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Let’s have a look into the pros and cons of Angel Broking Vs Zerodha and as a retail investor which one should you choose.

Angel Broking:

Angel Broking, founded in 1987, is one of India’s top full-service retail brokers, providing online discount brokerage services.

Stock and commodities broking, investment counselling services, margin finance, loans against shares, and financial product distribution are among the company’s investing and trading services.

As of June 30, 2018, Angel Broking had 110 branches and 11,000 sub-broker offices across India, with a total of 1800+ cities.

Here is a Quick Link to open an Instant Account with Angel Broking and begin trading in the stock market in just a few minutes.

Pros of Angel Broking:

Angel Broking has the following advantages. Before one registers an account with Angel Broking, one should study the benefits and drawbacks. The advantages and disadvantages of Angel broking are:

  • Full-service brokerage services are offered for a fraction of the cost of full-service brokerage.
  • A stockbroker that charges a flat cost of Rs 20 per order across all sectors and exchanges is called a flat fee stockbroker.
  • Free consultation and research. Expert provides daily, weekly, and specialised research reports.
  • Trading software that is available for free (website, mobile, and trading terminal).
  • Equity trading, F&O, Commodities, PMS, Mutual Funds, and Insurances are just a few of the investing alternatives available.
  • Hundreds of cities across India are represented.
  • In the brokerage sector, I have over 30 years of industry-leading experience.
  • Beginners can receive training and assistance.
  • Margin trading is a method of trading with a little amount of money.
  • Collateral in the form of securities.
  • There are no fees for any fund transfers.

Cons of Angel Broking:

Angel Broking has the following drawbacks. Take a look at the list of Angel Broking disadvantages.

  • Angel Broking does not provide a three-in-one account.
  • Broker-assisted transactions (Call & Trade) incur an additional fee of Rs 20 per executed order.

Trading Software for Angel Broking (Angel Broking Trading Platforms)

Angel Broking provides broking services via a variety of platforms, including the web, mobile, and installable exe. All of these trading platforms are available to all customers for free.

  1. App for Angel Broking (Mobile Trading App)

It’s an Android and iOS-based mobile application that allows you to trade and access markets from your phone. This platform can be used to trade on both the equity and commodity markets.

  1. Trade of Angel Brokers (Website)

It is a trading platform that is accessed using a web browser. The rates are automatically updated. This platform allows investors and traders to access the market from a variety of terminals.

  1. Angel SpeedPro (Trading Terminal) 

It is an application trading platform that delivers automatic updates, as well as other features. It allows investors to access the market from a variety of terminals.


India’s No. 1 stock broker is Zerodha. It is the world’s largest and most popular online discount brokerage firm, with services in equity, currency, commodities, initial public offerings, and direct mutual funds.

For equity delivery trades and direct mutual funds, Zerodha charges no brokerage. It charges a flat Rs. 20 or 0.03 percent (whichever is lesser) every intraday and F&O trade. The maximum brokerage you pay with Zerodha for any transaction is Rs. 20 for each order (of any size, amount or segment).

If you’re interested to open your DEMAT Account with Zerodha, here is the Direct Account opening link

Zerodha’s main advantages are:

  • By active clients, market volume, and new customer acquisition, it is the largest brokerage.
  • One of the most secure, dependable, and trustworthy brokers.
  • Provides the most sophisticated internet trading tools.
  • For Equity Delivery and Mutual Funds, there are no brokerage costs.
  • The maximum brokerage fee per trade is Rs 20. When compared to traditional brokers, you can save 60% to 90% on brokerage fees.
  • On intraday trading, it offers up to 20x leverage.
  • Zero-commission direct mutual funds are available.
  • Suitable for active and passive investors, beginners, active traders, and algorithmic traders.

The most technologically advanced stock broker in India is Zerodha. Zerodha has developed its own trading software, which includes Zerodha Kite (a web and mobile trading app), Coin (a mutual fund investment platform), Varsity (an investor education programme), Trading Q&A, and a variety of additional tools. Smallcase (thematic investment platform), Streak (algo & strategy platform), Sensibull (options trading platform), and GoldenPi are also available on Zerodha (bonds trading platform).

Zerodha is a good place to put your money because:

  • It has one of the lowest complaint-to-active-client ratios on the exchange.
  • It is a debt-free organisation.
  • It does not provide Margin Financing.
  • Client securities are not kept in the pooled account.
  • It doesn’t use client funds for proprietary trading.

For online account opening, the Zerodha account opening fee is Rs 200. You will be charged Rs 400 if you choose to register an account offline. The annual maintenance charge for a Demat account is Rs 300.

Trading Software by Zerodha (Zerodha Trading Platforms)

The following are the ways in which a customer can trade with Zerodha:

  1. 3.0 Kite (Web-based Trading Platform)
  2. Console Zerodha (Reporting Dashboard)
  3. Sentinel of Zerodha (Price Alert Tools)
  4. Zerodha Coin
  5. Call & Trade

Although Zerodha has the most trading products, the best trading platforms, a strong brand reputation, and the availability of third-party trading products, Groww provides a simple, easy-to-use, and transparent direct mutual fund investment platform for no cost. As a result, mutual fund investors have the option of selecting either of them as their preferred broker.

That concludes this article, we hope you found “Angel Broking Vs Zerodha” to be informative. Please express your thoughts in the comments section below. Happy investing!