Angel Broking vs 5Paisa Comparision: As of 2020, Angel Broking and 5Paisa are two of the leading discount brokers in India. Both of them have millions of clients and offer fast trading platforms & services. However, how do they differ and which one of them is better?

In this article, we are going to compare Angel Broking vs 5Paise by looking into their brokerage charges, account opening charges, maintenance charges, exposure margin, trading platforms, pros, cons, and more. This comparison between Angel Broking vs 5Paisa will highlight the major differences between these two discount stockbrokers and help you choose the best between them based on your preferences.

Angel Broking Introduction

Angel broking free demat account

Incorporated in 1987, Angel broking is a big brand having +30 Years of experience in the broking world and +1 million happy customers. They have a presence in over 1800+ cities in India and a strong network of 8500+ sub-brokers. Angel Broking offers the trading facility in Equity, F&O, Commodities, and currency across BSE, NSE, NCDEX & MCX.

In the past, Angel Broking worked as a full-service broker and offered a percentage based brokerage charge to its clients for over two decades. However, they recently changed their business model (Nov 2019) from percentage brokerage to flat rates to compete with rapidly growing discount brokers like Zerodha, 5Paisa, Upstox, etc.

Angel Broking now offers a flat rate brokerage plan, named ‘Angel iTrade PRIME’. Here, the delivery trading is FREE of cost. And for all other segments i.e. Intraday, F&O, Currencies & Commodities, they charge a fixed rate of ₹20 per trade. The same simple rate is applicable across all exchanges and segments.

One of the key advantages of trading with Angel Broking is that they provide investment advisory, guidance, and recommendations to their clients for investing in the stock market. Further, they also offer research reports on companies along with many other value-adding tools and services to their clients for free.

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5 Paisa Introduction

5Paisa flat broker

5Paisa is a discount broker that provides you the platform to trade in stocks, futures, and options at the lowest cost of Rs 20 flat per trade, even if you trade for Rs 10 Crore. 5Paise is a public company, which means that its stocks are traded on Bombay stock exchange and National stock exchange.

It is headquartered in Mumbai and is a part of India Infoline (IIFL), a leading non-banking financial institution in India with experience of over two decades (initially incorporated in 1995). 5paisa was re-launched with a new brokerage model for online retail broking services in late 2016. Later, it got de-merged from IIFL so that it can be listed on the stock exchanges. 5Paisa Capital started trading on NSE/BSE in November 2017, making it the first such listed financial digital marketplace.

5 Paisa Capital provides a platform for all financial products including equities, derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, AIFs, bonds & debentures, insurance, and personal loans. 5Paisa provides the trading facility in mobile, browser, and desktop platforms. The account opening process for 5Paisa is totally paperless based on Aadhaar. 

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Angel Broking vs 5Paisa – Broker Comparision

NameAngel Broking5 Paisa
AboutIncorporated in 1987, Angel broking is a big brand having +30 Years of experience in the broking world and +1 million happy customers. They have a presence in over 1800+ cities in India and a strong network of 8500+ sub-brokers. Angel Broking offers free delivery trades and flat charge of Rs 20 for all other, second largest discount broker in India, is part of IIFL group (India Infoline), India's leading financial services company. It offers a flat brokerage of Rs 20 per trade for its clients.
Main OfficeMumbaiMumbai
# of Active Clients on NSE (Nov 2019)4,12,8091,06,280
Broker ServiceFull-Service Flat rate BrokerDiscount Broker
Supported ExchangeNSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEXNSE, BSE, MCX
Brokerage SummaryFree delivery trades and flat charge of Rs 20 for all other tradesRs 20 Per Trade (Optimum Plan)
Servies offeredEquity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, PMS, Life Insurance, ETFs, IPOs & Mutual Funds.Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds
Account Opening ChargeRs 699 (Currently Waived)Rs 650 (Currently Waived)
Commodity Trading Opening chargeRs 0Can't trade in commodity
Annual Maintenance ChargeRs 450 (Second years onwards)Rs 45 per month (only for months when you trade)
Trading PlatformAngel iTrade, Angel Broking Mobile App, Angel SpeedPro, Angel BEEInvestor terminal, trader terminal, 5 Paisa Trade Station
Brokerage Charges
Equity DeliveryFreeRs 20 per trade
Equity IntradayRs 20 per tradeRs 20 per trade
Equity Future ChargesRs 20 per tradeRs 20 per trade
Equity Options ChargesRs 20 per tradeRs 20 per trade
Currency future chargesRs 20 per tradeRs 20 per trade
Currency options chargesRs 20 per tradeRs 20 per trade
Commodity ChargesRs 20 per tradeRs 20 per trade
Minimum brokerage feesFlat Charges Rs 20Rs 10 per trader (Higher Plans)
Call & Trade ChargesAdditional Rs 20 per executed orderRs 100/ call
Margin Offered
Equity Margin DeliveryUpto 3x for equity cashUpto 4x for equity cash
Equity Margin IntradayUpto 6xUpto 20x
Equity margin futuresUpto 10x (Buying/Selling)Intra-day: 3.5x - Carry forward: 1x (no margin)
Equity margin optionsUpto 10x (Selling) and 3x (Buying)Intra-day: 1x - Carry forward: 1x
Commodity MarginUpto 5x
Currency futuresUpto 8xIntra-day: 1 time - Carry forward: 1x
Currency OptionsUpto 8x (Selling) and 3x (Buying)Intra-day: 1 time - Carry forward: 1x
3-in-1 AccountNoNo
Research & TipsYesYes (for higher plans)
Brokeage CalculatorYesYes
Span Margin CalculatorYesYes
Training & EducationYesYes
Interactive ChartsYesYes
Margin Against Shares (Equity Cash)YesYes
Margin Against Shares (Equity F&O)YesYes
IPO ServicesYesYes
Robo advisoryYesYes
Other FeaturesResearch reports, Portfolio management system (PMS), InsurancesMutual Fund Investments, Research reports
ProsFree delivery trades; Full-Service Broker with Flat charges; Services offered in Equity, Mutual funds, Commodities, IPOs, PMS, Life insurances; Customised trading help; Robo Order, High Marginflexible brokerage plans (Optimum, Platinun, Titanium), Premium plans offer Cheapest brokerage, Research reports availalble (but at extra cost)
ConsAngel Broking doesn't offer 3-in-1 account, Higher Maintenece chargesCall and trade Rs 100 per call, Higher charges of Rs per transaction on demat
Promotion/OfferRight now - FREE Account Opening (Opening Charges 100% Waived)Right now - No Opening Charges, Annual maintence charges (AMC) waived
WebsiteQuick Link to Open AccountQuick Link to Open Account

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Closing Thoughts

From the above comparison, you can find that both Angel Broking and 5Paisa offer low brokerage, high margin, and fast trading platforms for their clients. Moreover, both of these brokers also provide additional services like investment advisory services, research reports, robo-advisory, etc. Anyways, trading platforms and customer service offered by Angel Broking is a little superior compared to the 5Paisa.

On the other hand, multiple brokerage plans offered by 5Paisa can be one of the biggest cons against Angel Broking. 5Paisa offers Optimum, Platinum, and Titanium plans for their customers. Different traders can choose the plan accordingly depending on their trading frequency, volume, and strategy. 5Paisa customers can enjoy a lot less brokerage annually if they go with Platinum or Titanium plans.

5 paisa pricing plans brokerage


That’s all for this post. I hope this article on Angel Broking vs 5 Paisa was useful to you. If you’ve got any queries regarding these two brokers, feel free to comment below. Happy trading & investing. Cheers!