7 Best Mutual Fund Apps for Direct Investment cover

7 Best Mutual Fund Apps for Direct Investment

List of Best Mutual Fund Apps for Direct Investment in India (Updated): As we all know that investing in mutual funds is one of the best ways to grow our money in the long term. And thanks to some of the best mutual fund apps in India, tracking, managing and investing in different mutual fund schemes is a lot faster and easier these days. Moreover, you can perform all these activities in just one app.

Whether you are interested to invest in regular funds or direct mutual funds, there are multiple mobile apps for these mutual fund investments in the google play store providing the advantage of buying and selling on the tip of your fingers. Further, if you plan to invest in direct funds through these apps, they can also help you to save an extra commission of 1% to 1.5% which is a huge advantage. 

What are Direct Mutual funds?

Direct vs Regular Mutual Funds Plans: With effect from the very beginning of the year 2013, the SEBI had made it compulsory for all Mutual Fund houses of having two versions of each scheme i.e. Direct plan & Regular (or Indirect plan).

In a Direct plan, you can invest directly in a scheme of a Mutual Fund AMC at a low cost. The direct plans are cheaper than the regular plans because you will be saving costs in terms of paying commission to intermediaries. Looking at both the plans, the difference in returns seems to be as low as 0.25% which can go up to 1%.

In the long-term, these differences result in significant amounts. Therefore, it this clearly evident that you should always go for investing in the Direct plans of Mutual Funds. (Have a look at what AMFI says about Direct Plan here)

7 Best mutual fund apps for direct investment:

From hundreds of mutual fund investment apps listed on the play store, we have hand-picked seven of the best mutual fund apps for direct investment. Here is the list of the most competent mutual fund apps for Indian investors:

1. Groww- Direct Mutual Funds App

Groww Mutual-Funds App logo

Groww app is one of the fastest-growing apps in the Indian mutual fund industry. And the credit goes to its clean user-interface. This app helps in investing in mutual funds free of cost and is pretty simple to use with minimum paperwork and no hassles. All mutual funds information are available in just one investment app. Similar to the apps listed above in this article, Groww app also allows everyone to invest in direct mutual funds with zero commission and offers an additional saving up to 1.5%+ compared to regular plans.

Key features include:

  1. Simple design, built with beginners and experts in mind
  2. Dashboard to track all your investments, annualized returns, and total returns
  3. Top mutual funds list for different categories with the latest finance news and insights

Total Downloads: +10 Million
Rating on Google Play store: 4.6 out of 5 with a total of 2,28,801 ratings.

Here is the direct link to the app on play store.

2. ETMONEY Mutual Fund App

ET Money mobile app logo

ETMONEY was founded by a group of passionate Entrepreneurs, IITians and Designers with deep expertise in technology, mobile & financial services. Associated with a big brand of Economic times, this Mutual Fund app is a one-stop destination for all things investment which helps to track & manage expenses using expense manager, Invest in Mutual Funds through SIP or Lumpsum, Save tax with SIPs in ELSS mutual funds, etc.

Total Downloads: +5 Million
Rating on Google Play store: 4.5 out of 5 with a total of 1,13,199 ratings.

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Here is the direct link to the app on play store.

3. myCAMS Mutual Fund App

myCAMS Mutual-Fund App logo


myCAMS is a single gateway to invest in multiple Mutual Funds schemes. The app facilitates faster, easier and smarter ways to transact in the direct funds.

There are various features of myCAMS which include mobile PIN & Pattern login, one view of your MF portfolio, open new folios, purchase, redeem, switch, set up SIP and more. It also helps in scheduling the transaction option which allows investors to set up future Mutual Fund transactions.


Total Downloads: +1 Million
Rating on Google Play store: 4.4 out of 5 with a total of 67,133 ratings.

Here is the direct link to the app on play store.


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4. KFinKart- Investor Mutual Funds

KFinKart Investor Mutual-Funds app logo

The core objective of this app is to simplify the journey of the customer in mutual funds. It is a one-touch login app that empowers you to invest across a host of mutual funds and provides a new way of investing your money. It also emphasizes on a single view of your investments, manage profile, make decisions and transact instantly without needing multiple apps offered by different fund houses.

This app peculiarity is to make the most of your time and money by linking and tracking your family folios across AMCs, invest in NFOs, transact or reinvest, start or stop SIPs, etc.

Total Downloads: +1 Million
Rating on Google Play store: 4.3 out of 5 with a total of 32,917 ratings.

Here is the direct link to the app on play store.

5. Zerodha Coin

Zerodha Coin mutual-fund app logo

As per my opinion, Zerodha coin is one of the best apps to invest in direct mutual funds. They offer investment services in over 3,000 commission-free direct mutual funds across 34 fund houses. This can help in saving up to 1-1.5% more per annum compared to regular mutual funds. With over 1,50,000 investors who have invested over 2500 crores and collectively saved 30+ crores in commissions, Zerodha Coin has already built a big brand and customer base.

Key features of the app include:

  1. Search, filter, and buy from over 3,000 commission-free direct mutual funds across 34 AMC’s.
  2. A single capital gain statement, P&L visualizations, and Annualized (XIRR) and absolute returns.
  3. Mutual funds are held in Demat form, and thus easier to pledge as collateral for loan against securities. 

Total Downloads: +500,000
Rating on Google Play store: 4.5 out of 5 with a total of 11,261 ratings.

Here is the direct link to the app on play store.

Note: You can open your account with Zerodha to invest in direct mutual funds and stocks using this quick link.

6. PayTM Money Mutual Funds App

PayTM Money Mutual-Funds App logoPaytm Money, offered by the Paytm group, is turning out to be one of the most trusted platforms in India which provide ​up to 1% ​higher returns by investing in Direct Plans of Mutual Fund Schemes with no commissions or any charges on buying and selling of direct mutual fund plans.

It offers many features to the customer which includes fully Transparent Tracking, Data Privacy & Protection, Switch from Regular to Direct Plans, Track, Manage & Automate SIP Investments, etc.

Total Downloads: +5 Million
Rating on Google Play store: 4.2 out of 5 with a total of 82,194 ratings.

Here is the direct link to the app on play store.

7. KTrack mobile app by Karvy

KTrack mutual-fund mobile app logo

The primary objective of KTrack mobile app by Karvy is to manage the investments of its customer in mutual funds. This app offers new ways of investing your money. With just one-touch login that powers you to invest across thousands of mutual funds. It provides a single view of your manage profile, investments, make decisions and transact instantly without needing multiple apps.

The app has Enriched UI and many features like One-touch login or Log In through Facebook/Google account, Enriched Navigation, provides Portfolio Dashboard, helps in tracking of your transaction, NAV Tracker, etc.

Total Downloads: +1 Million
Rating on Google Play store: 4.3 out of 5 with a total of 32,918 ratings.

Here is the direct link to the app on play store.

Bonus: Additional Mutual Fund Apps

List of a few other Mutual Fund Apps for Direct Investment:

A few fast-growing startup apps trying to simplify mutual fund investment worth checking out:

  • Scripbox: 4.3/5 with a total of 2,938 ratings (Playstore)
  • Kuvera: 4.5/5 with a total of 1,580 ratings (Playstore)
  • Sqrrl: 4.3/5 with a total of 1,502 ratings (Playstore)
  • Goalwise: 4.6/5 with a total of 431 ratings (Playstore)

That’s all for this post. Let us know which one is your favorite mutual fund apps in the comment section below. Happy Investing!

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    Thanks for this useful blog.

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  • pramila gupta says:

    Hi Kritesh, I wanted to know that if I invest in direct mutual fund on my own, through an app, how can I switch if my fund is not doing well? Also in long term, how do I keep track of my fund’s performance?

    • Hi Pramila. Yes, you can switch funds anytime if it’s not performing well through the app. Generally, mutual funds are for long-term investment and you need to evaluate the performance half-yearly or on a yearly basis. It won’t be much helpful if you track the performance weekly or monthly. Further, after evaluating the performance on yearly basis, if you find that the fund is not performing well, you can simply stop that fund and sell all the units. Further, diversifying funds can help here. You can invest in multiple funds and track their performance to find out which one to continue and which one to stop. I hope it helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

      • pramila gupta says:

        Thank you so much Kritesh. I haven’t yet done a mutual fund SIP on my own as I only look at long term and worry if I would loose track of my investments if I diversify too much or if I wouldn’t be able to judge and panic and take out my investments if the fund isn’t doing so well. With a financial advisor, you know that it is his job to know about the market so you are in safe hands. But 1% also is a lot of money if done in direct.

        • This information is very good and great for new investment person he can get enough knowledge. Once again thanks for kind information. If any other application is good are review please information can I expect.

  • Paramjit Singh Bal says:

    Thanks for giving very useful information
    Is there any app on ios

  • Manas Kumat Bhadra. says:

    I am using Myway app for mutual fund. How do you evaluate this app?

  • Kartik Padate says:

    A very informative blog. I am using MO Investor App from Motilal Oswal which works on both android and iOS.

  • Veena Pillai says:

    I’ve been investing in Mutual Funds and for that I’ve been using MO Investor app. Here is the link for your reference – https://bit.ly/2Egukko

  • Vishal Patel says:

    Can we two app (in single iphone) for same portfolio ?

  • NMR Shreedhar says:

    IMO, better to go directly to the MF website and invest , is it not much simpler ? Like, if I am anyway sure which scheme/fund to invest in , can I not invest directly? Or am I missing something ?

    • Sagar Singh Jadon says:

      You can do that. But there is problem of managing your investment.
      Suppose you invested in 5 different MF schemes, from 5 different AMCs.
      So, you will have to create 5 user accounts, one for each website.
      On the other hand, using an app, provides you a single platform to invest, analyse performance of your funds and also redeem.

  • Ievin says:

    How about WealthBucket app sir!

  • neelesh says:

    i am investing through “MYUNIVESRE” platform but they dont have any IOS/ANDROID APP as of now, and some time i face isuues but didnt get instant support . How do you rate/evaluate MYUNIVERSE. and which app do you suggest to invest (have both options of investment direct/regular). i appreciate your valuable suggestions. thanks in advance

  • I am using Imperial Money App for mutual fund investment.

  • Bindu Singh says:

    I am using Et money app for last 2 years for mutual fund investment. Simple and easy UI of android app.

  • Jitender says:

    Valuable guidance covers all apps including AMC apps

  • Thanks for sharing such a informative content which is so useful for investor. As you have highlighted different financial services so you blog sites is a one stop solution for investor. Being a blogger I really appreciate your content. I am looking forward for more in depth content in future on “How to invest in Mutual Fund”

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