How Much Zerodha Charges For Withdrawal? No, there are no fees associated with withdrawing funds from your Zerodha trading account.

You are free to withdraw any amount of money from your withdrawable balance. At the end of the day, the funds are deposited into your bank account. It is not possible to withdraw funds immediately.

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What is the procedure for withdrawing funds from a trading account?

Kite Mobile, Kite Web, and Console all allow you to request a withdrawal. The following is an explanation of the withdrawal procedure.

Mobile Kite

1. Go to the bottom right corner of the page and click on your User ID 

2. Select Funds from the drop-down menu. 

3. Withdraw 

4. The amount needed to be withdrawn is entered 

5. Continue

 6. Confirm.

Web of Kites

1. Select Funds 

2. Select Withdraw 

3. The amount needed to be withdrawn is entered  

4. Continue. 

5. Confirm.


1. Select Funds from the drop-down menu. 

2. Withdrawal 

3. The amount needed to be withdrawn is entered 

4. Continue. 

5. Confirm.


  • Only the amount in your withdrawable balance is available for withdrawal.
  • On the same day, funds added during the day cannot be withdrawn.
  • You can cancel your withdrawal request by going to the fund’s page and clicking the cancel request button.

Why isn’t the fund withdrawal instant in Zerodha?

Why isn’t the fund withdrawal in Zerodha instant?

Funds added during the day are immediately available for trading. You can only withdraw these monies after one day since we need to execute a balance reconciliation at the end of the day.

Because Indian exchanges operate on a rolling settlement cycle, you will not be able to withdraw funds immediately if you close your holdings today. This article will tell you more about it.

If I sell my shares or close my positions today, when will I be able to withdraw my funds? 

After two trading days, funds from stock holdings are sold and intraday earnings are added to the withdrawal balance. After one trading day, F&O earnings and monies from closed F&O positions will be added to the withdrawal balance. This is due to the fact that Indian exchanges operate on a rolling settlement cycle. 

For example, if you sell your stock on Monday, you can withdraw the proceeds on Wednesday evening. (However, 80 percent of the selling earnings can be used to make fresh deals right away.)

Because the settlement cycle for derivatives is Trade day +1, closing your position on Monday will allow you to withdraw the proceeds (margins, MTM) on Tuesday evening.

Intraday equities earnings will be available for withdrawal on Trade day+2, while intraday F&O profits will be accessible on Trade day+1.

A transaction on the exchange usually takes T+2 days to settle, which means that if you buy a share, it will take 2 days for it to be credited to your Demat account. (This also means that if you sell shares, you’ll be able to withdraw the proceeds after T+2 days.)

For example, if you acquire a share on Monday, your account will be credited on Wednesday evening. (If you sell shares on Monday, they will be available for withdrawal on Wednesday.)

Derivatives (F&O, MCX) have a T+1 day settlement cycle.

Can yesterday’s intraday earnings be used in Zerodha for today’s trades?

If your intraday earnings are not cleared by the exchange, they will not be included in your Kite balance.

Futures and Options (F&O) funds will be settled on the next trading day (T+1), while equity funds will be settled after two trading days (T+2). Due to SEBI’s increased upfront margin requirements, this is the case. For additional information on the upfront margin requirements, go here.

However, the monies from intraday earnings will continue to appear in the closing balance on your Console ledger.

To summarise, if you are thinking about getting into the stock market (or already are), it is strongly suggested that you create an account with this cheap broker “Zerodha” to save money on brokerage costs. We hope that this information has solved all of your questions about How Much Zerodha Charges For Withdrawal.