Best Stock Market Magazines : Investing in the stock market is quite an intimidating task. During a bull run, there is a lot of hearsay information from so-called market experts to, “Buy this” or “Buy that”. All of this can get quite overwhelming and might even push us to make hasty decisions with our hard-earned money.

To avoid this, as long-term investors, we need to read more about the markets, the sectors, and individual stocks. Magazines covering the Stock Market & other businesses do a good job of performing extensive research on stocks or sectors that they choose to cover. Reading these articles helps us build our personal views on Companies, the economy, and policies of the country.

Best Stock Market Magazines For Investors

Keeping this in mind, we have taken the task of compiling an informative list of best stock market magazines that would do a good job of expanding your knowledge of the market and keeping you up to date with the ongoing trends. We have also mentioned the cost of each subscription to help you make the right investment.  

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Capital Market Magazine

Capital Market is a fortnightly publication that analyses 2000 Companies and provides an in-depth analysis of the fundamental performance of the stocks, as well as their business operations. The Magazine begins with a strong cover story that outlines the theme of the particular issue. The topics could relate to policy decisions by the government, regulations by SEBI, or anything that could potentially disrupt the market.

Then, the article gives a checklist of investment-grade stocks that are analyzed based on 25 parameters and compared against their peers. Analysts at Capital Market constantly update the list with every issue. The Magazine also posts its brief on conversations with the market players and company CEOs. This would give the investors a gist of where the market for certain Companies is heading and what management is doing to manage demand or supply chain issues.

The online edition of the magazine is available for a price of Rs. 1950 for a 1 Year or 26 Issues and Rs. 5070 for a 3 Year or 78 Issues. Readers can also purchase its next 3 upcoming editions for a price of Rs. 266 and the next 6 issues for a price of Rs. 499as on the date of writing.

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ)

DSIJ began its journey selling a 12-page cyclostyled stapled booklet way back in 1986. Back in the day when obtaining quality financial information was rare, DSIJ pioneered the stock market community by educating investors via its stock market journals. Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) is India’s leading Equity research and stock market investment magazine, that publishes an article every fortnight. With a journey of over 37+ years, the Magazine has been transformed into a smart investment guide helping investors across all generations.

With DSIJ being a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor & Research Analyst, it can give buy, sell, and hold calls to investors with clear-cut guidance, backed by thorough research on the Companies. The online version of your DSIJ magazine is available once every fortnight for an annual price of Rs. 1,999. The membership gives readers access to the DSIJ Magazine App, which allows readers to read any number of previous editions along with current ones, as on the date of writing. The app also gives its readers notifications that recommend them to book profits based on the target price set by DSIJ’s research house.  

Wealth Insights by Value Research

Value Research is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor that is an Investment research firm that analyses stocks, mutual funds, and fixed-income instruments. The Agency has specific divisions like Mutual Fund Insights & Wealth Insights, that educate investors on their investments. Value Research was started by a fresh college graduate Dhirendra Kumar in 1992, who wrote reports on Companies that would benefit from the PSU disinvestments proposed back in the day. The article was published in ‘The Economic Times’ bringing lots of fame to the agency and its founder.

The Wealth Insights magazine by Value Research has a very diverse variety of articles all compiled into one monthly magazine. The editor of the article does a phenomenal job at curating interesting educational topics from across the world & compiling them into its monthly articles. The magazine has multiple sections like the stock story, big moves, IPO Tracker, Analyst’s diary, and a lot more sections that give insights on specific stocks for readers to pick from.  A single digital issue of the magazine costs Rs. 99 and a 1-year issue costs Rs. 849. Print and digital copies cost Rs. 125 for a single issue & Rs. 1186 for a year, as on the date of writing.

Outlook Money

Outlook Money is a must-read monthly magazine, for any individual who is looking to strengthen their finances & sustainably grow their wealth. Since its inception in 1998, the magazine has focused on consumer interests.

It has carved out a niche for itself by being a hybrid between a lifestyle and a finance magazine. This blend allows Outlook Money to educate its readers to spend smartly and invest well, while not being a stock market research-focused magazine. Outlook Money begins each edition with a topic that covers any ongoing economic scenario or gives a basic outlook of the market. This is followed by 10 individual articles that talk about a Company in a detailed manner.

These fundamental articles look to find value in a particular Company and try to analyze where this growth is heading. They are followed by educational articles that try to promote better investments, whether it is on Insurance or Investing in Mutual Funds. The articles from Outlook Money are not as serious as the previous three magazines. They are an easy read for anybody looking to develop better finance knowledge.  Outlook Money’s magazines are available in print version for Rs. 749 for a year and Rs. 1399 for 2 Years. The E-Magazine version costs Rs. 840 a year, as on the date of writing.

The Economist

The Economist is a British weekly magazine that writes about current affairs, International business, politics, and technology. The magazine is offered by the Economist Group, a London-based newspaper agency with editorial offices across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The magazine is one of the oldest on our list with its roots dating back to 1845. It currently has over a million subscribers internationally subscribing to both print & digital versions. The Magazine’s prime focus is on economic trends and their effect on a particular sector.

As the parent company of The Economist has offices across major International business centers, it can compile economic data & compare economies or in general give a broad view of the global economy. The Economist is for a mature investor who is looking for an in-depth economic view across multiple geographies. In India, the 2-year digital version costs Rs. 12,459 and the Annual Digital & Print Version costs about Rs. 14,900 annually, as on the date of writing.

Forbes India

Forbes India is a leading fortnight publication that covers topics on business leadership, startups, technology, and innovation in India. The Magazine is famous for issuing coverage of the lives of India’s richest & most famous individuals.  The magazine is a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn about the transforming landscape of India Inc. The parent company of the magazine was founded in America by B.C. Forbes way back in 1917.

The magazine is famous for its lists like Forbes 400, which lists the richest 400 Americans, Forbes 30 under 30, which lists 30 notable individuals under the age of 30 years and Forbes Global 2000, which lists the 2000 Top wealthiest individuals across the globe. Forbes India Magazine is available for purchase for a price of Rs. 3050 for a year in print and Rs. 1418 for a year in Digital format. An annual subscription gives you access to 27 issues. The magazine also offers a 3-year deal of 81 issues in print as well as digital for a price of Rs. 6434, as on the date of writing.

Business Today

Business Today is one of the largest business magazines which is circulated fortnightly. The magazine covers articles surrounding corporate news, and market trends, and covers important leadership personalities. The Magazine is famous for its in-depth coverage and insightful analysis of the business landscape. It generally covers the startup world concerning its business landscape, funding, and the valuation game.

The cover story of the latest issue talked about the slowdown of India’s startup funding with just two startups achieving the unicorn status in 2023. The Magazine is available for subscription at the price of Rs. 999 for digital edition & Rs. 2,999 for digital & print editions, as on the date of writing. 


So we shared our list of top best stock market magazines this article and gave you a brief as to what you might find with each magazine. Every author writes based on his perspective, and that translates into how he perceives a stock or any other investment for that matter. 

Hence, reading articles by multiple authors must be key before an individual builds his investment mindset. Beyond that, it is also important to and then doing your research. With that said, we would like to hear from you. Which magazine would you subscribe to? Is there a better magazine that we missed covering? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Nasir Hussain

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