What are Zerodha AMC Charges for its DEMAT account?

The Zerodha AMC charges (formerly known as the Annual Maintenance Charge) is the fee you pay to keep your DEMAT account with Zerodha up to date.

For your trading and commodity accounts, there is no account maintenance charge (AMC).

Is AMC charged by Zerodha?

Yes, Zerodha levies a Rs 300 annual AMC for a Demat account. Every quarter, the AMC fee is deducted. Customers’ trading account balance with Zerodha is debited Rs 75 per quarter.

If you’re interested to open your DEMAT Account with Zerodha, here is the Direct Account opening link

The annual maintenance fee for a DEMAT account at Zerodha is:

Type of accountAnnual ChargesQuarterly Charges
Individuals, HUFs, NRIs and partnership firmsRs 300 + 18% GSTRs 75 + 18% GST
Corporates, i.e. LLPs and private & public companiesRs 1000 + 18% GSTRs 250 + 18% GST
For IL&FS DEMAT (accounts opened before 15th Sep 2015)Rs 400 + 18% GSTRs 100 + 18% GST

When does Zerodha start deducting AMC?

The yearly Demat maintenance fee is known as the annual Maintenance Charge (AMC). Zerodha levies a quarterly Demat AMC, which implies that if you register an account today, you will be charged Rs. 75 after three months. As a result, Zerodha deducts AMC expenses every three months (quarterly basis).

Note: Starting from the account opening date, AMC is charged every quarter or every three months.

Charges for Zerodha AMC for Various Accounts – Complete Information

With the increasing number of people trading in the stock market, various brokerage platforms are offering a variety of options. In India, there are a variety of brokerage firms to choose from.

However, Zerodha stands out among them all. It provides one of the most cost-effective services available. Furthermore, its services are effective, timely, and reliable. The investors are not charged any brokerage fees. If you use Zerodha, you will just have to pay the trading fees and the Zerodha AMC fees, which are both very low.

Zerodha charges a 0.01 percent brokerage fee on any investment you make with them.

These fees are relatively reasonable and economical when compared to other brokerage services. This is why an increasing number of new traders are choosing Zerodha as their brokerage service.

The Zerodha AMC charges are deducted from the investor’s trading account via Zerodha. These Zerodha AMC fees are used to keep your trading account operational. Failure to pay the AMC fees may result in the trading account being frozen or possibly closed.

We will be focusing on Zerodha Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) on various types of accounts that can be opened through Zerodha in this piece of information.

Dates to Remember for the Zerodha AMC Charges

As previously stated, the user must pay a yearly maintenance fee in four instalments, plus 18 percent GST. The date on which the charges are deducted is determined by the date on which the account was opened.

After exactly three months from the date of account opening, the next instalment will be charged.

For example, if an investor establishes a Zerodha trading account on January 1, 2020, the following instalment will be due on April 1, 2020. If an investor starts a trading account on February 17, 2020, the next payment will be due on May 17, 2020.

As a result, there is no set deadline for AMC payment. All you have to do is keep enough money in your trading account. On the specified date, Zerodha’s automated system will deduct the amount from your account.

SIPs at Zerodha AMC (Systematic Investment Plan)

Systematic Investment Plans, or SIPs, are available through Zerodha for five major mutual fund programmes. These are the plans:

  • Small-cap DSP fund
  • Emergence of Mirae Invest in a blue-chip fund
  • Reliance Small-cap mutual fund
  • SBI Small-Cap Mutual Fund is a mutual fund that invests in small-cap companies.
  • ICICI Small-cap fund with prudence

It’s worth noting that Zerodha’s SIP investment process differs from those of others. 

Zerodha gathers funds from investors on a regular basis but deposits them in the form of a traditional lump sum investment to avoid complicated documentation and other processes. This method has proven to be quite effective in helping Zerodha keep track of all of its documents and streamline its business operations.

AMC fees are received on a regular basis for these services. 

The first, fifth, tenth, and fifteenth days of each month are these dates.