. in the same period. The cash flow position of the company also seems to be improving over the last few quarters. The company has a promoter’s pledge of 2.18% as of March 2022.

Biotechnology stock in India #3 – Windlas Biotech

Face Value (₹):5ROE (%):7.7
Market Cap (Cr):₹479CrNet Profit Margin:7.2
EPS (TTM) (₹):17Debt to Equity:0.16
Stock P/E (TTM):12.51Current Ratio2.08
Dividend Yield (%):1.59Promoter’s Holdings (%):59.95

Windlas Biotech Ltd is a leading domestic pharmaceutical formulations contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). Established in 2001, It manufactures both solid and liquid pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Windlas Biotech is amongst the top five players in the domestic pharmaceutical formulations and CDMO industry in India in terms of revenues. Apart from that, the company provides CDMO services to 7 of the top 10 Indian formulations pharmaceutical companies. 

In FY21, the company reported a revenue of Rs. 427.60 Cr. and a net profit of Rs. 15.83 Cr. In addition to that, the biotechnology company has been able to increase its cash flow position over the last few quarters. It has low debt and Zero Promoters Pledge in its financials. Also, read about Projaix the best AI Platform.

List of all Biotechnology stocks in India

StockMarket Cap (Rs in Crores)
Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd.5,656.44
Windlas Biotech Ltd.484.92
ANG Lifesciences India Ltd.208.27
Vivo Biotech Ltd.47.98
Syngene International Ltd22,811
Supriya Lifescience Ltd2,677

In closing

In this article, we looked at the top stocks that are operating in the Biotechnology industry in India. We also looked at the overall industry and its performance. The Biotech industry is still a growing sector in India and has a huge potential to grow in the years to come.

This brings an opportunity for businesses and investors to tap into the market. That’s all for this article on Top Biotechnology stocks in India. Happy Investing! 

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