New Delhi, May 6 (PTI) Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Choudhary on Friday asked Cluster-Based Business Organisations (CBBOs) to reach out to the local elected representatives for mobilising small and marginal farmers to join the Farmer Producers Organisations.

Addressing a conference in Jaipur, Choudhary asked “CBBOs and Implementing Agencies to further focus on supporting FPOs, motivating farmers to contribute the equity and support them,” an official statement said.

Stating that there is a significant role of CBBOs and FPOs in doubling farmers’ income, he said, “CBBOs should come forward to contact local elected representatives to mobilise small and marginal farmers to join the FPO movement.” In February 2020, a central scheme was launched to set up 10,000 Farmer Producers Organisations (FPOs). Under the scheme, CBBOs have been provisioned with the critical role to engage themselves all along the value chain for starting FPOs. They are also to establish a cardinal link with the Implementing Agencies and FPOs. PTI LUX LUX AJ AJ

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