Top Indian Stocks Held By Morgan Stanley: With more than 29 years of experience in India, Morgan Stanley offers both domestic and foreign clients a range of services. The Company employs over 10,000 Indians across its locations and operates a leading institutional securities platform in India that provides a full range of investment banking, capital markets, equities, fixed income, commodities, and derivative products, as well as research.

Over the past few years, Morgan Stanley has also been a prominent investor in public equities, infrastructure, real estate, and private equity projects in India. Here are the 5 Indian stocks in which Morgan Stanley has the highest holdings

Top Indian Stocks Held By Morgan Stanley

Here are top stocks in which Morgan Stanley has invested, lets took a look at the stock and its fundamentals.

Top Indian Stocks Held By Morgan Stanley #1 – IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank Limited (“IndusInd Bank”) offers a range of banking products and services to 34 million people nationwide, including rural markets, NRIs, business owners, corporations, and government and financial institutions. Additionally, it runs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and London.

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IndusInd Bank, which was founded in 1994. is currently India’s sixth-largest bank by market capitalization and  is headquartered in Mumbai, India. With 340 million customers, IndusInd Bank operates a group network of 2,606 branches and 2,875 ATMs. The company has about an even split of branches across North, South, East, West and Central Regions. 

CMP1,423Market Cap (Cr.)1,12,055
EPS (TTM)102.15Stock P/E (TTM)14.23
Morgan Stanley’s Holding1.6%Dividend Yield1.31 %
Qty Held11,258,278CASA 40.08
Holding Value1,640.2 CrPrice to Book Value1.99
Operating Profit Margin22.29%Net Profit Margin20.47%

IndusInd Bank is the 2nd largest microfinance lender – across 137k villages growing at 5% YoY; total corporate loan book shows consistent growth of 4.2% 5Y-CAGR and 23% YoY. IndusInd Bank has over the years, a stable and safe risk profile of approx.~ 77% of Investment Grade debt and ~23% High Yield Debt.

In FY23, the company’s interest income grew 18% YoY, from Rs. 30,822 crore to Rs. 36,368 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 55% YoY from Rs. 4,805 crore to Rs. 7,443 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 488 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Morgan Stanley #2 – KEI Industries

KEI Industries Ltd. was established in 1968 to produce rubber cables for home wiring. The business has grown into a market leader in the provision of comprehensive wire & cable solutions.  Extra-high voltage (EHV), medium voltage (MV), and low voltage (LV) power cables for both institutional and retail/housing segments are produced by its 5 manufacturing facilities.

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for projects across different industries, as well as the EHV cable segment, have proven successful for the company. Key clients including Power Grid Corp., Delhi Metro, Tata Power, and others have given it numerous institutional projects. As of Q1, Pending orders are valued at Rs. 3,567 crore and L1 order of EHV – Rs. 78 Crore.

CMP2,480Market Cap (Cr.)21,783
EPS (TTM)54.88Stock P/E (TTM)47.92
Morgan Stanley’s Holding1.5%Dividend Yield0.18%
Qty Held1,372,423Debt to Equity0.05
Holding Value360.5 CrPrice to Book Value8.77
Operating Profit Margin10.22%Net Profit Margin6.91%

KEI has an extensive network of over 1,925 dealers/distributors. It is run by a strong workforce of over 5,300+ employees across various roles. It operates 38 branch offices and 21 warehouses across the nation. The cable manufacturer exports its products to 50+ countries.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 21% YoY, from Rs. 5,727 crore to Rs. 6,912 crore. Net Profits saw a growth of 27% YoY from Rs. 376 crore to Rs. 477 crore. Net margins during the period expanded by 35 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Morgan Stanley #3 -Aarti Industries

Aarti Industries Ltd. (“Aarti Industries”), a division of the Aarti Group with headquarters in Mumbai, produces specialty chemicals & pharmaceuticals with a focus on phenylenediamines, di-chlorobenzenes, nitro toluene value chain, and sulphuric acid & downstream. 

Aarti Industries has more than 100 products, 1,100+ domestic and international clients, and 60 exporting nations as client destinations. Aarti Industries owns and operates 16 manufacturing facilities of which 11 are zero liquid discharge, 4 R&D facilities, and employs a dedicated pool of more than 400 research professionals. In total, the company employs over 6000 persons. 

CMP497.85Market Cap (Cr.)17,991
EPS (TTM)13.24Stock P/E (TTM)38.74
Morgan Stanley’s Holding1.3%Dividend Yield0.48%
Qty Held4,652,171Debt to Equity0.58
Holding Value238.2 CrPrice to Book Value3.73
Operating Profit Margin16.45%Net Profit Margin8.24%

Among others, their principal clients are BASF, Atul Ltd, Indian Oil, UPL Ltd, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, and Sumitomo Chemical India. Aarti Industries is one of the top three global players in chlorination and nitration, and it is also one of the top two global players in hydrogenation.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 9% YoY, from Rs. 6,086 crore to Rs. 6,619 crore. Net Profits saw de-growth of 54% YoY from Rs. 1,186 crore to Rs. 545 crore. Net margins during the period declined 1125 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Morgan Stanley #4 -Aarti Pharmalabs

Aarti Pharmalabs Limited primarily engages in the manufacture and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceutical intermediates in India and internationally.

The company’s specialized key verticals include API & Intermediates (43.6%), CDMO & CMO Services (6.3%), Xanthine derivatives & allied products (50.2%). Aarti Pharma is the largest Indian manufacturer of Xanthine derivatives and is is located strategically in the western region with access to ports.

Aarti Pharma was founded in 1984 by first gen technocrats; fast forward 39 years the company has 150+ products, 500+ customers with over 52 patents filed. It employs over 2000 individuals and also has 6 manufacturing units, 3 FDA units, and 3 cutting edge R&D centers. Aarti has received 40 US DMF approvals across multiple therapeutic areas and has 10 new APIs under development.

CMP451Market Cap (Cr.)3,961.72
EPS (TTM)21.35Stock P/E (TTM)21.34
Morgan Stanley’s Holding1.1%Dividend Yield0.73%
Qty Held1,010,811Debt to Equity0.25
Holding Value46.1 CrPrice to Book Value2.57
Operating Profit Margin17.10%Net Profit Margin10.19%

In FY23, the company’s revenue stood at Rs. 1,511 crore up from 1,199 crore, indicating 26% growth YoY; Net Profits at Rs. 171.13 versus Rs. 106 crore in FY22. Net margins translating to 11.36% versus 10.2% the previous year which is a 116 accretion.


We are at the end of our article, We have seen the top Indian stocks held by Morgan Stanley. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below

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