• Harleen says:

    Thanks for sharing ideas on opening a demat and trading account. Yes, I too think Zerodha is a good platform especially for a newbie investor or trader. As the number of stock brokers have increased in the past few years it’s not that easy to decide which one is the best.

  • Sarath says:

    What about wisdom capital, I’ve found that there is no charges for brokerage and opening demat account. Shall I open a demat account with Wisdom capital?

    • Wisdom Capital offers three different brokerage plans and their basic ‘freedom’ plan has zero brokerage. However, this plan offers very little or no margin/exposure. If you are looking for a higher margin, you have to go for ‘PRO’ or ‘ULTIMATE’ plan. Further, for delivery trading, most of the discount brokers offer FREE trading. I can’t see any added benefit neither for heavy traders or delivery traders in the basic plan, compared to the other reputed brokers like Zerodha, Upstox, 5 Paisa, etc. The only advantage is no account opening charge, which is a one-time charge and should not matter much. Anyways, if you’re planning to open your account there, make sure to check the trading platform reviews like how fast and reliable they are. I’ve not used this broker, so can’t comment on that. I hope it helps.

  • VIKAS RANJAN says:

    What happens if a brokerage firm stops operating? In such a scenario what happens to that brokerage firm’s customers?

    • ramya muralidharan says:

      Thanks for the detailed insight into brokerage services…it was of great iam a beginner I would like to know further how can i get to know what to buy or when to buy.

  • Rohit says:

    Thanks for the informative post. The way you narrated the post is good and understanding. After reading the post I learned a lot of new things about Demat trading account. Please let me know for the upcoming posts.

  • great content it’s very useful for who and all looking to learn about the stock market. keep posting

  • sourabh says:

    angel broker it is a full-service broker as well as have low brokerage

  • Rakesh says:

    Thanks Sir , Want to start your investment journey and don’t know where to begin? Start with opening a demat & trading account. Choosing the right broker to assist you with this is equally important. To understand what factors to look at to pick the best Demat & Trading account, click here

  • Anima says:

    Thank You so much for your informative post. I am beginner so I want to learn about Indian Share market. I learned lots of information from your post. I want to study more about it.

  • Dipen Hingu says:

    Very useful information for freshers. Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience.

  • Kumar says:

    First time started to read this article. Really nice explanation and having clarity about the details. Kritesh ?

  • Discount broker is always a good idea to whom we can start with when we are on learning stage

  • suresh chandra khandelwal says:

    my younger brother expired 10 yrs back, now we want close its demat a/c or transfered his a/c in his wife/ children’s name .please give me step by step procedure to be followes for above . kindly extend your help and valuable guidence. his demat a/c was in IDBI BANK , INDORE

  • Balbir says:

    What if my earlier trading a/c has negative balance & i want to close it? is it mandatory to clear pending dues before closing such trading a/c?

  • Goodwill says:

    Goodwill it is a full-service broker as well as have low brokerage…

  • Devang says:

    Some information on motilal oswal broker. I open free demat account and 999+ Gst is AMC is good or not?

  • T Navin Kumar says:

    Sir I opened DMAT in Profitmart Company
    Wht about company
    Is it in atleast top 20 companies

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