PayPal is a well-respected payment method for millions of users around the world. Over the last quarter, PayPal grew by 4% which means even more gamblers are turning to one of the most convenient payment methods online.

Over the last year the company has seen revenue of over 7 billion dollars which goes to show that the payment method is as popular as ever. When it comes to reputable companies, PayPal is right at the top of the list. 

Online casinos are assisting PayPal as millions choose to use it to make their casino deposits and withdrawals. The reason the famous e-wallet continues to be a first choice for millions of gamblers is the efficiency and reliability that it offers its users.

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There are many different payment options for New Zealand players when they visit online casinos, but PayPal is a firm favorite. The reason is simple: it offers fast payouts, and there are low fees. 

When you visit New Zealand casinos the casino itself will not charge any fees to make a deposit or a cashout. The company has a policy where they charge a transaction fee but this depends on whether it is a domestic or international payment type. The fees vary and are generally from a percentage of the amount. The charges can vary from either 1.90% to 3.49%. 

About Fees

PayPal also offers a fixed fee per transaction, which depends on the price schedule for the country’s currency. There may also be currency conversion fees for international transactions.

The bottom line is that online casinos are a fantastic way to use the payment method. Because of the large number of players choosing this e-wallet, the company has managed to make large profits.  

However, it is not only the company that benefits; gamblers also benefit. When you are playing the latest slot title in a New Zealand casino, you want to have peace of mind. You do not want to stress about not receiving your winnings. Using the electronic wallet gives Kiwi players peace of mind so they can focus on winning large rewards. 

What are the Advantage of Using PayPal?

Below are some of the benefits that come with using PayPal when you are gambling at top NZ casino sites? 

  • It is widely accepted on gambling sites, making it an easy choice. With millions of customers worldwide, it offers players an enhanced gaming experience. 
  • PayPal’s security features provide excellent protection to every player. Because the company charges fees for some payments, the money is reinvested into providing gamblers with enhanced security features. 
  • Using PayPal when gambling at your favorite online casino offers brilliant privacy. You are not required to share any bank details on the casino platform. 
  • The speed at which this e-wallet transactions work is a big plus for casino players. Gamblers can make a deposit and start playing straight away with no delay. Making cashouts is quicker through PayPal than many other payment methods, too. 
  • It offers centralized control, therefore, gamblers can better keep track of their gambling budget. All transactions are recorded in one place, making sure everything is transparent. It also allows players to link a prepaid card to a PayPal account. 
  • Mobile compatibility is excellent, so players can easily access payments on the move. It is even possible to use the PayPal app, which offers a seamless experience from your mobile device. 
  • Another big advantage is the customer support staff which are always on hand for any issues. It is possible to contact the company’s staff through email or live chat if you run into any payment queries. 

I am no longer surprised why such a huge number of casinos sites in New Zealand offer players to use this e-wallet, not to mention the chocka of games and promos they host. 


Online casinos have certainly helped the company earn impressive profits over the last year. Using this e-wallet to add funds to your casino account and make withdrawals could not be easier. This is a respected and trusted payment option for every gambler online. It is used around the world by millions of people for good reason; it is very effective.

New Zealand gamblers who are looking for safe, secure payment options do not need to look any further. PayPal is a smart and safe e-wallet option for deposits and withdrawals if you are a casino enthusiast.