List of Top Stock Research Websites in India: A good stock research tool will make your stock analysis process a lot easier along with saving tons of time for you. In this post, we are going to look into the best stock research websites in India where you can analyze Indian companies and perform complete fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. All these websites are very powerful and provide quality financial data for the users.

In addition, there’s also a bonus section at the end of this post where we have mentioned a few other stock research websites in India that you should also check out. Therefore, do read this article till the end. Now, discuss the best stock research websites in India to analyze stocks. Here it goes.

10 Best Stock Research Websites in India

Here are the best stock research websites in India that will simplify your stock research process:

1) Moneycontrol

moneycontrol stock research

Moneycontrol is the most popular stock research website in India. It provides all the essential financial data (fundamental & technical) for the stock market traders and investors. You can find information about stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, the latest news, and more on the moneycontrol website. A few of the other key pieces of information on this website are market news, trends, charts, livestock prices, commodities, currencies, personal finance, etc.

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telegram channel


screener dot in stock website

As the name suggests, this is a screening tool for Indian stocks. is a familiar stock research website in India. Along with the stock screening, users can find the financial details of public companies in India for the last ten years on this website.

Most of the features on Screener are absolutely free. Here, you can find key stock informations like financial ratios, charts, analysis, peers/competitors, quarterly results, annual results, profit & loss statements, balance sheet, cash flows, etc.

3) Trade Brains Portal

trade brains portal best stock research website in India equity



Trade Brains Portal helps stock market investors to make efficient stock research and analysis of Indian stocks by providing quality fundamental data with interactive visuals. Here, you can find the last 5 year financial data of all publically listed companies on NSE and BSE.

Along with financial data, this Trade Brains Portal offers many useful tools for stock research like Stock Screener, Compare stock tool, portfolio analysis, backtesting, and more.

4) Marketsmojo


Started by the Ex-founding team of Moneycontrol, Marketsmojo is yet another popular stock research website in India. Here, you can Research across 4,000 stocks, analyze fundamentals and technicals, track your portfolio, and more. Marketsmojo provides pre-analyzed information on all stocks, financials, news, price movement, broker recommendations, technicals, and everything that matters in the Indian stock markets.

5) Trendlyne

trendlye stock research

Trendlyne is another powerful stock research website in India for performing fundamental and technical analysis. It offers few exclusive stock research features in India like Trendlyne’s trademark DVM Stock Scores, unlimited alerts, stock recommendations from analysts, SWOT, portfolio and watchlist tools, and a real-time newsfeed, and more.


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6) Tickertape

tickertape stock research

Tickertape is a comprehensive stock research website in India that provides financial details for Stocks, ETFs, Indices, and Mutual Funds. It is powered with smart features like its informative asset pages, screener, watchlist, and more. A popular tool by Tickertape is the “Market Mood Index” which is a sentiment tool that describes the current mood in the market as emotions, ranging from extreme fear to extreme greed.

7) stock research website

The Indian version of websites provides stock data along with financial news for Indian companies. Here, you can get the data of both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. Some popular features of the website are Stock Screener, Economic Calendar, Portfolio/watchlist, etc.

8) Yahoo Finance

yahoo finance

Yahoo Finance is probably one of the oldest stock research websites in India. Along with finance and stock market news, it provides complete financial results and stock quotes on Indian public companies.

9) Finology Ticker

finology ticker

Ticker by Finology is a known stock research website in India. It provides the financial results of Indian publically listed companies for the last five years. Along with financial results, a few other key features of the Finology ticker are its featured stock bundles, indexes data and curated news.

10) StockEdge

stockedge stock research website

Stockedge Web offers financial data of Indian public companies for performing both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. A few key features of StockEdge are Technical Tools, News & Analysis, FII/DII Activity, Investor portfolio, and Edge Reports. In addition, it also provides mutual fund information.


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Bonus: Other Popular Stock Research Websites in India

Along with the above-mentioned websites, here are a few other popular stock research websites in India to find and analyze companies.

That’s all for this list of Best Stock Research Websites in India to Analyse Companies. Do let us know which is your favorite stock research website in India by commenting below. Have a great day and Happy Investing.

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