Best Mid Cap Stocks Under Rs 200: According to a recent classification announced by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) at the start of 2023, stocks that have a market capitalization between 16,800 – 48,900 crores come under the ‘Mid-Cap’ category. As a result of this, there are presently 150-odd companies in the country coming under the same class of stocks.

In the past few years, it has been observed that the Mid-Cap stocks outperformed both, i.e., the large-cap and small-cap stocks. Due to such an advantageous position enjoyed in the stock market, they have become a favorite of seasoned investors. Such types of stocks can exploit the best of both ends, which is risk moderation and substantial returns.

Some of the features of Mid-Cap stocks include diversification of stocks, more liquid compared to small-cap stocks, and high chances of growth leading to enhancements of profitability.

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Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200

Herein this article, we will race through the best Mid-cap stocks in India under Rs 200. The primary factor for the selection of stocks has been the market capitalization of the companies. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

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Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200 #1 – Power Finance Corporation Limited

Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200 - PFC logo
CMP₹157Market Cap (Cr.)₹41,436
EPS₹54.6Stock P/E2.88
Promoter Holding55.99%Book Value₹290
RoA2.40%Price to Book Value0.55
Net Profit Margin24.60%Operating Profit Margin91%

Power Finance Corporation Limited is a financial institution operating in the country that is dedicated to the power sector and various projects that come under the same. The product portfolio of the company includes short-term loans, line of credit facilities, etc.

The company strives hard to explore new areas for sustainable growth such as providing funding to nuclear power projects, renewable equipment manufacturers, etc. The company has a market capitalization of Rs 41,436 crores.

The revenues and PAT figures of the company reported decent growth with revenues shifting from Rs 71,709 crores in FY20-21 to Rs 76,661 crores during FY21-22 and PAT, after declining during the covid year, bounced back and standing at Rs 18,791 crores in FY21-22.

The profitability metrics, on a contrasting note, have slightly moved down with return on equity (ROE) shifting from 28.52 percent in FY20-21 to 28.38 percent during FY21-22. The return on capital employed (ROCE), during the same period, went down from 9.46 percent to 9.39 percent.

Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200 #2- Aditya Birla Capital Limited

Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200 - Aditya Birla Logo
CMP₹158Market Cap (Cr.)₹38,305
EPS₹19.2Stock P/E8.28
Promoter Holding71.02%Book Value₹67.7
RoA1.25%Price to Book Value2.33
Net Profit Margin7.47%Operating Profit Margin25.40%

Based in Mumbai, Aditya Birla Capital (ABCL) is a wealth management firm with a strong presence across various lines of business such as asset management, corporate lending, private equity, currency, commodity broking, etc.

The company is committed to the main objective of serving end-to-end financial services and fulfilling the needs of its retail as well as corporate customers. The company has a market capitalization of Rs 38,305 crores.

The consistent increase in the revenues and net profit figures contribute to showcasing a healthy picture of the company supported by efficient cost management. As mentioned, revenues shifted from Rs 19,554 crores in FY20-21 to Rs 22,608 crores in FY21-22, and net profits, during the same period, showed a movement from Rs 1,106 crores to Rs 1,660 crores.

The return on equity (ROE) and return on capital employed (ROCE) reported decent improvements with the first one increasing from 8.52 percent in FY20-21 to 11.50 percent during FY21-22 and the latter, during the same period, showed a slight movement from 8.12 percent to 8.24 percent.

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Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200 #3 – NMDC Limited

CMP₹110Market Cap (Cr.)₹32,193
EPS₹17.3Stock P/E6.35
Promoter Holding60.79%Book Value₹69.1
RoA23.00%Price to Book Value1.59
Net Profit Margin36.30%Operating Profit Margin35.50%

NMDC Ltd is engaged in the business of mining a wide range of minerals, including copper, iron ore, rock phosphate, etc. The majority of its revenue comes from the ‘Iron Ore segment. Geographically, the company generates the majority of its revenue from the Indian domestic market. The company has a market capitalization of Rs 32,193 crores.

The Company produces around 35 Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of iron ore from its major iron-producing units which are the ‘Bailadila’ Sector in Chhattisgarh and ‘Donimalai’ in Bellary-Hospet region in the state of Karnataka. It aims to have an iron ore production capacity of 100 MT by FY30.

Digging into the financials of the company, the revenues increased from Rs 15,370 crores in FY20-21 to Rs 25,882 crores in FY21-22. Likewise, the net profit figures of the company have gone up from Rs 6,247 crores during FY20-21 and jumped to Rs 9,392 crores in FY21-22.

The profitability metrics such as the ROE and ROCE reported decent improvements with ROE increasing from 21.71 percent in FY20-21 to 28.96 percent during FY21-22 and ROCE, during the same period, showing movement from 29.65 percent to 37 percent. Though within the ideal range, the debt-to-equity ratio of the company increased from 0.07 in FY20-21 to 0.1 during FY21-22.

Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200 #4 – Rural Electrification Corporation Limited

REC logo
CMP₹122Market Cap (Cr.)₹32,165
EPS₹39.5Stock P/E3.08
Promoter Holding52.63%Book Value₹210
RoA2.47%Price to Book Value0.59
Net Profit Margin25.50%Operating Profit Margin91.10%

Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC) is a government agency established in 1969. The agency was formed with the main objective to finance as well as promote the ‘Power Sector’ projects all over the nation.

The company is also engaged in providing loan assistance to central & state Power Sector Utilities, Private Sector Project Developers, etc. REC has a market capitalization of Rs 32,165 crores.

The financials portray a strong track record of robust growth in the company with revenues moving from Rs 35,553 crores in FY20-21 to Rs 39,282 crores in FY21-22. Moreover, the after-tax profits grew from Rs 8,380 crores in FY20-21 to Rs 10,048 crores in FY21-22.

The profitability metrics too have shown a growth in numbers. Return on equity (ROE) shifted from 21.32 percent in FY20-21 to 21.39 percent in FY21-22. Return on capital employed (ROCE), during the same period, showed a contrasting movement with a slight fall in numbers from 9.29 percent to 9.1 percent.

The debt-to-equity ratio of the company, though higher than what is desired, has witnessed a downfall for a couple of financial years with the most recent shift being from 7.53 in FY20-21 to 6.49 during FY21-22.

Best mid cap stocks under Rs 200 #5 – Federal Bank Limited

Fedaral Bank Logo
CMP₹131Market Cap (Cr.)₹27,747
EPS₹13.3Stock P/E9.92
Book Value₹91.6CASA Ratio37.12%
Promoter Holding0.00%Capital Adequacy15.77%

Federal Bank Ltd is an India-based commercial banking company operating through a network of branches and ATMs across the country. Business segments of the company consist of the corporate/wholesale banking segment, treasury segment, retail banking segment, and other banking operations containing para-banking activities and other banking transactions.

It generates a majority of revenue from the domestic markets. The company has a market capitalization of Rs 27,747 crores.

As of the quarter ending December 2022, the Bank has an aggregate of 1,272 Branches and 1,957 ATM/Recyclers. Moreover, the Bank has 1,10,00,000 plus customers using its services.

Going through the financials of the company, increasing net profit numbers are reported with a shift from Rs 1,647 crores in FY20-21 to Rs 1,965 crores in FY21-22.

Evaluating some metrics specific to the Banking industry, the gross, as well as net NPA ratios, have reduced with the first one shifting down from 3.41 in FY20-21 to 2.8 during FY21-22 and the latter, during the same period, going down from 1.19 to 0.96.

Profitability metrics such as the ROE and ROCE moved in opposing directions with ROE showing upward movements, the recent one being from 10.52 percent during FY20-21 to 11 percent. On a contrasting note, the ROCE numbers went down from 10.12 percent to 9.68 percent keeping the timeframe the same.

List Of All Mid cap Stocks under Rs 200

Sl NoCompanyIndustryMCap(Cr)Current Price (Rs)PE Ratio TTM
1Indian Overseas BankBank - Public₹48,787.13₹25.8128.54
2Yes Bank Ltd.Bank - Private₹45,087.90₹15.6861.28
3Power Finance Corporation Ltd.Finance Term Lending₹44,854.98₹169.903.11
4NHPC Ltd.Power Generation, Distribution₹44,479.41₹44.2811.57
5Ashok Leyland Ltd.Automobiles-Trucks,Lcv₹42,852.78₹145.9568.18
6Indus Towers Ltd.Telecommunication - Service Provider₹41,717.62₹154.8020.45
7Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd.Finance Term Lending₹41,557.85₹31.806.39
8IDFC First Bank Ltd.Bank - Private₹40,754.07₹61.5716.40
9Aditya Birla Capital Ltd.Finance - NBFC₹40,409.15₹167.108.71
10UCO BankBank - Public₹35,987.43₹30.1022.73
11FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd.e-Commerce₹35,013.78₹122.750.00
12REC Ltd.Finance Term Lending₹34,811.22₹132.203.35
13Bank Of IndiaBank - Public₹34,494.58₹84.0611.08
14Steel Authority Of India Ltd.Steel & Iron Products₹34,180.10₹82.759.78
15Vodafone Idea Ltd.Telecommunication - Service Provider₹33,832.38₹6.950.00
16NMDC Ltd.Mining & Minerals₹31,826.38₹108.606.19
17The Federal Bank Ltd.Bank - Private₹28,563.43₹134.9510.21
18GMR Airports Infrastructure Ltd.Engineering - Construction₹27,529.95₹45.61227.65
19Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.Engineering - Industrial Equipments₹27,285.45₹78.3635.03
20General Insurance Corporation of IndiaInsurance₹26,903.72₹153.754.41
21Central Bank Of IndiaBank - Public₹26,346.65₹30.3515.69
22Punjab & Sind BankBank - Public₹24,379.70₹35.9720.28
23Motherson Sumi Wiring India Ltd.Steel & Iron Products₹23,705.98₹53.6260.02
24L&T Finance Holdings Ltd.Finance - NBFC₹22,934.76₹92.4814.13
25Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd.Engineering - Construction₹22,443.16₹107.6415.59
26Bank Of MaharashtraBank - Public₹20,332.83₹30.217.81
27Devyani International Ltd.Consumer Food₹19,449.92₹161.3569.30
28Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.TV Broadcasting & Software Production₹18,907.82₹196.8544.41
29The New India Assurance Company Ltd.Insurance₹17,419.36₹105.7047.15

In Closing

In this article, we went through the best Mid-cap stocks in India under Rs 200, their key operational metrics, and got a gist of how the companies have performed. I hope this article helped you unlock some key points and gain knowledge of the stocks that would help you in your investing journey. Happy Investing!

Will this bullish behavior of the Mid-cap stocks continue in the future? Let’s discuss your take on the same in the comments section below.

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