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Face Value of a Share Cover

What is Face Value of Share? And Why is it Important?

Understand the Face Value of a Share: Some of the biggest challenges while entering the world of investing involves dealing with multiple jargons. […]

What is IPO in Share Market And Is it Worth Investing in IPOs cover

What is IPO in Share Market? And Is it Worth Investing in IPOs?

Understanding what is IPO in Share Market: Everyone gets excited about new things. The new clothes, new bike, new car, new job, etc […]

Greatest investor cover

The World’s Greatest Fund – Jim Simons’ Medallion fund!

Who do you think runs the World’s Greatest Fund? Hold onto this answer. If you ask anyone in the world of investing about […]

What is Short Selling in Stock Market cover

Short Selling Explained – What is Short Selling in Stock Market?

Understand What is Short Selling & Its Implications: The terminology ‘Short Selling’ is frequently used in the capital market. It has also been […]

Stock Market Basics - A Complete Guide to Share Market for Beginners!

Stock Market Basics for Dummies – What Beginner Need to Know?

Understanding the Stock Market Basics for Beginners: Are you feeling caught up in the stock market frenzy where literally everyone you know has […]

Lodha Developers IPO review cover

Lodha Developers IPO Review 2021 – IPO Price, Offer Dates & Details!

Macrotech Developers (Lodha Developers) IPO Review 2021: The Macrotech Developers IPO opens on 7th April and closes on 9th April 2021. In this […]

Free Float Market Capitalization Cover

What is Free Float Market Capitalization? MCap Methodology Explained!

FREE Float Market Capitalization: As a novice investor have you ever come across terms like Market Cap (MCpap) or the free float factor. […]

Top 7 Must Read Books for Trading in Stock Markets Cover

Top 7 Must Read Books for Trading in Stock Markets

List of Best Books For Trading: As one decides to take up trading there are several alternatives available. The best among all these […]

DMart Business Model Cover

DMart Business Model and Success Mantra – How Does DMart Make Money?

DMart Business Model Explained: “One must not open any store within a 1km radius of DMart”. This is a common saying in the […]

Biggest Bankruptcies in India Cover

8 Biggest Bankruptcies in India in the Last 10 Years

List of Biggest Bankruptcies in India: Bankruptcies although a regular occurrence in the global business world is considered a taboo topic in India. […]

What is Portfolio Backtesting How to perform it on Indian Stocks

What is Portfolio Backtesting? How to Perform it on Indian Stocks?

Portfolio Backtesting is a strategy used by investors and traders to backtest how a portfolio would have performed if they have invested in […]

10 Best Stock Research Websites in India to Analyze Companies

10 Best Stock Research Websites in India to Analyze Companies!

List of Top Stock Research Websites in India: A good stock research tool will make your stock analysis process a lot easier along […]