• satish rudragoudar says:

    I am applied to open Dmat account in AXIS BANK, they said it will take 15 to 20 days to open an Dmat account,now my question is how to open that trading account

    • Kritesh says:

      The broker will open both demat and trading account for you. You cannot start trading until you have your trading account. Just ask ‘AXIS Bank’ agent about the trading account. I guess, this duration is for opening both the accounts.

  • Sanjay says:

    I have a kotak security demat acc can i use demat acc of kotak for use zaodha trading acc

  • I like very much Demat Account. I am also use very Secure….

  • Always there exists a great contrast between demat and trade and in business terms demat seems to be much beneficial.

  • Zaki says:

    Kritesh, may I know why have you keep two demat accounts, when you can trade from one account at minimum cost??

    • Hi Zaki. I wrote this article two years back when I was using both and also researching the difference. ICICI direct was my first broker and hence, I am a little biased to close the account. However, gradually I’ve shifted all my trades to Zerodha to pay a minimum brokerage. You can find a lot of articles on this blog where I have compared both and concluded my learnings.

      • Desai says:

        Thank you for the information. i would like to start trading by opening in Zarodha.
        suggest me. also how to buy international shares

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