Top 5 Trading Apps in India: Long gone are the days when people used to monitor stock prices through broking houses and on computer systems which gave just enough insights into price movements and based on these movements major investment decisions were made at least by most of the retail investors.

As I remember my dad used to trade in the 2000s and all he used to know was the ever-changing views (more like rumours). Long gone are those days, now we can even trade on our mobile phones thanks to several apps available. Here we rank the Top 5 Trading Apps in India. Keep reading to find out!

It was very difficult back then to analyze and study a particular stock or any asset class. Firstly, due to the lack of awareness and then the source of information for the people like us.  But the answer to this wasn’t very distant.

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Transformation In Indian investor 

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Since the wake of digitalization, the technological advancements in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence have metamorphosized trading in stock investing in India well assisted by the digital payment solutions which have provided much-needed convenience to the investors in India.

Due to this favorableness investor participation has reached new milestones in recent years.

The statistics show an exponential increase in retail participation. According to the data 1.43 Cr. And 1.51 Cr. of new investors have opened their Demat account in FY21 and FY22 respectively.

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The paradox of choice

A rise in investors has given a push to increase the number of trading platforms and applications. These applications try to keep up with the trend by adding new features to attract more and more investors. Sometimes we might feel overwhelmed by the choices available in the market and most of us become indifferent to these options. Now let us have a look at the top 5 trading apps in India

Top 5 trading apps in India

Top Trading Apps in India #1 – ZERODHA/ KITE BY ZERODHA

Trading Apps in India - zerodha

Zerodha is India’s first discount broker providing unmatched facilities challenging the boundaries of a traditional broker. In a short time, duration Zerodha has established a name for itself in the stock investing world with a very strong image by taking various initiatives in introducing new features and investor awareness initiatives in the form of Zerodha ‘Varsity’ that provides all the resources to educate the new entrant in the market.

Being the largest broker in India, Zerodha promotes startups with the Rainmatter initiatives which provide support to a startup like Sensibull, Streak, Small case and many more.

Client Base: 7 million +

Market share: 18.33%


  • Account opening charges: Rs. 300 (Rs. 200 Equity + Rs.100 Commodity)
  • Brokerage on equity delivery: Free
  • The Brokerage on equity Intraday: 0.03% or Rs.20 (whichever is lower)
  • Brokerage on Future & Option: 0.03% or Flat Rs.20 (whichever is lower)
  • Account Maintenance charges: Rs.300
zerodha screen

Key Features

  • Simple to use User interface (UI)
  • 3 An 1 account facility is available
  • Supports up to 10 languages
  • Provides high speed even in low bandwidth
  • Offer exposure in all asset classes
  • Access to technical charts from trading view and chart IQ
  • A newly added feature of SIP in stocks and gifting stocks to friends and family is a bonus
  • Refer and earn policy 10% brokerage share and 300 reward points which can be redeemed with payment of AMC charges for your account and to buy subscriptions on Zerodha App.

Top Trading Apps in India #2 – blinkX by JM Financial


BlinkX by JM Financial emerges as a leading trading app in India. They intend to revolutionize the landscape with their innovative features and investor-friendly approach.

They are trying to become the first ‘No-glitch App’; BlinkX has quickly gained prominence among traders and investors in very little time with more than 100K downloads and an average rating of 4.8 on Play Store and App Store.

Subscription Charges:

  • Account opening charges: ₹0
  • Plan Subscription: ₹799/ 6 months
  • Brokerage on equity delivery: ₹0
  • Brokerage on equity Intraday: ₹0
  • Brokerage on NSE Future & Option:₹0
  • Account Maintenance charges: ₹300 annually (First Year ₹0 AMC)

Other Charges:

  • Call & Trade: ₹0
  • Fund Transfer: ₹0
  • Auto Square Off: ₹0
  • Research Subscription: ₹0

Key Features:

  • Hyper Personalized User Interface (UI) for seamless trading experience
  • Access to diversified asset classes including Equity, F&O, Commodities, and Currency
  • Multilingual support and Personalized RM for user convenience
  • Lightning fast performance and order execution
  • Unique watchlists modeled around Options, Sector specific and Indicators
  • SIP in stocks

Click Here to open an account with blinkX 

Top Trading Apps in India #3 – UPSTOX

Trading Apps in India - Upstox

Formerly known as RKSV Securities, Upstox is one of the fastest-growing trading platforms and made a good amount of buzz in the investing community as being the 2nd largest broker in India and having Mr Ratan Tata and investment giant Tiger Global as investors in Upstox provides a great of credibility. Upstox is known for its low transaction cost with all the premium services. 

In recent times many trading apps have been facing technical challenges but Upstox were able to navigate through all the glitches. Upstox having its Backend platform provided an edge over its rivals.

Client Base: 6 million +

Market share: 14.24%


  • Account opening charges: Rs.249 (Free subject to offer at the time)        
  • Brokerage on equity delivery: 20 or 2.5% whichever is lower
  • The Brokerage on equity Intraday: 0.05% or Rs.20 (whichever is lower)
  • Brokerage on Futures: 0.05% or Rs.20 (whichever is lower)
  • Brokerage on options: Flat ₹20 per executed order.
  • Account Maintenance charges: Rs.249 (Free subject to offer at the time)
Upstox screen

Key features

  • Most secure and stable trading platform due to its Back-end platform
  • Provide comprehensive tools for technical and fundamental analysis of stocks
  • Available on Terminal, web and mobile. 
  • Offers 2 plans: Basic plan and Priority plan
  • Basic plan: Available margin will be 20X on Equity
  • Priority plan: Available margin will be 20X on equity
  • Offer various products like Upstox Nest, Upstox Dart stock, Upstox Fox trader
  • Provide exposure to a large range of product Equity delivery, intraday, commodities,
  • Currency, IPOs, mutual funds etc.
  • Refer and earn Policy Rs.500 is credited to every referral made

Above mentioned features provide an overall great package at a low cost.


Top Trading Apps in India #4 – ANGEL ONE

Trading Apps in India - Angel one

Founded in 1987, the oldest broker on this list having served and gained the client’s trust for over 30 years as a full-service broker but looking at the potential of the discount broking market Angel One decided to switch to discount broking in 2019.

One of the best brokers for the new entrant in the stock market as it provides the most premium full-service broker features with a very competitive pricing model. Features include live webinars, research reports, trading tips and alerts, Angel ARQ- the Robo advisory makes it one favourite amongst the investors.  

Client Base: 7 million +

Market share: 9.56 %


  • Account opening charges: Free               
  • Brokerage on equity delivery: Free
  • The Brokerage on equity Intraday: 0.25% or Rs.20 (whichever is lower)
  • Brokerage on Futures:0.25% or Rs.20 (whichever is lower)
  • Brokerage on options: Flat Rs.20
  • Account Maintenance charges: Rs.249 (Free for 1st year)
Angel one screen

Key features

  • Free Advisory and research reports
  • Margin funding is provided by the broker while buying stocks or trading F&Os.
  • Margin against pledge shares
  • Algo trading feature is available with collaboration with Streak
  • Best-in-class customer support
  • Offer Angel ARQ Prime which provides the latest stock recommendations
  • Detailed technical charts by trading view order can be placed directly through the chart
  • Clean seamless user interface
  • Angel Backoffice gives access to past transaction records

Top Trading Apps in India #5 – 5PAISA

Trading Apps in India - 5paisa logo

Another new trading app had an enormous impact on the already crowded space of discount broking services.

Established in the year 2016 backed by a strong full-service broker India Infoline (IIFL), 5 paisa is looking to revolutionize the idea of broking service as it is majorly focused upon investment planning and guides what should be the asset allocation which makes it even more unique amongst the competitors.

Paisa presents multiple plans like Basic, Power investor and Ultra trader to suit the investor requirements.

Client Base: 1.5 million +

Market share: 4.46 %


  • Account opening charges: Free              
  • Brokerage on equity delivery:  Flat Rs.20
  • The Brokerage on equity Intraday: Flat Rs.20
  • Brokerage on Futures:               Flat Rs.20
  • Brokerage on options:               Flat Rs.20
  • Account Maintenance charges: Rs.540 
5 paisa screen

Key features

  • Offers 3 packs to choose from Basic, Power investor and Ultra-trader pack 
  • Power investor pack subscription costs: Rs.499/per month
  • Ultra-investor pack subscription costs: Rs.999/per month             
  • Both the pack offers benefits like Rs.10 on brokerage, no AMC, Research and advisory and more
  • Provides a huge horizon of investment avenues namely covering equity, commodity, currency, F&O insurance, mutual funds, SIP etc..                            
  • Robo advisory services and Algo trading is also available  
  • Offers margin funding
  • Products like Sensibull, Small case and portfolio analyzer are available.


Bonus: Other Top Trading Apps in India #6 – EDELWEISS 

Trading Apps in India - Edelweiss

The company started its stockbroking services in 2008 as is a full-service broker. Edelweiss has its physical presence with 475 offices in 200 locations across India which adds an extra layer of safety in the minds of investors.

They are known for their top-drawer research and analysis on stocks directing the investor to make well-informed investment decisions. Edelweiss faces a high level of competition since the rise of discount brokers due to their low-cost pricing model despite providing premium services which are reflected in a fall in the market share over the years. These features make Edelweiss one of the best stock trading apps in India.

Still considering the services and features which are non-existent in any other trading platform Edelweiss deserves to be on the list.

Client base: 1.2 million

Market share:  0.8%


Account opening charges: Free               

Edelweiss offers 3 plans:                                                               

Edelweiss Lite (Discount brokerage plan)

  • Brokerage on equity delivery: Flat Rs.10
  • The Brokerage on equity Intraday: Flat Rs.10
  • Brokerage on Futures:                Flat Rs.10
  • Brokerage on options:                Flat Rs.10

Edelweiss Elite Plan (Full-service brokerage plan)

  • Brokerage on equity delivery:  0.30%
  • The Brokerage on equity Intraday:  0.03%
  • Brokerage on Futures: 0.03%
  • Brokerage on options:  Rs.75 per lot

Advance subscription plan

It’s a prepaid plan by pays a lump sum amount upfront for 12 months it provides a diverse array of perks like high leverage, research and training low brokerage etc.

  • Account Maintenance charges: Rs.500 (1st year Free)
edelweiss screen
  • Comprehensive market stats are provided with Top gainer/loser, most active stocks,52 week high/low 
  • Corporate action event updates are easily accessible
  • Covers the economic outlook by providing updates on various rates (Repo, SLR, CRR, IIP)
  • The option chain allows users to analyse and select the strike price.
  • A unique stock screener helps to find new stocks using various parameters.
  • Provides additional tools like Margin calculator and options calculator.

In Closing

All the above-mentioned trading apps have their merits and demerits as some are good with user interface others with customer support and in recent times many of the best trading platforms have faced technical challenges.

Therefore, it’s on the onus of the investor to strike a balance and select the best-suited trading platforms. Let us know what you think about our list of Top 5 Trading Apps in India in the comments below. Happy Trading!

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