How to trade in ICICI Direct? Buy:Sell Stocks

How to trade in ICICI Direct? Buy/Sell Stocks

How to trade in ICICI Direct? Buy/Sell Stocks– ICICI direct is one of the best online broker websites for buying or selling a stock on the stock market. Using ICICI direct, you can buy or sell a stock within two minutes using your phone/laptop. The brokerage charge for the ICICI direct is decent and the interface is very user-friendly to easily understand how to trade in ICICI direct.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to trade in ICICI direct. So, be with me for the next 5-10 minutes to learn the basics of trading with ICICI direct.

For those of you who are here for a quick answer, here is the video on how to trade in ICICI direct which can help you to learn the trading process fast. But, I do recommend you to read the complete post in order to get an in-depth knowledge of trading in ICICI Direct. Here it the video –

Youtube Video:

Source: ICICI Direct

First of all, you need to know that the market opens from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM from Monday to Friday, excluding a few national holidays like Independence day, Republic day etc. You can get the complete list of holidays in a year from BSE/NSE website. So, basically, you can place an order to buy the stocks during market days when the market is opened from 9:30 Am to 3:30 PM. At this time you can place orders to buy the stock at the current market price or you can set a limit price (Say you want to buy a stock whose market price is 90, only when the price falls to 88. Then you place a limit price 88 against the market price which is 90).

You can also place orders outside the market timings i.e. before 9:30 AM or after 3:30 PM. But the order will be executed only when the stock market opens. Although these are advantageous for those who can’t place an order during the market time, there are few disadvantages of placing the orders after market timings.

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For example, you won’t know the opening price of the stocks for the next day, so it might open at a higher price the next day which may lead you to reset your order price or cancel (and you might even not be able to buy the stock). So, it would be preferable to place orders for the stocks only during the market time so that you have the full information on the current market price of the stock.

Now that you know about the background of the stock market timings, let’s move towards the topic of the post – how to trade in ICICI direct? Buy and sell stocks.

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Step by step guide for How to trade in ICICI direct:

Step 1: Login to your ICICI Direct account

First, you need your account credentials to login in the ICICI direct. If you open a 3-in-1 (Saving+Demat+Trading) account in ICICI Direct, you can have the access to buy/sell and hold your stocks using the same account. Therefore, if you are new to trading, I will suggest you open a 3-in-1 account in ICICI Direct.

After you have opened your account in the ICICI direct, you will get your username and password to log in. The first step is to the google and search, ‘ICICI Direct’. Open the first link that comes in the search engine ( Then click on login in the top right-hand corner. The website will ask your credentials like username, password, and date of birth/pan card. After entering the correct details, you can enter inside your ICICI direct account.

STEP 2: Allocate funds for buying stocks

The next step after logging in your ICICI direct account is to allocate funds in the trading account.

The concept of allocating funds in very simple. Let’s say you have Rs 50,000 in your saving accounts in ICICI bank (or any other bank linked to your trading and demat account). And you want to buy stocks worth Rs 500. Then, you need to transfer that amount from your saving account to the trading account so that you can place the order of the stock worth Rs 500. This can be done by allocating the fund.

‘Allocate fund’ option can be found on the landing page after logging and is highlighted here.

Typically, this step of allocating funds can be done within a minute if you have a 3-in-1 ICICI Direct account. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the option Secondary, Market Equity, ETF (Note: if you want to buy IPO, Mutual funds then you have to go to other option).
  • Select ‘ADD’ option and enter the amount you need to add.
  • Then, click on ‘Submit’.
  • You can see the allocated fund in the ‘Current Allocation’ after submitting.

Step 3: Place order for the stock

This is the third and final step for purchasing stocks using ICICI direct. After allocating the fund, you should select the option ‘Place order’, which is present in the equity option. This option is highlighted here:

After selecting the place order, you have to follow the following steps. The steps are simple and can be performed within a minute:

  1. First, select the ‘Cash’ option in the Product.
  2. Next, you have the option to select the stock exchange. You have two options- NSE (National stock exchange) or BSE (Bombay stock exchange). You can choose anyone and it doesn’t make much difference as prices are almost the same on both exchanges and follows an almost the same trend. (I generally prefer NSE.)
  3. Then you can view your limit on how much money you have to buy the stocks. This is the allocated money which you added in step 2. If you need more money, you can add amount by allocating extra funds.
  4. Now enter the stock. For example, if you want to buy a stock of ‘Tata Motors’, start typing ‘tata mot..’ on the stock option. The drop-down options will appear and you can select your stock from the list.
  5. Next, you need to enter the quantity. the number of stocks that you want to buy.
  6. After that, you have to select that option for order validity. Here you have three options – DAY, IOC or VTC. If you want to place an order for that day only, you should select Day. If you are placing a limit price and want to continue the placed order for the next few days, then you can select VTC 0valid till cancellation. (Prefer ‘day’ order)
  7. Next, you have to select the Order Type. There are two options here – Market and Limit. I have already explained these earlier in this post. If you want to buy the stock at the current market price select ‘Market’ option. If you want to buy the stock at a limit price, select the ‘Limit’ option.
    For example, let’s say that Tata motor’s stocks are currently trading at a market price of Rs 469.10. If you want to buy that stock at market price, then you should select the ‘Market’ option. If you want to buy the tata motors stock only when the price is Rs 465 or lower, select ‘limit’ option.
  8. If you have selected ‘limit option’ in the Order Type, then you need to enter the ‘Limit Price’ in the next step. (This is Rs 465 in the previous example of Tata motors).
  9. The last option is the stop loss trigger price. You can leave this option blank and is not a must-fill option. This is an order placed with a broker to sell a security when it reaches a certain price. A stop-loss order is designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position in a security. You can study more about stop trigger price here.
  10. Finally, select ‘Buy Now’

After clicking on ‘Buy Now’, you will be directed to a confirmation page. You need to confirm the details. And Tada!!!! You have bought a stock! Congratulations!!!!

If you want to re-confirm the stock that you’ve bought, you can do check by selecting the option ‘TRADE BOOK’ in equity. The option is highlighted here.

So, that’s all. This is the process of How to Trade in ICICI Direct.

Quick Note: After the trade in complete, it generally takes two-three days for the stock to reflect in your portfolio. Do not worry if can’t find the stock in your portfolio on the very next day since you executed the trade. It will eventually show up. The process takes T+2 days for transferring it from the previous owner to your account.

That’s all. I hope this post is useful to the readers. If you have any doubts or need any additional help, feel free to comment below. I will be happy to help you out.

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  • Akhil says:

    Nice information…thank you..
    But I have doubt buying I understand then selling time…which option will use CASH SELL option right ?..and one more thing can I open a icici 3 in 1 account easily…after that I can start trading with my new account…why I asked becoz I don’t have any icici account…plz give answer

    • Kritesh says:

      Hi Akhil. Yes, CASH SELL will be used during selling time. Further, you can easily open ICICI 3-in-1 account and it’s simple to use. You need any additional help feel free to message me at my facebook page -

  • Gokul says:

    What will be the brokerage charge? say for purchasing a stock of Rs 500?

    • Kritesh says:

      It depends on your broker. Generally a full service broker charges between 0.1% – 0.5% for delivery. So for Rs 500, if you take brokerage charge of 0.3%, then it will cost around Rs 1.50

    • Akshay Waghe says:

      Use ICICI direct brokerage calculator for bSE or NSE

  • Rohit says:

    if you could explain more on Price improvement order feature for Trailing stopp loss order, that would be real help

  • ishwar says:

    very good and informative.

  • Manjiri says:

    Very useful information.

  • Krishna says:

    Is it necessary to allocate funds from icici saving account only? Suppose i have saving account in kotak or citi bank then will i be able to allocate funds on icici direct after opening the account?

  • Suresh Krishnan says:

    Suppose I already bought 100 shares(icici bank) of rupees 320 on aug 2017, today I bought 17/08/2017 300 shares of same (icici bank shares) of rupees 280. I am planning to sell recently bought shares. How to select the options of recently bought one in ICICI demat account. Kindly help

    • Kritesh says:

      Hi Suresh. Good question. When you buy a stocks on multiple days in delivery (i.e holding period is more than one day for each stocks), then the stock price gets average out. In your case, the stock price will be Rs [(320*m)+(280*n)]/(m+n), where m & n are the number of stocks bought at Rs 320 and at Rs 280. For example, if you bought ten stocks each time, then m=n=10, and stock price will be Rs 300. Further, when you sell a stock the profit/loss will be decided on average buying price only. For example, if you sell you stock at Rs 350, then the profit will be Rs (350-300) = Rs 50. I hope the answer is helpful.


    Sir when we buy a stock we set a limit price below the market price for place order .If the market price not down to limit price . What to do we.

    • admin says:

      You can modify your order and set the limit price accordingly. For example, let’s say you placed a limit price of Rs 90 for a stock. However, the market price in not coming below Rs 95. In such case, you can modify your order to Rs 96 so that the trade can be completed. Hope this is helpful.

  • eshwar tenneti says:

    what is the meaning of ‘Add to My Cloud’?
    Can I not buy or sell without going to My cloud

  • Chaitanya says:

    Is it necessary to allocate funds from icici savings to demat account.??
    How many days took for day & vtc for selling??

    • Kritesh says:

      Yes, you have to allocate funds before buying a stock and it can be done withing a minute. The fund transfer is instantaneous. Further, VTC is valid till cancellation and day is for single day transaction. I hope this is helpful.

  • S Banerjee says:

    I want to place order before market open, say I want to buy some share in night, so that it will not jump on next day market open and I will catch the share in my desired price. Please share the steps.

    • Kritesh says:

      Hi Banerjee. You can place an AMO (After market order) in which you need to set a limit price at which you want to buy the stocks. The procedure is same as what you follow for buying stocks during market time. However, the order will be placed only once the market is open next day. No transaction is done after market timings.

    • Santosh Kumar says:

      Dear sir,
      How to know demat account number in ICICI Direct. I am having 3 in 1 account.

  • sami syed says:

    Excellent article, user friendly. I have buy my 1st trade through your article guideline. Thank you.

  • Vivek says:

    your views are really informative and helpful Kritesh. Just a query like can you help me understand different order type like day ,IOC & VTC. how different are all of them.

    thank you so much .

    • Day, IOC and VTC are the order types
      Day = valid for the day
      IOC = Immediate or cancel (The order will be executed immediately or will be canceled)
      VTC = Valid Till cancel (the order will be valid for that day and upcoming days until canceled).
      I hope this is useful.

  • Nilesh says:

    Thanks for knowledgeable information

    I have a question

    How to buy shares in pre open market{between 9:00 am to 9:15am} through icici direct

    • Hi Nilesh. You can place an order through an AMO (after market order) before the opening session. If a trade match is found during the order matching period in the pre-opening session, then your order will be complete. I hope it helps.

  • Saurabh says:

    Hey. My question is how many days or hours it takes once you the place the order for shares to arrive (reflect) at your account. Because if I want to sell it the next day (suppose price is up next day), can I place the sell order then ? My experience is that it takes 3-4 days for shares to reflect in your account so you HAVE TO WAIT for that period before you can even think of selling them. Please guide.

    • Kritesh says:

      Indian stock exchange follows t+2 settlement rule which means it takes 2 days to reflect the stock in your account. You can sell the stock one received. Nevertheless, yes, you have to wait till then.

  • Pavithra says:

    hi I am new to icici direct my question is I placed a order cash buy by selecting day as option as u told if day selected do I need to sell that share that day itself or I can sell whenever I want please guide,and what is t+2 days and all please explain(if I buy I need to wait 2days to sell immediately I can sell?)

    • Hi Pavithra. It takes 2 days for the stock to get credited to the demat account. Therefore, you cannot sell the stock next day. However, if you are doing an intraday trading, you can buy and sell on the same day. I hope it helps. Cheers!

  • sandeep kumar pandey says:

    I am new in trading and i have some amount in allocated funds but i am unable to reduce that amount from there??

  • Ranabir Chanda says:

    Please suggest me how to sell stocks in ICICI Direct?

  • Ridhdhi says:

    Hi Kritesh.. very nicely described for newbie.
    I have icici direct account but when I am trying to place order, it says “
    Your account is mapped to an ICICI Securities Business Partner”

    And borker’s contact details are given. I would like to place and sell orders myself. How do I take control of my account.

    • Hi Ridhdhi. In your case, your account might be mapped with a sub-broker of ICICI securities. You need to call ICICI direct and ask them to provide trading credentials. As your account is already open, it won’t take too long.

  • chandan says:

    sir after buying shares and after 3+day ,where m going to see my holdings if it is deposited in my account

  • sunita kumari says:

    mujhe intraday kaise kare yeh jankari chahiye

  • Simply wanna say that this is very helpful, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

  • Kumar says:

    Hello Kritesh,

    Very nicely described post!!

    Just a simply query I have, if I buy a stock under VTC option and if it executes after 1 hour, now if I want to sell that stock on the same day, can I do it?

  • Kuldeep says:

    Hii..kritesh I m new in market wanna know if I want to hold my stock investment for longer time than 45 days through vtc what I need to do?
    2. Will I need to sell my shares within the time period of vtc..what if I don’t?

  • narisi says:

    Hi kritesh,
    Do we have brokerage deduction on cash sell also? If we have could you tell me how much it will be.

  • Vijay says:

    Hi kritesh,
    You articles are very helpful. And undoubtedly it is giving clarification which we exactly need.

    Can you provide some link to under stand all terms used in icici direct mobile app. There are plenty of options. I would like to do my trades with utmost effectiveness with icici direct mobile app.

    Example cash buy is ok , also there is flexicash option? What’s is that meant. Similarly there are many tabs.

  • Usha Sainath says:

    You hv mentioned about an online course for newbie investors here which is not open for enrollment now. When will the enrollment start?

  • rahul says:


    im very confused with day,ioc and vtc.

    just want to confirm, if i need to buy stocks now and keep it for long term, which is the option i need to select, DAY/IOC or VTC.

    • Hi Rahul. As you know that the price of stocks keeps on fluctuating. Let’s say you placed a limit order to buy a stock at Rs 90. However, the price of the stock is fluctuating between Rs 85 to 95. Now, when your order amount matches the current market price, the transaction is done.

      If you place a day order, your order will be valid for a day. Throughout the day, whenever your order price matches the market price, the transaction is done. Else, it will be canceled at the End of the day. On the other hand, IOC is immediate or cancel and VTC is valid til canceled.

      In your case, select the day option. It will work well. I hope it helps!! Cheers!!

  • thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

  • Pardeep says:

    how to sell the shares in icici direct.
    kindly provide the link like link how to buy link.

  • Rahul says:

    How do i check my balance on demat?
    I have allocated 4000rs initially and purchased few odd shares summing upto 2500rs. Where do i see the balance amount ?

  • Thomas Christian says:

    Suppose, I sell some shares on day One. It sold on the same day and deducted from my portfolio on second day and money deposited in my SB Account on Fourth Day. Is it possible that I got the money in my SB Account on second day? I mean they take some charge and do the process faste.

  • thanks for sharing this information.have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

  • Ravi Chandra says:

    No.. it’s not necessary to allocate fund if you have 3 in 1 account as money gets debited directly from your account when one buys stock. But since there is minimum average balance (MAB ) policy in ICICI General saving A/c you have to take care of the same if your DMAT a/c is attached to it.

  • Tapas says:

    How can I hold my share for one ,two,three years or how long I want to hold, after that how can I sell it?

  • SEEMA KUMARI says:


  • Bharath says:

    Sir, can I buy stocks from American stock exchange using ICICI Direct. If I can, how should I do it? Thanks very much.

  • Joey says:

    Help Sir,
    how can I do Swing trading, if i bought a share today and not able to sell it tomorrow (bcz it takes T+2 days to credited) ..its price come up within 2 to 3 trading sessions or can be extended to a week. pl help

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