Top Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale: Societe Generale was established in India in 1978. Today, Societe Generale operates through its local branches based in Mumbai and Delhi serving both Indian corporates and financial institutions, helping them to expand their footprint outside of India as well as global clients of Societe Generale, from Europe, US, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, to develop their operations in India

Societe Generale’s expertise ranges from corporate and investment banking to asset management, securities services, global transaction banking, and specialized financial services. Here are the top Indian stocks Held by Societe Generale

Top Stocks Held By Societe Generale

Top Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale #1 – Capacit’e Infraprojects

Capacit’e Infraprojects Limited (“Capacit’e Infra”), together with its subsidiaries, engages in the engineering, procurement, and construction business in India.

Capacit’e Infraprojects Limited (Capacit’e), one of the top and most reliable companies in the construction sector, where leading real estate and governmental organizations in the nation use the project design, construction, and management services provided by Capacit’e Infra, which was founded in 2012. 

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Currently, high-rise, super-high rise, gated communities, commercial offices, car parks of multi-level structures, hotels, hospitals, data centers, factories, and malls’ construction projects in India are being led by Capacit’e Infra’s team of experts and skilled workforce.

Over the years, the company’s order book has been increasing its proportion of public orders. As of now, the order book stands at 70% Public orders worth Rs. 6,647 crore and Private Orders worth Rs. 2,886 crore which make up the rest of 30%. 

CMP212.15Market Cap (Cr.)11,595.81
EPS (TTM)11.66Stock P/E (TTM)18.64
Societe Generale Holding5.12%Dividend Yield0.00%
Qty Held3,478,191Debt to Equity0.34
Holding Value73.8 CrPrice to Book Value1.33
Operating Profit Margin19.535%Net Profit Margin5.3%

Of the projects in its order book, super high rise make up 81%, high rises comprise 8% and the rest being everything else mentioned above. The said orders classified by end user category comprise – 44% residential, 19% institutional and 37% for mixed use. Overall, the company is witnessing an overall positive and healthy shift towards quality contracting companies.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 34% YoY, from Rs. 1,340 crore to Rs. 1,799 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 100% YoY from Rs. 48 crore to Rs. 95 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 175 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale #2 – Landmark Cars

Since its conception in 1998, Group Landmark has grown to become India’s premier dealer for high-end and luxury vehicles. Landmark Cars offers after-sales service, pre-sales consultant, roadside assistance, insurance, and easy financing options. 

An impressive footprint of 115 state-of-the-art facilities operating in 32 cities across eight states and union territories allows the company to serve a broad clientele range. Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Honda, Volkswagen, Renault, and BYD are their 7 trusted partners for passenger cars. 

CMP781Market Cap (Cr.)3,216.37
EPS (TTM)20.97Stock P/E (TTM)38.20
Societe Generale Holding2.30%Dividend Yield0.41%
Qty Held922,309Debt to Equity0.45
Holding Value73.9 CrPrice to Book Value6.84
Operating Profit Margin7.08%Net Profit Margin2.52%

Ashok Leyland partnership caters to the market for commercial vehicles. The company employs 4000+ personnel across 8 states and is also the 1st Listed multi-brand, multi-location Indian Auto Retailer

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 14% YoY, from Rs. 2,977 crore to Rs. 3,382 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 29% YoY from Rs. 65 crore to Rs. 84 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 30 bps.    

Top Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale #3 – Radiant Cash Management Services 

Radiant Cash Management Services Limited (“Radiant CMS”) engages in the provision of cash logistics and other related services in India.

The offerings of Radiant CMS aim to simplify cash management, provide business security, lower cost of operating, save time and resources in general. The company integrates its services through APIs with third-party solutions. 

The operations are conducted under 5 key verticals – Cash pickup & delivery, Network Currency Management, Cash processing, Cash Vans & Cash in Transit & Other Value Added Services such as vaults, strong rooms & other storage facilities withover Rs. 50 crore capacity per space. The company’s key clients include Deutsche bank, Standard Chartered, ICICI bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India and Yes Bank. 

CMP94Market Cap (Cr.)1,013.19
EPS (TTM)5.88Stock P/E (TTM)16.15
Societe Generale Holding2.28%Dividend Yield3.11%
Qty Held2,432,740Debt to Equity0.12
Holding Value23.2 CrPrice to Book Value4.15
Operating Profit Margin29.633%Net Profit Margin17.67%

The company listed in January 2023 and listed in both exchanges and currently present PAN India with over 5000 locations, serving 13,000+ zip codes and over 60,000 customer outlets. Additionally, the company employs 9,000+ Indians and handles over 500 crore in cash everyday. 

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 24% YoY, from Rs. 286 crore to Rs. 355 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 64% YoY from Rs. 38 crore to Rs. 64 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 330 bps.   

Top Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale #4 – RBL Bank

RBL Bank Limited (“RBL Bank”) operates as a scheduled commercial bank in India. It was founded in 1943 and operates through 5 segments – Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, Branch & Business Banking, Retail Assets and Treasury & Financial Markets Operations and is one of the leading private banks in the nation.

The bank currently has over 13.6 million customers with PAN India presence, operating 1,804 touchpoints – 502 branches, 289 banking outlets, 1,302 BC branches & 417 ATMs. RBL Bank has been making significant headway into digital and card sub-segments; credit card customers comprise 67% salaried and 33% self-employed of which 64% come from tier I cities followed by 36% and 10% respectively from tier II and tier III respectively. 

CMP247Market Cap (Cr.)213,629
EPS (TTM)17.13Stock P/E (TTM)13.23
Societe Generale Holding2.19%CASA37.35
Qty Held13,126,947Debt to Equity1.16
Holding Value300.9 CrPrice to Book Value0.99
Operating Profit Margin10.128%Net Profit Margin9.63%

The bank also has an extensive microfinance network, partnering with 3 active BCs and being present in 21 states and 2 union territories. The bank covers 405 districts and 110,000 villages through this network with 1,112 branches. 

In FY23, the company’s interest income grew 13% YoY, from Rs. 8,445 crore to Rs. 9,550 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 555% YoY from a loss of Rs. 166 crore to profits of Rs. 920 crore. Net margins during the period expanded by 1160 bps.   

Top Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale #5 – PSP Projects 

PSP Projects Limited (“PSP Projects”) is a multidisciplinary construction company that provides construction services for industrial, institutional, residential, social infrastructure, and commercial projects in India.

The company first started with projects in Gujarat which has now expanded to all across the nation. It is also constructing the largest office complex of Rs. 1,575 crore that spans 66 lakh square feet. 

The company was incorporated in 2008 with the leadership of a first gen civil engineer with 47 years of experience. Fast forward 15 years, the company now has rs. 5,321 crore order book with 210 completed projects and 48 ongoing projects. PSP Projects’ workforce is 1,800+ strong and has recently started handling higher value projects with its highest value project till date being worth Rs. 1,850 crore. 

CMP794.2Market Cap (Cr.)2,832.48
EPS (TTM)39.1Stock P/E (TTM)20.10
Societe Generale Holding1.96%Dividend Yield0.37%
Qty Held705,310Debt to Equity0.18
Holding Value55.2 CrPrice to Book Value3.37
Operating Profit Margin11.872%Net Profit Margin6.95%

PLI scheme and government budget allocation heavily leaning towards infra development and real estate will be a key factor in the company’s future growth prospects. Currently, PSP Projects’ project is split – 51% government, 27% institutional, 10% residential, 9% industrial, and 4% government residential; and geographically – 79% in Gujarat and 21% in UP & Others. 

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 11% YoY, from Rs. 1,748 crore to Rs. 1,938 crore. Net Profits saw a degrowth of 21% YoY from Rs. 167 crore to Rs. 132 crore. Net margins during the period contracted 255 bps.  

List of Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale

Company NameMarket Cap (Cr)CMP% Held by Societe GeneraleQty Held (Cr)Holding Value (Cr)
Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd.6,921.44361.21.68%3,195,374116.2
Go Fashion (India) Ltd.7,232.071,318.21.64%885,496117.9
Delta Corp Ltd.4,735.53175.451.43%3,822,69567.5
IndusInd Bank Ltd.1,11,9341,411.31.39%9,907,8851,400.4
Dhani Services Ltd.2,598.5744.451.30%7,981,63535.5
MTAR Technologies Ltd.7,850.922,526.61.22%374,90194.5
Orchid Pharma Ltd.2,653.88517.91.17%594,16230.9
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd.35,309590.951.07%6,289,250374.5
Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd.9,413.5985.41.02%11,406,88497.5


As we wrap up our article, we’ve looked into Top Indian Stocks Held By Societe Generale. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject in the comments section below.

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