Top Indian Stocks Held By Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs has been serving clients in India since the 1980s and established an onshore presence in Bengaluru, in 2004, Mumbai, India in December 2006 and a new office in Hyderabad opened in 2021 following a ten-year joint venture. 

Today, Goldman employs 9000+ Indians and serves leading corporate and institutional clients through corporate finance advisory, equity sales and trading, and fixed-income securities businesses, as well as providing macro-economic and investment research. 

With investments totaling more than USD 7 billion since 2006, Goldman Sachs is a significant investor in Indian companies. Here are the 5 Indian stocks in which Goldman Sachs has highest holdings:

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Top Indian Stocks Held By Goldman Sachs

Top Indian Stocks Held By Goldman Sachs #1 – Gokaldas Exports

CMP780Market Cap (Cr.)4,789.35
EPS (TTM)27.39Stock P/E (TTM)28.83
Goldman Sachs’ Holding4.7%Dividend Yield0.28%
Qty Held2,827,763Debt to Equity0.04
Holding Value220.6 CrPrice to Book Value5.35
Operating Profit Margin11.9%Net Profit Margin7.8%

Gokaldas Exports, which was founded in 1979, has developed into a one-stop shop for some of the most well-known clothing brands in the world and is India’s largest apparel manufacturer and exporter. 

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The company aims to be a globally reputed apparel manufacturer with distinctive recognition while achieving profitable growth through innovation, quality, consistency, and commitment.

Today, more than 32,000 people collaborate across 20+ production facilities to ensure that Gokaldas Exports is prepared for whatever the next global fashion trend may be. It was the first to adopt Lean Manufacturing in 2008 and subsequently introduced the Lean Changeover team. The company exports to more than 50 countries totaling more than 3 million produced in a month.

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 24% YoY, from Rs. 1,790 crore to Rs. 2,222 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 48% YoY from Rs. 117 crore to Rs. 173 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 125 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Goldman Sachs #2 – SJS Enterprises

CMP698.95Market Cap (Cr.)2,121.4
EPS (TTM)22.25Stock P/E (TTM)30.80
Goldman Sachs’ Holding3.5%Dividend Yield0.00%
Qty Held1,085,009Debt to Equity0.05
Holding Value75.8 CrPrice to Book Value4.49
Operating Profit Margin24.7%Net Profit Margin15.5%

SJS is one of the leading players in the Indian decorative aesthetics within the Auto Ancillary industry. The company calls itself a “design-to-delivery” aesthetics solutions provider with key product offerings including decals and body graphics, 2D appliques and dials, 3D appliques and dials, 3D lux badges), domes, overlays, aluminum badges, in-mould label or decoration parts,and other plastic parts.

SJS Enterprises has supplied over 136 million parts with more than 6,700 SKUs in FY23 to around 175+ customer locations across 22 countries The company increased presence and outreach by acquiring Exotech Plastics.

In FY23 the company has 2000 employees and offers 11 products across 7 segments and maintains 19 years of average relationship tenure with top 10 largest customers. SJS’ 7 warehouses are in Mysuru, Gurugram, Pune, Chennai, Aurangabad, Rudrapur, Exotech – Hosur

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 17% YoY, from Rs. 370 crore to Rs. 433 crore. Net Profits saw a growth of 22% YoY from Rs. 55 crore to Rs. 67 crore. Net margins during the period expanded by 65 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Goldman Sachs #3 – Newgen Software Technologies

CMP879.8Market Cap (Cr.)5,964.42
EPS (TTM)26.77Stock P/E (TTM)32.76
Goldman Sachs’ Holding3.5%Dividend Yield1.11%
Qty Held2,430,623Debt to Equity0.00
Holding Value212.8 CrPrice to Book Value6.05
Operating Profit Margin21.8%Net Profit Margin18.1%

Newgen is the market leading supplier of a unified digital transformation platform with native process automation, content services, and communication management capabilities. 

Globally, prosperous businesses rely on Newgen’s low-code application platform to create and roll out sophisticated, content-driven, and user-friendly business applications in the cloud. Newgen was established in 1992 and serves 17 verticals including Banking & FS, Insurance, and Government.

From onboarding to service requests, lending to underwriting, and for numerous other use cases across industries. Simple is unlocked by Newgen with speed and agility. Newgen has 520+ customers in 74 countries and 3800+ employees. 

The company has offices in India: Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi; USA: Mississauga, Cincinnati, McLean, Virginia, Tampa, Florida; UK: London; Singapore, UAE: Dubai; Australia: Sydney. The company has 43 patents files and 23 approved.

In FY22, the company’s revenue grew 25% YoY, from Rs. 779 crore to Rs. 974 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 7% YoY from Rs. 164 crore to Rs. 176 crore. Net margins during the period declined by 300 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Goldman Sachs #4 – Landmark Cars

CMP2796.3Market Cap (Cr.)3,224.83
EPS (TTM)20.97Stock P/E (TTM)38.25
RoE24.15%RoCE26.71 %
Goldman Sachs’ Holding3.1%Dividend Yield0.41%
Qty Held1,244,652Debt to Equity0.45
Holding Value98.9 CrPrice to Book Value6.85
Operating Profit Margin7.1%Net Profit Margin12.5%

Since its conception in 1998, Group Landmark Cars has grown to become India’s premier dealer for high-end and luxury vehicles.Landmark offers after-sales service, pre-sales consultation, roadside assistance, insurance, and easy financing options. 

An impressive footprint of 115 state-of-the-art facilities operating in 32 cities across eight states and union territories allows the company to serve a broad clientele range.

Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Honda, Volkswagen, Renault, and BYD are their 7 trusted partners for passenger cars. Ashok Leyland partnership caters to the market for commercial vehicles. The company employs 4000+ personnel across 8 states and is also the 1st Listed multi-brand, multi-location Indian Auto Retailer

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 14% YoY, from Rs. 2,977 crore to Rs. 3,382 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 29% YoY from Rs. 65 crore to Rs. 84 crore. Net margins during the period expanded 30 bps.  

Top Indian Stocks Held By Goldman Sachs #5 – RateGain Travel Technologies

CMP571.35Market Cap (Cr.)6,024.3
EPS (TTM)7.83Stock P/E (TTM)71.00
Goldman Sachs’ Holding2.5%Dividend Yield0.00%
Qty Held2,687,885Debt to Equity0.00
Holding Value152.8 CrPrice to Book Value8.34
Operating Profit Margin15.3%Net Profit Margin12.1%

Today, RateGain is one of the largest global processors of hotel reservations, pricing intelligence, and customer travel intent, offering SaaS solutions for the travel and hospitality industries that help these industries speed up revenue generation through customer acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion. The company aims to be the leading revenue maximizing integrated platform for the travel industry.

The business was established in 2004 and now serves more than 2800 clients, has 700+ partners across more than 100 nations, and collaborates with the top hotel chains (23 out of 30), top online travel agencies (25 out of 30), and top car rental agencies (including 8 Fortune 500 companies). RateGain employs over 600 people in over 14 nations working toward continuous innovation. 

In FY23, the company’s revenue grew 54% YoY, from Rs. 367 crore to Rs. 565 crore. Net Profits saw growth of 712% You from Rs. 8 crore to Rs. 64 crore. Net margins during the period declined 1000 bps. 

List of Stocks Held by Goldman Sachs

Company NameMarket Cap (Cr)CMP% Held by GoldmanQty Held (Cr)Holding Value (Cr)
Mahindra Logistics Ltd2,977.6411.952.3%1,630,03167.4 Cr
Sula Vineyards Ltd3,989.9474.852.3%1,896,02790.3 Cr
Avalon Technologies Ltd3,698.8586.52.2%1,410,558    82.8 Cr
Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd5,405.5784.21.9%1,309,991102.6 Cr
Home First Finance Company India Ltd7,377.8849.11.9%1,672,522143.6 Cr
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd7,842.12670.71.8%2,118,553142.5 Cr
Paradeep Phosphates Ltd5,587.4872.151.8%14,930,459106.0 Cr
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd8,379.65438.551.7%3,396,482149.7 Cr
PNC Infratech Ltd9,094.3361.41.7%4,407,843159.4 Cr
TeamLease Services Ltd4,303.57 2,605.71.7%288,34175.5 Cr

Written by Sandeep R

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