Best Sites to Learn Virtual Stock Trading in India: Entering the Indian stock market can be a tedious job for beginners. First, you need to open your brokerage account (Demat and trading account). This means that you have to pay the account opening charges and go through the complex documentation process. Further, as stock market trading involves market risk, you can always lose some money— especially, if you are a beginner.

So, how to solve this problem? How to Learn stock trading in India without actually risking any money. The answer is by using virtual stock trading platforms.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to use virtual stock trading platforms in India. It’s going to be an exciting post. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s get started. Here are the topics that we’ll cover today:

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What is Virtual Stock Trading?

Virtual Stock Trading (also known as Paper Trading) is similar to actual trading where you can buy and sell stocks. However, here no real money is involved. By providing the real market scenario or virtual trading facilities using simulators, these platforms offer learning opportunities to beginners without risking any money.

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These virtual trading platforms provide real-time stock or financial data, which means that you can try out different strategies of trading in stocks just like the real-world stock market, but risk-free.

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How do virtual stock trading platforms work?

It’s a really straightforward process to use a stock simulator to do virtual stock trading. Here are the steps required to start virtual stock trading in India (Paper Trading India):

  1. Open a free account (using your email-id) on the paper trading platform (discussed below).
  2. Get instant virtual money in your account.
  3. Start buying/selling stocks like real trading scenarios.
  4. Monitor your portfolio and track profit/loss.
  5. Try different strategies and learn the trading basics.
  6. When you get enough confidence and experience- move to real trading.

What are the pros and cons of using the virtual trading platform?

Nothing is perfect in this world. Although there are many advantages of using virtual trading platforms (especially for beginners), however, there are also a few disadvantages. Let’s discuss them- one by one:

— Advantages of using Virtual trading platforms

  1. No need to open a demat/trading account or go through any documentation process.
  2. No real money is required to start virtual trading.
  3. Real-time market scenarios to try out different strategies and to learn the basics.
  4. Risk-free trading practice.
  5. Okay to make mistakes and take risks as there’s no real loss here.

— Disadvantages of using virtual trading platforms

  1. There’s no emotional attachment as real money is not involved. 
  2. You can quickly get bored as winning/losing virtual money is not much exciting.
  3. The real market scenario might be a little different than the virtual trading environment. (In the virtual trading platforms, participants take extra risks and bets than they would actually take in a real scenario.)

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#6 Best Virtual Trading Platforms in India

1. TradingView

tradingview virtual stock trading app india

TradingView is a popular charting and technical analysis website that also provides paper trading features using its paper trading app in India. It is one of the best paper trading websites in terms of the facilities it provides like charts, technical tools are more. Users can sign up for free and connect to Paper trading to start virtual trading.

For budding traders, who want to practice live candlestick charts or technical indicators tools to make their trades, they should definitely try out Tradingview paper trading. Here’s a demo of how to do paper trading on the Tradingview platform:

2. Moneybhai

moneybhai virtual stock trading website

Moneycontrol website offers Moneybhai. It is a free virtual trading platform where you’ll get Rs 1 crore virtual cash on registration which you can use to invest in shares, commodities, mutual funds, or fixed deposits on the platform.

At Moneybhai, you can also compete with fellow Indian traders by joining different leagues. There’s also a free forum on this website where you can ask your queries or participate in the on-going discussion threads.

3. TradingLeagues

TradingLeagues is a fantasy stock market game founded by Raghu Kumar (Co-founder of Upstox) and Harsh Agarwal (Founder of AGacquisitions). This unique game app will cushion the introductory experience of the market for the Indian masses while also offering them the option of building trading skills and putting strategies to the test without big capital losses. 

The app currently offers more than 100 games that cover Indian stocks, US stocks, and Cryptocurrencies. A user can download the app and choose to play in one of the four-game leagues: Battle Leagues, Target Leagues, Selection Leagues, or Classic Leagues. With free sign-up credits of ₹50, any user can instantly enter TradingLeagues and participate in a game. The app offers games of various durations, winning functions, and prize pools, and winners can withdraw their winnings. 

With just 4 clicks to complete games, the games offer an effortless interface experience in a growing community of more than 300k gamers. 

TradingLeagues has been to make stock market skill building rewarding with no need for a brokerage account, no stress, and no risk.

4. TrakInvest

TRAK INVEST - Virtual Stock Trading in India

TrakInvest is a global trading platform that helps you to learn, develop and improve your investing skills. Currently, it provides curated market data and news from 10 exchanges. It also offers beginners’ guides and videos, certification courses designed by industry experts, and simulations for competing for rewards.

At TrakInvest, you can also track other traders and dig deeper into their trading activity (portfolio) where you can replicate their trades using the ‘Copy Trade’ facility. Overall, TrakInvest provides a simple and friendly platform for ‘Social’ virtual trading for beginners.

5. Dalal Street

DSIJ Company logo

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) popular virtual trading platform in India which helps you to understand the different trading nuances and to test your investment strategies.

On registration, you’ll get virtual cash of Rs 1,000,0000 to create your portfolio. At DSIJ, you can also discuss strategies with like-minded participants in the discussion group.

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6. Stockpe

StockPe is a virtual trading app that enables users to practice trading in different financial instruments including stocks without having to risk their own money. It’s an excellent opportunity for both experienced and novice traders to try new trading tactics without suffering losses.

Users of virtual trading platforms like StockPe can also use a number of tools to assist in market analysis and decision-making. These resources include news feeds, economic calendars, technical indicators, and charting tools.

This app’s portfolio tracking and reporting tools allow users to monitor their progress and gauge their achievement. They can publish their trades on social media and compete against other traders on the leaderboards of the app.

StockPe is a great way for anyone interested in trading to learn and hone their skills without having to risk any real money. Before using real money to invest in the markets, it offers users a risk-free environment to test out various tactics and refine their skills. In order to buy and sell stocks, users of StockPe are given a virtual balance.

Users of the app can experience the same market conditions that actual traders do because the software simulates the buying and selling process using real-time market data.

Bonus: Other Popular Paper Trading Apps

Bonus #1: Investopedia stock simulator

investopedia virtual trading

This is my favorite stock simulator.

Investopedia provides a FREE stock simulation platform where you can easily learn how to place trade orders (like market order, limit order, stop loss, etc), how to create a portfolio, how to create a watchlist and more. On registration, you’ll get $100,000 as virtual cash which you can use to trade. You can also compete with thousands of Investopedia traders/players on the same platform.

The reason why I didn’t place this platform in the top 5 is that you cannot trade in Indian stocks on the Investopedia stock simulator. Therefore, if you’re looking to learn virtual stock trading in India (Paper Trading India), then it might not be a good option. However, if you are comfortable with trading in foreign stocks like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc, then feel free to check out this simulating platform.

Bonus #2: Market Watch

market watch virtual trading

Market Watch is yet another excellent paper trading platform that enlightens you on the basics of the stock market while also allowing you to see a real-time experience. Here, the players can build their portfolio and play in the real-time markets to make a spot on the top of the leaderboards.

A few great features of Market Watch stock trading game is Advanced Trading where the participants can enable advanced options like limit and stop loss orders, as well as partial shares and Custom Gameplay. This feature gives the users options to set the starting budget and can allow margin trading, short selling and more.

This virtual stock trading game will teach you all you need to know about the stock market basics, especially if you want to trade in US or foreign stocks. After a few days of using this platform, you will have a better understanding of all the important variables you need to know before buying and selling stocks with real money.

Bonus #3: Moneypot


Moneypot is another finest virtual trading simulators for the Indian stock market, offering traders, students, and even corporations the opportunity to learn the technical of the stock market. The money pot is a social trading platform that attempts to unite an online trading community. It’s a fun and helpful stock market simulation game that you may play on the internet.

One of the best parts of the Money Pot virtual trading platform is it is extremely simple to join up and register. Simply go to the website, look for the registration icon in the upper right corner, click it, and you’ll be ready to play the game. You will receive 2 lacks in virtual currency after signing up, which you may use to trade and invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other commodities.

During the game, the participant’s portfolios are measured against other players in real-time, and at the end of that game, the winners are those who have the highest returns relative to the other participants. The leading Traders can win cash prizes

Closing Thoughts on Virtual Trading

In this article, we discussed the best virtual stock trading websites in India, where you can evaluate your investing and trading skills for FREE without risking any money and with the least documentation required.

Virtual stock trading in India is an excellent way to learn the basics of trading in the stock market. Using these platforms, you can try different investment/trading strategies without any fear of losing your real money. It’s always advisable to try virtual stock trading (paper trading India) for a few weeks before directly jumping into the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which is the best virtual trading app in India?

TradingView, TrakInvest, Dalal Street, and Money pot are some of the best virtual trading apps in India. Apart from that, there are certain websites that are good for virtual trading, like, Moneybhai by Moneycontrol, Investopedia Stock Simulator and Market Watch Virtual Stock Exchange.

  1. How can I learn online trading in India?

You can learn online trading in India by reading and researching using platforms like MoneyControl, Economic Times, Investopedia, and Trade Brains. You can read books to understand the financial market and get financial knowledge regarding fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Further, you can create an account on virtual stock trading platforms, make a dummy portfolio, and try virtual trading, before you actually invest money. Finally, once you are confident enough, you can set up your demat and trading account and start online trading in India.

  1. Does Zerodha provide virtual trading?

No, Zerodha does not provide virtual trading to clients on a daily basis. However, Zerodha’s partner platforms like Streak provide similar services. Zerodha’s Kite trading platform mostly focuses on active traders and investors.

  1. Can I do virtual trading?

Yes, you can do virtual trading in India without investing any real money. Virtual trading in India is an excellent way to learn the basics, without using real money. It helps you to try different investment and trading strategies without any fear of losing your money.

  1. How do I start virtual trading?

To start with virtual stock trading, you need to open a free account on a simulating platform. Once you’ve signed up, you will receive instant virtual money in your account. Then, you can start buying and selling stocks using different strategies., Monitor your portfolio and track profits and losses. Finally, you can find out what strategy works for you and move to real trading when you’re confident and have gained experience.

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